Paladins seem odder


Decided to focus on just one class for the playtest and Paladins, finally having a concrete code, made my choice. But somethings seems odd about them so I wanted to ask "is this right"?

When a paladin uses Lay on Hands, the spell grants a +1 conditional bonus to AC but only if the target is an ally. Does the paladin gain this or not? I ask because if he does, he would be considered an "ally" to himself and if he is considered an "ally" to himself he would be allowed to use Retributive Strike when someone strikes him as he is an "ally".

I would think that the conditional bonus would apply regardless of ally or not. But if it does make him an ally to himself, it would make him more proactive in combat as he can use Retributive Strike to protect himself, which is kind of cool but I don't think that is what they were thinking.

Another thing, is Divine Grace suppose to only work against spells? In the past, it was a flat bonus to all your saves regardless of spell, trap, etc. But now it only activates with spells being the trigger. Is it suppose to be like that?

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