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So I really haven't used the Night Swan in my game, outside of her stealing some 500 GP worth of stuff from the party.

I didn't think it made sense for her to just know what the party was doing and so have some kind of ambush set for them.

They were going to try and track her down after she robbed them but I had the inquisitor show up and that was the first time he questioned their "Loyality", even though all they had done is help people, so they weren't quite able to track her horse back to the main town.

I'm thinking of having them start looking around Loaithadar and rolling to gather information about info and find there have been more robberies committed in that town than anywhere else. Maybe setting a trap or something for her to steal and then catching her.

I've already done away with the auto hate for them being best friends with Oketra so she will just be neutral to them and maybe they can talk to her and explain that they just want to help, even though she sees helping people as stupid.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I would also love you hear how you used this NPC in your game!

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GM PDK wrote:
Heimdall... err... I mean Okerra! LN, yes.

My group doesn't even call him Okerra any more, it's just Idris Elba now and forever. I mean because he is look at him! Maybe that's why I want him to be LG too.

Edit: Uhh I just really looked at that screen shot and the pic for Okerra, nice red scarfs...hmmm

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OOph that's a lot longer than I thought, I figured they were only suppose to take about a week or so per because of how "long" the AP is suppose to take, but a month is realistic for how expansive some of them are.

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Hey just asking, how long does it take to fix and or do the building upgrades? I didn't seem to find any specific times in the second AP.

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David knott 242 wrote:

But did you remember to allow the PCs to attempt saves against paralysis? The DC for a ghoul's paralysis is relatively low, so a good number of them should be able to avoid that effect.

Yeah I did gave them saves VS paralysis and the ghoul's weren't the problem it was the ghast they fought that was the "boss" for the encounter, a ex paladin so her charisma was high so the save was a bit higher (16) and was just poor rolling.

David knott 242 wrote:

Elves being immune to ghoul paralysis is a very old rule that goes all the way back to the Chainmail miniatures game (predecessor to D&D) but was never adequately explained as best I can tell.

Thank you for answering the elf questing, we were just squinting at each other trying to figure that out. That's an interesting throw back.

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I'm running an AP right now (War for the Crown) and my party just went through an encounter with some Ghoul's. Basically they were fighting the main ghoul and it was just hitting someone, getting them paralyzed then moving on to the next player because I figured it would just keep paralyzing people.

But my question is after you get paralyzed from the first time form a specific ghoul or ghast are you not able to be paralyzed from that ghoul or ghast again? That's how I ran it other wise it would have been a TPK because I was rolling super hot, and that's not fun for the night. I could have swore I remembered reading that somewhere or something a while ago, but haven't been able to find anything to support that except rule 0.

Oh also, why are Elves immune to ghoul paralysis? Not super important, just wondering about that.

Thanks for your time!

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So about Fex

Fex Info:
So he's your boss for the first three books. Gets you set up with your first pledge of loyalty to House Thrune and is there to see you take the second step of the party swearing even further loyalty to House Thrune.

What I don't get is, how can he still be your boss, I know he is a noble but why doesn't he have to be at least on the same level of allegiance to house Thrune.

It would make his betrayal much harder I know, but I don't see Huse Thrune just being ok with him not swearing loyalty to them completely, they would just find someone else and go from there.

So just really asking how does or has he gotten around not having to do that? Is it just because he's a noble?

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Well I suppose making them vigilantes would be a bit odd because there out in public so much and seen as obvious bad guys who are making things a whole lot worse for the common people.

They would be seen more like a scourge on the cities they are in and where ever they go. And the 2nd book has you trying to keep a bit of a lower profile while doing things.

Even looking at the difference in like a dare devil VS punisher aspect some people still like punisher for what he was doing, putting bad people down for good, the party in HV are putting good people down for it would be very hard to have any sort of "good" PR campaign going for them. But then again they are on the side of house Thrune and they do have a wonderful PR/Truth team to spin things, but your only with a fringe member of house Thrune and since they have only put out the 3rd book this far I can't say what your future interaction with them would be.

Edit: quick thought on punisher, he still sees him self as a "good" person just doing what he feels necessary to get the job done.
The party in this AP is really evil so you would have to put the spin on them killing people and then casting the people they killed as trash to the kingdom or something like that. But like I said House Thrune is good about what the trush is.

But I guess if you took the angle of PR/Spin and it was a lower member of house Thrune trying to build something, IE a new NPC from the get go of the campaign trying to build his rep and power with a team of Evil people that could work, maybe consider re writing the NPC woman to that new NPC and giving it a better tie in with House Thrune and the over arching campaign, I think that would be a good place to start.

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Hey I have a question about the new crafting system from unchained.

Lets say your crafting a long sword 15GP and its a DC of 10 and you make 1 GP of progress per day. Say you have a craftsman with a +20 to his check so taking 10 you get 30 so that's 5 GP of progress a day so it would take 3 days to make a long sword.

Now if your making a master work long sword it costs 315GP base market Price DC 15, using the same craftsman taking 10 you get 30 and 8GP worth of progress a day so it takes 39.375 days or 40 days to make a Master work sword. Right?

Then if you get into adamantite weapons, base price +3000 so 3015 that includes master work quality. DC 20 so 12 gold progress a day so 251.25 days to make or 252 rounded up. Or does it go from the masterwork price of 315 for how long it takes to make 27 days?

I mostly want to know how long these things take to make so when my PC's want an item I can tell them how long it would take to make it "roughly"

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I know they might have to wait a bit of a while in real time playing through the next 3 books, but have you considered trying to postpone this full kingdom until after the 5th book?

Also scrap wall is pretty well known to the tech league so if some new up starts come along and take it over I doubt they would really care, I mean Hellion is a "god" of sorts and they don't even know about him really.

I think if they took scrap wall and made it into a "base" instead of a city growing up into a country they could avoid the league much better, and it would be hard to get people to start moving into scrap wall given its reputation.

But if your talking about the tech league not noticing things, you can look at

The Choking Tower:
I mean he ran away with a bunch of their stuff and they can't find him / don't bother him in his super obvious wizard tower

So something to consider about how "powerful and all seeing" the tech league is.
You don't really draw their attention until your in star fall banging at their door and tearing their organization to pieces.

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captain yesterday wrote:
The wrath of the Righteous players guide has some basic rules for redeeming fallen enemies, I suspect it's happening to a lot of groups, I'm working on that angle with my group now:-)

Yeah I've read that bit and it has some good rules for how to do that. I was just looking for how other groups dealt with the situation. I had the wizard i'm running yell out to the bard not to kill her, so as the GM I kind of feel its necessary to explain why things are happening and not just have them read a journal.

When the party captured Sanvil Trett it didn't go very well for him, they interrogated him and then executed him by hanging him with the town council's approval.

I'm just hoping that because she isn't actually Evil that they don't just hang her too.

In the AP it talks about that if you leave the engine on too long, do you think she has any idea about that? I have no doubt that she would carry the plan through even knowing it but i'm just curious what people think

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So my group just finished up the 1st book and Meyanda is alive and unconscious right now. I'm just wondering if that happened with other groups and how to play that out.

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You could adjust Kohnner from the 1st book so that he can install them. Or the blue woman from the 5th book if your party is in that far, but Kohnner makes a good starting choice because they know him the whole adventure, you could add a side room to his foundry that serves as a lab.

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Adam Daigle wrote:

Adventure Path outlines (huge, 30-ish page documents) are written by the developer (in this case, James Jacobs), who then assigns the six different parts to writers who then take that outline and give it flesh.

Crazy, crazy flesh.

So If I have this right, 30ish pages of outlines, are turned into 360ish pages of Adventure Paths? Or is each part of the over all adventure path 30 pages? So that would be 180~ turned into 360?

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Is there a max caster level for wants? Or can you do a caster level higher, like make a wand of maximize magic missile caster level 9, not saying it's very cost effective but could you do that?

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Ah ok thank you so much for your help, I didn't notice the Caster levels of Rods and Staves at the top of their stat block.

Thanks again!

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Another question, I didn't see Spell craft DCs for rods and staffs? Any suggestion as to what they should be, I know the benefit of making magic items is the risk that you can loose money by failing checks.

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Hey I couldn't find a better spot to ask this so here it goes.

1. Can you make wands with meta magic feats tied into their "spell level" like a wand of maximize magic missile? Or a staff with Maximize magic missile? (Kind of want one for my wizard so he can have an easy thing to use on some rounds)

2. Do you need the meta magic feat for crafting the appropriate meta magic rod? IE: Maximize


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Robot Repair question:
The Bestiary section for the Reclamation Robot points out that when they get damaged and then fixed some times they go a bit "nuts" and start to have their own personalities and then it suggests that you use a Robo-Jack to get them under control to fix them. Two questions

1. Is there any way to increase the DC of the Robo-Jack besides it glitching out and having the DC for it increase. Maybe an extra charge for +1, 3 Charges for +2, 5 charges for +3 ect.

2. If you were to Robo-Jack Binox how would/could you go about reprogramming him to either be more loyal to the party and work for them or at the very lease not have to re-identify the party to him every time to go back to him?

He Seems like a fun NPC and I think it would be nice for my PC's to be able to reprogram him to see him self as their Duke and the party would be he "Kings" of sort.

I Know James said in a previous post I made that the rules for robot stuff would be in the 6th AP, but I just can't wait! I would hate to see a fun NPC like this go to waist.

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Through out the adventure I have a feeling my players may want to repair or reprogram various robots. I know this is pretty much a complete GM call as to what they can have access to use, but I feel one of my players playing a android wizard will really want to "fix up" as many of them as possible to try and use them to reconstruct his heritage.

Adventure Path Stuff:
Like fixing up all the repair robots from book one and more likely he will want to do things to fix up the android facility in book 3. So any advice on crafting a nanite swarm to fix the equipment or just advice on how he may be able to fix the place up.

So I'm just looking for what if anything people have used in their own campaign's. I was thinking some kind of craft mechanical checks VS HD of creature + 15(or some other number that seems fair) and then trying to work in the scrap value James mentioned in his forward about the game he made and a bunch of the Iron Gods Tech is biased off of.

Any info would be helpful, and thanks in advance.

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Choking Tower Spoilers:
Can you use Teleport Structure to move the Choking Tower after you have murdered... "Released" all the tormented souls from the building and also "released" the current occupants from their cells. Using a scroll to cast the spell or having the rogue UMD it? Also I guess the same question but with the space ship too.


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Hello, I remember reading something a little while back about the modules each starting around a specific year or something and then unfolding over a certain time line. I was just wondering if anyone had any information about this.

I was thinking about running a home brew campaign and since I have ran several of the module sets and other groups of friends have ran other I was thinking I could run this one in that "living" world. With each set of campaigns having taken place.

Any information or suggestions would be awesome and a big help. The champaign's I have completed as a GM are; Kingmaker, Council of Thieves, and Second Darkness(the world didn't end 8P). Thankfully enough my players saved the world so I don't have to worry about any of that.


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So just got done reading your player's side of things, and reading over this post. Is the NPC being talked about Cloned per DND cloned or some other Mcguffen that cant be stopped. If its like the spell Clone then he should be allowed to do it, if not then he will have to deal with sealing away a powerful ally, I would just like to know how your running it as if were arguing about a "homebrew" cloning then there is really nothing he can do to stop it.

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Hrm just got done skimming the other thread, it sounds like a pretty good plan given what you know about the situation. You do intend to bring her back to life after things have been handled in the same way so that’s fine. Also you said that your group has done the same thing to someone else who was the same, so now if people object they are just playing favorites.

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Laiho Vanallo wrote:

So even with + 10 in knowledge local I get no information at every roll.(I am not proud of this but I even cheated a natural 20 once just to see)

So you were just checking to see if your efforts were pointless and you found out they were? I wouldn’t be not proud of that, ist just like checking to see if your playing a video game or watching a movie, seems like your watching more of a movie than playing a DnD Game. I mean you mentioned that certain characters get to have "cool" moments, it just sounds like the GM is directing you rather than reacting to what your trying to do.

Laiho Vanallo wrote:

The issue is that there is almost no ''downtime'' and if there is it's a 8 to 10 hour in-game downtime.

What? Like you sit at the table for 8-10 hours while your characters rest, you can just "fast forward" rest? IE: So we set up camp and rest for X hours.

Also have you asked your GM what your characters remember from before they "woke up in a bar"?

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You could always make a bow fighter and wreck face, unless arrows are an issue then a duel kukri fighter is win. But as far as getting spells back fast I don't believe there is any way you can do that. It would help to know why you can't get 8 hours of rest at any one time for whatever reason. Also what spells were you casting, or was it detect magic, and if that is the case I would just ask for an out of character reason that that is happening. I mean it is only fare that you know why in this game world wizards are getting the shaft.

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Enthallo wrote:

The Cleric answered, "I just Googled it."

Why bring a Bard when you have Google.

That’s the difference between player knowledge and character knowledge, sure they can know whats going on but there characters don't, kind of like cut scenes in a video game showing what the BBGs doing just so you get the story.

Also if it’s an issue I’d just tell him to knock it off and if it seems like he is "seeing the future" with his character just change things a bit so his plans don't work.

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Erik Freund wrote:

I ran the House at the Edge of time as a one-shot for a group seperate from my main one.

I expanded the size of the final area by making it four-dimensional. Basically, think of each area as adjacent to each other (like stacked chess boards) and you can walk between them with ease. It's a trippy visual result, and gave a little room to maneuver.

The major takeaway from the fight was that it was one of attrition. My PCs actually really didn't enjoy it (though they loved the rest of the House). Basically, every round was just a whiff on both sides. Her AC is just too high, even for level 17 PCs to hit. And if she has hit a 12 or better on die just to cast a spell, even with the ability to cast twice per turn, it's a whole lotta fizzles.

We eventually just started rolling up our entire turns in groups of 5. In other words, I'd roll out 5 turns worth of attacks, and the PCs would also roll out 5 turns worth, then we'd tell each other how much damage to expect. We were desperate to just have the thing move along.

My PCs only hope was that they would get lucky with the vorpal ability. When they learned that she had the ability to "undo" that beheading, essentially requiring two vorpals, they nearly revolted.

Anyway, I didn't really answer your questions either, but consider changing her stats to fit your group.

I built the party's fighter so it’s the only one I can properly run math on for how strong he should be when they get to the fight. So his +to hit is +16 BAB +12 Str(34), 3+ FTR Weapon Class stuff, +2 WF and GWF, +4 weapons, +1 Haste, and +3 bard songs, so thats +41 to hit, and then -2 from TWF, so +39. So that’s only a 40% hit rate...ouch.

Looked up her saves and I can't imagine casters doing much to her.
I’m probably just going to end up running this with her as an “I’m not going to straight murder you” caster bad guy and then throw in an anti party made up off all the dead PC that have died or they just chose not to res. So far I have a sorc, oracle, barbarian, rogue and druid. Some of them were just straight abandoned by the more munchkinie player; well still on fence about the rogue…he did get turned to dust by a wizard.

If they do the uprooting, and I know there going go, then ill just give each anti PC some kind of stability to the realm check, like the druid will give her +10 to concentration checks for her druid spells, the rogue was LE so he will take away her confusion penalty. I might just have her in some kind of life/energy field that there visibly tethered to and make them a phase one fight and then her phase two or have her start fighting after a couple of rounds.

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darklopez wrote:
Edit: Sorry, I just see that I didn't answer any of your questions as it seems :(

Don't be sorry you did answer my question, I did want to know how group's fight with her went. This will also be my first "High Level" thing but were still at the end of book 4 so I just wanted to see how things have gone for other people. As far as BBGs go I just make them more awesome and kind of throw the rules out of the window to make the fights more fun after they have killed them according to the rules, makes everything they are doing seem more important.

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I was looking over the last AP and got to her, and she seems like an ok challenge but I have a few questions.

1. Is she staying in her room the whole time unless the PCs break her hold on the land and it gets shunted back to the real world?

2. Is that room she in basically a 10x10 room?

3. If she gets pushed back to the real world isn't this kind of a disapointing fight, I mean she really can't make the concentration check to cast spells...ever. Unless I read it wrong.
As for 3 I see my party fighting there way through every single part of her “kingdom” before they go to her palace and if that’s the case the plane will be shunted back to the materal world before they get to her.
Just wondering how other groups did this AP and what happened, from the obits I see that she has killed a lot of people but I’m just wondering what has happened in other people’s game.

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Kalraan wrote:

I fear for the safety of major NPCs as the end battles should be epic and not over in 5 minutes.

If your just looking to make combat more epic, then just give him more health. I do this all the time and my players feel more awesome when they kill the bad guy. And if i remember right the Gnoll bad guy at the "end" of the 2nd module puts out a crazy amount of damage for his level, so I wouldnt go over board on making him live longer, also there is stuff after him...quite a bit of a sand kracken!.

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Douglas Muir 406 wrote:

Succubus: Hi! My name's Gretchen!

Gnome: Here you go, sweetheart. [hands over potion of Eagle's Splendor]

Gretchen: Thanks, babe. [drinks potion]

Wizard: I said I don't --

Succubus: [casts DC 25 Dominate at wizard]

Wizard: Uhhhh... [fails save]

Succubus: I think this is a GREAT idea! You should TOTALLY do this for my little friend here! [starts casting DC 23 Suggestion once/round until wizard fails]

Wizard: Dahh... so pretty... okay!

Gnome: Awesome! Let's start right now!

I suppose that would work and all, but its really up to the GM about how he wants to handle this, I mean for planar binding it does talk about payment a lot. Also I could see the wiz putting this off for a while because there was no mention of a time frame, and he might not have the spell at all, I mean he has to do it but she didn't say when, the gnome did I guess but hes not the one with the magic.

Is this a plot hook idea? Are you the GM? If those are the cases then I could see just having the wizard do it and then have him seek help to end this problem. That or just have him memorize banishment...I think he can do that. Any way just need some more info

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Rickmeister wrote:

Oh, I thought this happened every time you are flanking..

So only when you cannot see the attacker, and at start of the combat before he has acted.
Does that mean he can use it in the surprise round AND the first round (as long as he is faster)?

Yeah, if you allow for that many surprise rounds, they really don’t come up that often unless he’s holding a bow/cross bow and just shoots someone while they are talking, or constantly tries to stealth around. But if hes a munchkin he probably took the initiative traits and stuff and will usually go first, so if he runs into melee often…club him in the face, or sword him in the gut. But in general the +2 to damage for one maybe two attacks isn’t that huge of a deal.

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Hey guys whats happening as the title says I like to have the bad guys at the end of modules die a pretty epic death, I feel like it adds a bit more to the story and to what the PCs are doing if they have interesting deaths instead of hitting –their con and falling over. But I think I kind of blew the rest of my budget in the 3rd module, I’ll give you the buildup. Also once they “die” I just describe a cut scene to them.
Stag Lord- He had a ring made out of the nymphs hair on his left right finger, wedding ring since he planned to rule with her, and when he died he dropped his sword and almost fell over, he then started walked past them towards the gate of his keep, pretty much looking past them as if they weren’t even there. He then fell to his knees and dropped his head and his helm fell off. They were standing around him while he was doing this and could see that tears of blood were running down his eyes as he reached out his left had said “My lady…I have failed you, I cannot keep my word to you” and at that point the ring started to glow and then started burning in a soft green flame, he didn’t scream out in pain but yet a look of relief came over his face and he said “Forgive me” and the flame consumed his left arm and part of his chest and then where it had burned turned to stone, his eyes when white and he fell over.

Trolls!- The party had fought their way to the trolls base and murdered their way through to the last two and were really low on everything so they pulled back and healed up. I was a bit mad about that so I decided to WOW boss them up a bit. They came back and started fighting the main troll guy and everything was ran as normal, the rock troll came up behind them and attacked, nothing special there, I did double there regen, but they do a lot of damage so that was just to keep it challenging, when they pretty much CC the trolls, one with glitter dust and the other with laughter I let them notice the main troll had a necklace made out of green hair, and that it seemed familiar. Once the trolls were CCed I had the necklace activate and it covered the trolls in a soft green fire, mechanically it doubled there regen again, got rid of the glitter dust and laughter, and the rock trolls hands got bigger and he did a bit more damage, oh and they got more hp. So once they killed them the main trill said “I’m sorry I could not serve you better” and then the green fire consumed him and left behind the necklace. The cleric picked it up and rolled a 1 on a will save so he put it on and started getting burned and saying things like “I praise you my queen” so the fighter grappled him and pulled it off and threw it to the floor and it just burned up.
Lich man- After they killed the water elemental I had the doors to his chamber open and they were pulled in by a magic black fog, everything went dark and they felt them self’s crash against each other and hit a hard stone floor, when they could see they were all piled up and all they could see was a stone floor 30ft around them lit up by an unseen light source(basically they were in an extrademisonal space that Vor had made before he lost all his powers and its abilities had faded quite a bit, so it just looked like they were standing in a 60ft diameter circle room with nothing but darkness beyond that) Vor then began speaking to them asking them why they thought they were fit to rule such a savage land, how did they have any right to rules these lands that were so ancient and wild and have no right to have civilization brought to them. All the wile there were skeletons trickling out from the darkness, no big deal, and then a big Cyclops undead guy, kind of like naxx from wow. Then he appeared and the fight began as normal. They pretty much murdered him in like 5 rounds, and I ran him pretty well for what he could do I thought, MCed the ranger, cleric took care of that, tried to ruin the party, but it didn’t work. Any way once they hit his normal hp I started having him fall apart, like all the arcane magic that had been locked away within him from all his years of “sleep” started erupting out of him, so now once they passed up certain hp marks (I think they were 150 hp each) basically there was an explosion from him and they took AOE arcane damage, no save, and that happened every round. After the 2nd one it would have knocked the cleric and wizard out I let them make a will save (15) to see that it was raw magic pouring out of him and that let them deflect it. After the 3rd mark I let everyone make whatever their best save way to negate the energy and explained how they did it, will they bent it so it didn’t do anything, reflex they just dodged it like in bullet time, fort they more or less used their weapons to deflect it. But at this point the lich was dead 3 times over so it was more of bonus round endurance fight and they made it past all of them. So I had them feel there god’s presence with them, the cleric of Sarenray, wizard with Abbadar and so on. Once he was dead…again, he was going to go supernova I let them do a cut scene move on him all the melee characters basically launched him up into the air, and as he was going up the rouge had jumped on to him and ripped the eye out of his head, the cleric cast a null damage spell, and the wizard felt a hand on his left shoulder looked over and saw abbadar and time seemed to stop, and abbadar walked over to some of the energy pouring out of the lich and grabbed it and explained it to the wizard and I let him cast Meteor Swarm on the lich, he had a lot of fun rolling those dice. After all that the energy collapsed back on to Vor and his head fell to the ground as a crystal and the demi plane they were in faded and they were in the regular room where the fight was suppose to take place.

They all really seem to like them so I like doing that but I just feel that after the lich I’ve kind of painted my self into a corner. So that’s where I’m at, I’m not quite sure what to do for armag, or the king, the nymph will be something cool. Just waned to throw these out there and get some feed back.

Thanks, $mith

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Basically just asking if you can take a 5ft step while you are slowed, or not I guess any other free actions, talking I mean you can cast spells with a verbial componant and there not even effected. Got into a bit of a nerd fight about it, players playing bards make me think of things that were never an issue before.
I read over the spell and it doesn’t say anything about free or swift actions, it just says you can take one standard or move action so to me that ment it didn’t effect free actions or anything like that because it didn’t even include them in the discription. But they were arguing that since it didn’t say you could do them then you couldn’t do them, it seemed backwords as far as how spells usually mention what they effect so I just put my hands up and said I would double check so here I am.
Any info would be great
Thanks, $mith

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Hey whats up has this happened to any of you in your adventures, I’m running KM and I have a party ranger who is pretty much dedicated to befriending every single animal monster they come across. They just got done with VV and when the Elasmosaurus popped up and bit him he just made a really high wild empathy check and calmed it down and started talking to it. I don't have a problem with how he handles these things, in fact I love it I think its quite a nice bit of role playing.

I'm just looking for suggestions on how to handle them coming across wild animals and him calming them down and befriending them, and then talking to them, I don’t quite know how to RP a creature with INT 2, i mostly have them talk about food and that’s really about it. Also as far as Magical Animals what rules really apply there? When something has INT 3 does that mean you have to diplomacy it instead? He does understand that its mostly for RP purposes and its not like hes walking around with a army of creatures that he just throws at enemies so I’m not worried about that.

As always any help would be great and thanks for taking the time to read my Post


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So my party wants to make the Perlivash the Faerie Dragon their royal assassin...oddly he would be quite good at it if you go with the RAW rules for it, also who would suspect a faerie dragon as your royal assassin. Yeah it seems silly to me but I was just posting to get some feed back. Also they were considering the kobolt chief, and that made a lot more sense to me. One last thing what about recruiting the fay creatures, like the dryad, or the nix sorc, just thought I would put that out there too.

Any feed back would be great


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Hey everyone Im starting a new champaign and I was kind of thrust into GMing it but thats not a big deal, i'm just looking for some advice. So I was going to play in the LoF path and the party was going to be: Bard, Cleric (healing focused/Item Crafting), Druid (Spell focused, Sky Domain or something), Ranger, Rogue (TWF), Sorc, and a Wizzzzard. I was going to be a sword and board fighter. So that leaves me with running a game for 7 people, some of which I tuned for party "working togetherness"

But now I just wanted to see what people thought, I really want to do the kingmaker champaign for a few reasons:
1. It seems way more epic than most of the other adventure paths
2. New kingdom building rules seems really cool, for flavor and the new mechanics
3. Its allready in Version 3.Pathfinder so I don't have to worry about doing math conversons
4. Theres allready those nice posts for running it with 6 ppl so I would have something to help with encounter tweeking

LoF: reasons
1: I have the 2nd book in the adventure path allready
2: Seems to have a more party focused story as far as I can tell
3: Sand!
4: Gnolls!

CoT: Reasons
1: I have all of them, bought them to play around with and see that Paizo's new modules were like
2: I know the story pretty well, having read all them a few times
3: Urbin adventures seem like there easier to run becuase your not all worried with moving around and what not
4: There are a lot of options on what to do when the modules are over

So thats what I got, my GMing history is pretty much "normal" parties of 4-5, I know how to deal with inter party fighting and drama and what not. I'm a pretty nice GM I dont punish players for being creative, although the bard might be tempting, I do what I can to work with players who want to do things outside the rules. I used to run stuff in Eberron like crazy so I'm good with seeing champaign world "issues"

I guess thats really it, buying them really isnt an issue at all, just wanted to know what people thought and any feed back would be helpful.


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Hmm lots of posts to read over, ok so the pally is a Paladin of “Freedom” CG pally this is more or less the same…but all about personal freedom and good above all else regardless of what the law says. So I guess in that respect I could get looking over the while “Murder of a drunk guy” thing for a few hours to deal with a bigger threat but I always thought they were dedicated to Good above all else and no matter how you cut it killing a guy in a bar for saying something at you is a bit much…unless you’re a klingon(I mean really who would even raise an eyebrow at two klingons having a heated argument and then tossing the table over and drawing blades, no one that’s who)

But more back to the topic(s?) the witch fire setting takes place in a pretty LG society the government is more or less run by the church and there god is LG and IK gods have no issue with stripping there divine casters of power if they do something really wrong, but loosing his abilities for what he did seems like a bit much without knowing the previous action he took. The Witch fire setting is pretty grey at times(our party ended up really feeling back for the main sorceress and helping her out, and then she broke the sword and that was an issue running from a legion of undead in total darkness XD, oh yeah not to mention that they made her a “war caster” after that with the sword so we just figured she glued it back together, ha) But yeah like I said IK is a setting with a huge grey area as far as morality goes, the idea of a paladin hiring a bunch of “thugs” to deal with a huge undead problem isn’t that odd, at least you tried to come up with a reason it was happening that way. But it really just comes down to what you want to do and that’s an easy answer we can just give you info.

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hexa3 wrote:
The non-assasin is running a small gang of theives on the side, but that's something that the players are working out in a way that the...

Oh right I kind of skipped the whole gang of thieves thing, that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, I mean its kind of an out of site out of mind but that’s just me as far as a pally goes. But if it is a big deal I mean there just low level cohorts and mostly all of the Gov of IK would frown upon some kind of thieves guild anywhere so he could just find things out about them and turn them in, or your could encourage the that rogue to turn them into some kind of freedom fighters against one of the other factions then no one has a problem because there doing stuff to your enemies. On that note there was one time when I was role playing in my old IK group and(we were wwwwaaayyyy off path for the games cannon story) we were fighting some Menoth Paladins and our party was good and one of them went to smite evil on me and when it didn’t work I asked “Why does he keep attacking me I’m he has to know I’m not evil any more” my GM replied with “well yeah but you guys are invading his home land and threatening his people so he will fight to defend his ways and his people” IK does give you that odd kind of moral grey area that most other settings just don’t have.

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hexa3 wrote:
Spot on actually, it is in IK

Well that gives me something to work with, I know about the setting and all that, So a few questions 1st is it the witch blade modules? If it is then the party is kind of a big deal to the city/government for what there doing, if not…then what country are they in. Korvosa the Signar nation (not sure on the spelling, don’t have my books with me also haven’t played in forever) but with their god Morrow I could see them recruiting the whole of the party into the government/military and then sorting things out that way.

I guess could be hired by any official branch of any of the governments it could solve any of the issues really. They would just have to deal with the fact that there would be a higher up person giving them orders and what not but it could be a kind of De Ex Machine answer to just get past the whole good/evil thing and make them work together. I can see the Morrow country being mad at the rogue for killing someone in cold blood but seeing there value and then just make him pay a hefty fine, Menoth probably would not stand for the killing of a civilian, KAdoor(bad spelling)? The ones that are all red and Russian probably wouldn’t care too much about one lone present but would make it appear to the paladin that the assassin was being punished. That’s just my take on how the governments would handle it. Any more specific feed back for where your party is at and what there doing would help. Hate to say it but there is always some “Undead Menace” running amuck in IK, ha!

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John Pryor wrote:
In a somewhat related thought, I'd like to bring up what I feel is an issue with some of the PathFinder Society mods. I understand that the campaign is intended to be somewhat noir and morality can intentionally be fluid, even though evil characters are not permitted in PFS. However, there have been at least 2 mods I've played in as a paladin that basically started with the Venture Captain saying so and so hasn't turned in his report, so go to his house and beat the crap out of him.

If I might ask, what were these mods? I've only played a Couple (Curse of the Crimson Throne and The Thrice dammed prince) were they one shots or just the start of set? I mean I get being frustrated with just having to go and kick down the door, knocking usually works, but there has to be a bit of suspension of disbelief for D&D I mean most of the book covers combat, but I get what your saying. Just wanted to know.

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hexa3 wrote:

The assasin has made enough evil acts to gain levels in said presteige class, but has since been one of the most heroic characters in the party (riding a warjack into the center of a swarm of undead to detroy them).

Sorry about that last post I'm new here

I might be focusing on the wrong thing here but you did say "WarJack" So I have to assume this is in an Iron Kingdom's setting and then looking over your party who is the healer, because the IK setting has some pretty harsh healing rules if your alignment is close to the person whose doing the healing. Any way its kind of a side issue to what you brought up but I just wanted to know. But if your not in IK and are just using there stuff its not an issue at all.

So then its already been said several times that it really comes down to your players and if there willing to do some compromise, once again if you are in IK and the rogue did just kill someone out right the local guard can over look that for a short time for a greater danger but then would come looking for her after the issue was taken care of, and that’s just because the IK governments can be like that. Also if its not IK…well I’m sure the governments can be like that too. I’ve read over most of this and I just don’t know what you want to happen, or anything about your players to give more focused advice. Like is the person playing the assassin kind of a b@stard or just doing it for fun or what?