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{nosily peeks in through window} Ooo0, he better not have Janet and Chrissy in there!

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No conspiracy. I also look nothing like the suave and urbane deputy.

Or that dangerously roguish Apple Dumpling Gang leader.

Or that handsome weredolphin fellow.

{nervously} Nothing at all. Are you on the loco-weed, Jack? Hitting too much sauce down at the Regal Beagle?

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{hides in fear outside the apartment}

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Limeylongears wrote:
I started as an agency worker and have clung on, limpet like, for around 13 years. Most of our staff can form coherent sentences and manage to dress themselves in the morning (only partially, on occasion, but that's all to the good, to be sure)

Hmmm, time for an "Incredible Mr. Limpetlongears" alias?

{paws feebly at window} That sounds good. I'm so hungry...

{peeks in through window} Jack, are you and Larry up to shenanigans at the Regal Beagle again? Where are Janet and Chrissy?

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I blame Cosmo for Tels' hemorrhoids scaring everyone off.

{smolders quietly on front porch}

{walking up to peep into front window} I wonder if Jack and Chrissey- AUUUUUUUUUGH! {buried under slow avalanche of newspapers}

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{pounds on window} JACK! CHRISSY! JANET! Please let me in... there are giant spi- AUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!!!!! {violently dragged underground by unseen creature}

Secretly Replaced With A Peeled Grape

tirq rey de los jack tripper is banned for successfully making bedhead a fashion statement.

Bear on a Unicycle wrote:
Jack's Right Hand Man wrote:
Bear on a Unicycle wrote:

*rides through the thread at full speed, but gets his unicycle wheel lodged in JRHM's ass and is ejected out the doggy door*


Get it out! Get it out!
*yanks out his unicycle and rides away, leaving a trail of vaseline*

{peeping through rear window with binoculars from his apartment} Oh, oh my! Thats so wrong... Jack Tripper! {falls off stool, breaks hip}

Jack the Stripper wrote:
Sorry, I would have come sooner, but I was too busy stabbing hookers in London.

{knocks spasticly on door} Jack Tripper, what are you doing with those two young ladies in there? You're not up to hijinks are you?! {attempts to peek through keyhole, but fails}