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Remember when we had all those dumb FIGHT! threads? I could totally go for a Josh Frost and Louis Porter Jr. FIGHT! thread about right now...

GIR, Irken S.I.R. unit wrote:
Trollthulhu wrote:
Sean, do you admit to killing puppies on Sunday mornings, and cute fuzzy kittens before you start each work week?

My dearest Trollthulhu,

It is a poorly kept secret that Invader SKR, like the rest of his extraterrestrial species, is an obligate telomere-ivore. As such, he must prey on primarily young mammals on a regular basis simply out of dietary necessity. He had been subsisting on baby orang-utans and breakfast cereals and fruit bats and free-range forum trolls, but for Christmas, he received a copy of Mark Bittman's new cookbook, How to Cook Puppies and Kittens.

And now you know... the rest of the story. Good day.

I hope they don't hear about this in any of the various PETA threads...

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Mouthy Upstart wrote:
Sebastian wrote:

I think this is an excellent example of starting a thread intended to create controversy and engender flamewars.

But, more importantly, no sane and reasonable person should care about the existence of NCIS as a show. Cancellation would be an even better addition to the team.

"ENGENDER." Sure, flame the thread with your sexist language.
Mouthy, love your name. Wish I had thought of it.

Not just anyone can do that. It took a gifted Paizo developer.

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Sebastian wrote:

I think this is an excellent example of starting a thread intended to create controversy and engender flamewars.

But, more importantly, no sane and reasonable person should care about the existence of NCIS as a show. Cancellation would be an even better addition to the team.

"ENGENDER." Sure, flame the thread with your sexist language.

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thunderspirit wrote:

These looks great! :-)

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Zesty Mordant wrote:

I think I would prefer a white haired Seoni.

Edit: Which would be closer to Wayne's art.

Bah! There's too many white-haired women already running around in Iconicland.

True enough.


(Whaddya mean, Seltiyel isn't a woman?)

Also, that dwarf chick who's a wizard. I assume Ezren's a dwarf, with that beard.

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Erik Mona wrote:

::shrug:: You can't see the character's name when the base is on the table, so the Harsk miniature can be any dwarf you want it to be.

He'll still know it's under there. Blacking "Harsk" out with a Sharpie is the only way.


Urizen wrote:
Moorluck wrote:

The last two things I'll say here.

1. The folks at that church who are in support of the new rule against interracial couples are not Christians by any definition I hold, I don't give a damn what church they attend.

And 2. Racism, or any type of bigotry for that matter, isn't limited to any one group. White, Black, Religious, Atheist, Northern, or Southern. A!&@%$&s exist everywhere, and they have the right to be like they are... they just better not spout that bile around me, I don't put up with it.

Y'all have fun now.

I don't care about all of that.

But one word about drow, then I'm getting out my pair of katanas.

Scimitars. DUH. (Stupid ass drow.)

Evil means evil!

Except for when it means not evil...

Kruelaid wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Isn't free will required for your actions to be moral/immoral? Thus, your outsiders and by extension the corrupted creatures are unable to be called good/evil because they have no free will to choose one or the other?
None of the characters in my games have free will. They're all controlled by fat dudes swilling Mountain Dew.

Here's the real question: Are they drinking retro Mountain Dew or new-fangled Mountain Dew? Don't pretend like they're the same underneath the cosmetics.

The Jade wrote:

Aw, yeah... Atomic Array was nominated for an ENnie.


Someone must actually be listening!

And congrats to Paizo for raking in another ton of nominations. So well deserved.

Wow! The sun is setting again tonight!

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I think what ProfCirno is trying to say is 4e's competition is D&D!

Majuba wrote:
Best non-Goblin in-character blog ever!

Oh no! First person narrative!

::Head explodes::

Vic Wertz wrote:
We understand that more people playing Pathfinder means *more people playing Pathfinder*, and there's no way that isn't good for us.

Are you sure?


If naked fighting doesn't fix things, you're not doing it right!

I heard that Erik Mona doesn't do much at the office anymore other than stroll around, look over people's shoulders while smoking large cigars, and occasionally snapping his suspenders with his burger-greasy fingers.

Would someone please expound on this and how it affects the Paizo work environment during these crucial days?


Are you looking at me? Are you looking at ME?

Tarren Dei wrote:
[plug]Tell him 30 Haunts for Houses is currently on sale for $2.09 and he can have 64 cents back.[/plug]

Moo are you, again?'d rather have 4/5 of your children die? I don't get it.

Tater tots? They're like fat mushy french fries. Fries should be thin and crisp on the outside. FAIL!

This just in: Federal Employee Dual-Wields Axes!

What a crock!

John Kretzer wrote:
Though this is pure speculation on my part it would suggest that I might have been right in that WotC should have kept producing 3.5...though every time I even suggested that over at the WotC boards I got called crazy...but if both Pathfinder and 4th ed are doing well...that they would be raking in the money.

Crazy? More like, INSANE. I mean, it's NEVER worked to produce TWO versions of D&D at the same time, and it never WOULD HAVE worked.

Leafar the Lost wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, leader of Libya, is regularly referred to as Col. Gaddafi. This never made any sense to me. What kind of colonel leads a country? What kind of autocrat has only the military rank of colonel?

Or maybe, just maybe, a Kentucky Colonel gained control of Libya in 1969. What would it mean for a peer of Col. Harland Sanders to have come to power in a North African country? Sounds like an awesome alternative Earth to me that would make a strong campaign setting. Just imagine!

So far no one has referred to me as "Overlord" and I am displeased...

Glad to meet you, Displeased.

Charlie Sheen wrote:
I'm rolling out magic, bro.

You're bi-winning!

I wonder how "Blame our old costumers" would work as a corporate strategy?

::Someone passes MU recent Mearls' postings::

Ah, too bad. If only there were some people left to defend the old strategy!

::Peeks in thread::


Growing the Pie:
Everybody better keep their fingers out of our f#**ing PIE!

Blakeus wrote:
As an aside, I'm and English teacher (although currently doing Masters in creative writing) and I've written essays on passages of James Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake" which make more sense than what this dude has written. LOL.

Homi Bhabha should totally write on Finnegan's Wake, and have his book reviewed by Luce Irigaray.

Crimson Jester wrote:
Caught up. Hey has anyone else been seeing a passing posts of some self centered ego that thinks everything is about it??? Weird man.

I thought we had established everything IS about me? You haven't been listening to that bastard Sebastian again, have you? And just because he was here first. I mean, John the Baptist was here before Jesus, and JB never made that mistake!


Only Knights should be able to use the lance.
The lance is the katana of polearms.
Knights must be Lawful.
All other classes are suboptimal or even unplayable except the magish.
Samurai should be an alternative knight.
Chess is not combat-focused enough, introducing unnecessary pieces that are mechanically uninteresting and only foster distracting narrative.
Old school chess, REAL chess, it played on a circular board. The square board is unauthentic and broken at the same time.

Ross Byers wrote:
Cartigan wrote:
Also, seconding bandersnatches and jubjub birds.
Hey, Wes! I wanna do the write up on bandersnatchii!

Oh, the pain! Obviously bandersnatchides and bandersnatchopodes are the only acceptable forms!

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Sebastian wrote:

This is a Very Serious Topic. It deserves nothing less than 10 pages of discussion.

Who wants to race to 10?


Why, you can't even yawn in this thread without your lascivious drool running in great rivers out of your mouth!

houstonderek wrote:
Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:
awesome sauce
Not to mention some of the best political and general philosophers of the 20th Century were science fiction writers.

L. Ron Hubbard?

And will they be half-baked, too?

CommaMaster wrote:
......Apple Dumplings,anyone?

Insulting to dumps, obviously.

CommaMaster wrote:
If vegetarians eat vegetables,whaddya think humanitarians eat?

If they're only a little peckish, humanlings.

I guess the King of Rohan was belittling his own people when he bid them, "Forth, Eorlingas!"

Justin Franklin wrote:
Emperor7 wrote:
Soulless Dbag wrote:

And what's wrong with being a dbag?

I knew a dbag, and you sir, are no dbag.

OK, I was channeling that guy that knew JK but it fits. lol

Actually, mulling over trolls in general, it seems that many have persecution complexes and deal with their own issues by persecuting others in a militant/abrasive fashion. So is the trolling a result of their life history, or was their history shaped by them being a dbag to begin with? Hmmm, chicken or the egg. They also have a strong NEED to surround themselves with others like them, whereas a more balanced (happier) person can deal with variety. And a strong NEED to take their frustrations out on others. Hmmm...

Don't feed the trolls!

I can't argue with you, but I like my new Paizo author created nickname.;)

It can NEVER top mine! (Thanks, Wes!)

Well, hell... somebody killed Aroden!

Ne Onc On is an odd name for a gaming convention. Is it Egyptian?

Maerimydra wrote:
Mouthy Upstart wrote:
So, no Canadianese, yet?

Wait! What? oO

Is this some kind of joke ''abOOt'' our accent or something ? (;

Joke? I don't get it. You see, in English, we use the word "joke" when we're not serious. And a boot is something we wear in pairs, often in the army or when trying to convince people we're really cowboys. Other than that, your English is pretty good.

You know, so much so, that it's impressive that English wasn't your first language, Canuck. I wasn't going to mention the accent, because I was brought up with manners.

Tarren the Dungeon Master wrote:
LilithsThrall wrote:
Tarren the Dungeon Master wrote:
LilithsThrall wrote:
Is it just English? Are there plans to add new languages in the near future?
Check out Black Book Editions Pathfinder products.
That would be truly helpful if I recognized half of those languages.
It's all in French. I've seen a German version of Hollow's Last Hope somewhere as well but I can't remember where. I think a German gaming magazine. That's all I know.

So, no Canadianese, yet?

Has it been translated for our Canadian friends, yet?

Wait...are the ones being poisoned wyverns, by chance?

So did your husband...

Doesn't it depend on whether one is coup-de-gracing wyverns?

More importantly, would such an act be EVIL?

Is it true the iconic magoosh will introduce a new player race? I heard it was going to be a giffyankee.

This is superawesome and I plan on producing walls of texts to argue with everyone about it and make DEMANDS of the developers!

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