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Style does not really have anything to do with what I am talking about. Avoiding seams is very basic in terms of graphics design. As is keeping clean textures. Finally I think you'll find wolves in the Galorian do not look like mutated ant eaters.

Ref -Winter_wolf.jpg pg

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Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
Moridian wrote:
I wouldn't say that.
You wouldn't say what, exactly?

That personal prefrence excuse a lack of quality. I am not a graphics hound. One of my favorite games is saints row the third and I've played some heck out of Dragon age origins. Doesn't mean I will deny the lack lustre graphics and lifeless animations. Fact of the matter is that PFO at this time has,Bad textures with obvious seams,Horrid proportions,Stiff and rigid models, And character with poly count, textures and over all detail, worse than wow eleven years ago.

In this age, these are genuine problems. Its not a matter of being the most pretty game on the market. Its about looking half way presentable. Now it could over come such disabilities with game play. Minecraft is evidence of that. But as said there is no real gameplay to make the game stand out yet and until there is, my critic remains.

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Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
Bluddwolf wrote:
Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
Moridian wrote:
The big worry for me at the moment is the graphics. A MMO indie or not should not look worse than wow, eleven years before it.
Like this and this and this? You're right. I wouldn't want it to look worse than that, either.


You just linked 11 year old graphics that look better, to make what point?

That, apparently, better really is in the eye of the beholder.

I wouldn't say that. Crisp clear textures. A consistent artistic tone. Hair while a flat 3d plane, looks like hairs. Not just gobs thrown on top of the head. Less jarring, more colourful, more personality. Not sure what is wrong with it.

To PFO's defence though, at least it has dimensions. Its armour has a physical presence, rather than being painted onto the wearer's skin.

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Bluddwolf wrote:

The argument is always made that "game play is more important than graphics", and I wholeheartedly agree when that is the case. In my opinion, the game play does not (yet) and may not ever over compensate for the graphics.

Agreed. I am aware this is still early access. But it is still a product you pay for, one you have to subscribe to with monthly payments.

The art style is a bit mis matched, with stylized characters. What looks like a real world texture of bark on trees. I don't know it is hard to tell with how muddy it is. Disgusting lime green grass, jagged hills and bumps in the land.

The characters themselves and their animation is a mess within itself. But what I am mainly trying to get to is not the graphics themselves. I don't need it to be on par to black desert or go down the cartoon route of wildstar. But both those games has a certain style, everything seems to belong with each other.

Where as PFO looks like a bit of a patchwork at the moment.

Bu as bluddwolf said, I can overlook artistic failings. If the game itself is entertaining enough. Which sadly rigght now is a no. I spent two days farming and am now a proud cleric 4.... And now what? Where is the quest for me to pursue, the connection with my unholy mother? Where is the pvp conflict? I can work for gear, but what will gear do for me? What is the point in playing right now?

I am often accused of being to harsh or expecting to much in a game.
But I do not think so. EE is pretty much what I expected... patch work art design not withstanding. I do not however think that renders my critic invalid. A unfinished Ferrari could still be excused to be refereed to as a pile of trash.

They need to at least get it rolling first before hitting the road. to again clarify I am not saying this to hate on the game or damn it for not having everything at the start. I am just offering my critic of what we have and what the game severely lacks.

But at least it is working al right, I haven't had any massive drops in frame rates or crashes. Which is more than I can say for Landmark almost a year in, so take that as you may.

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Went to Freevale, sadly without result.

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The big worry for me at the moment is the graphics. A MMO indie or not should not look worse than wow, eleven years before it. It has however be said graphics/animations will be upgraded in the future. Still I heard that song and dance a few to many times to believe it, until I see it.

But it works at a smooth and steady pace right now. Not much to say until they start adding more features.

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I been running around the land for a bit now, trying to rise in the ranks of a cleric. It was not until today I noticed priests handing out quests for each individual god. But so far I have not seen a sign of my revered unholy mother, Lamashtu. Some hippy wanted me to kill some of her children but much to my disappointment, seeking out her children did not give me renegade option to join them.

So has anyone else seen a priest of Lamashtu in the river kingdom? If so I'd love to know where.

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AvenaOats wrote:
@Moridian: Please feel very welcome to be a part of the cooperative! One objective is for this to become an in-game "player event" per full moon.

So I gathered. I had considered a thing like this a while back, though I never really got it past the initial stages, because I suspected a lack of interest. But I'd gladly shed blood with you, each and every moon.

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This sounds like fun! I was already planning on going down the druid path, for the opportunity for just this kind of RP. I am not sure I need a corpse eating mechanic. I'll just say my character eats it regardless, but I wouldn't mind it.

Anyhow I'd gladly stand by this cause.

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In tibia, I once dared to delve into the depths of the world. There I encountered a man doing battle with a terrible monstrosity. The struggle that took place before me, was deadly and fierce, the kind which are written down in songs and great legends! So of course I waited until it was over and killed the heroic champion as he stood victorious over the fallen beast. Thus the demon's horde and the magical items of the champion, was mine to keep!

But as I lay my hands onto the champion's great sword, I felt a presence whispering into my very soul... I knew then the champion would rise from the dead and seek to destroy me.

Being the cunning sorcerer I am, I fled the continent. Yet still I was haunted by that presence in the back of my mind. It was only a matter of time, before his scrying would locate my whereabouts. And so I made my stand. I offered most of the loot I claimed from the champion to a local mercenary guild. With their help, I hid out in a small cave out in the country side.... Then we lay in wait.

It was not long until the champion appeared, his eyes burning hot with righteous fury. But he had not expected me to get help and together with the group of sell swords, we managed to best the champion, who even outmanned slaughtered a few of them.... But the fight was over. The champion conquered and defeated once and for all...

On a ooc note, he had lost so much gear and xp from both these deaths, that he raged and never logged in again... Closest I've ever gotten to perma death.

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Nihimon wrote:

You're so eeeeevil, Moridian :)

Chaotic evil! Mohahahahahahahaha!

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theStormWeaver wrote:

Name: Koinonia Emporou (Merchant's Society)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Role: Brokers of Trade
Accepted Roles: All Roles can bring value to the Society.
Website: TBD
Voice Chat: TSV has kindly given us a channel on their server
Government Type: Oligarchy

Koinonia Emporou, formerly known as Pax Mercatorum, is a society of merchants, traders, and other tradesman.

Koinonia Emporou seeks to establish itself as an important arbiter in trade. Our goal is to provide a safe way point for all comers.

Ours is a guild which clearly welcomes merchants, but also welcomes those who can guard a caravan, catch a cut purse, craft trade goods or fine art, or bring the treasures of antiquity to market.

We hold the bond of a contract to be sacred, all members are expected to fulfill the terms of a contract to the best of their ability.

Although we wish to be open to a variety of players, all members are expected to be team players. This extends to our friends and allies. Should a member create unwanted friction with a neighbor or ally, they may face penalties or expulsion.

Koinonia Emporou: Our way is the Highway.

[b]The Name Change:[\b] The reasoning behind our name change is to differentiate ourselves from Pax Aeternum. They are a much larger organization who've had a much longer claim on the Pax name.

Why Koinonia Emporou? Well, we've decided to base ourselves out of Phaeros, the capitol of The Seventh Veil. TSV uses Greek for their name, so we used Greek :) Only slightly less arbitrary that anything else we'd come up with.

Our long term goal is to control our own PoI, maybe even a settlement of our own. There is a lot of time to consider and discuss how that might work, and we are open to working with other people/companies.

If you are interested in joining Koinonia Emporou, please PM me.

I fully approve of this new name of yours!

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T7V Avari wrote:
I understand the allure of personal housing, but I think with the focus this game has on community properties, funneling attention into personal ones is counterproductive.

Indeed. I think it would be a nice touch for blacksmith's and other such buildings to have living quarters, but really I don't want them to waste more time on it than that, at best.

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I'd like our keeps to have living quarters for officers and barracks for the common members and sleeping quarters in most buildings. That way if your a black smith you can easily claim you live in the blacksmith building, which has a bed upstairs. WoW kinda had this in a lot of the capital cities and they weren't even player housing. They were just stores or work shops with living quarters and that alone lead to so much immersion.

I think personal housing though is a bad idea as it would lead to the world feeling cluttered... I mean just look at Landmark... I mean I love landmark but go to a populated world and... Just god...

I think housing should be restricted to a very small number in each settlement and you'd have to pay rent to the acting lord or whatever to live there. Because as said I don't just want to find a house in the middle of the wild, considering where we are, I don't think anyone would survive to tell the tale of their summer home in goblin infested wilderness.

Likewise the common use of putting houses in a seperate realm of existance of everything else... hate it.

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LazarX wrote:

Why do so many people insist that "because it's fantasy and magic" that we should throw away any attempt at consistency and verisimilitude in building worlds and magic systems?

Way to miss my point entirely. What I was trying to show is that pathfinder is a very different world from ours. Even in our world not all people advance at a equal rate. Why I hear some backwards countries don't even use the metric system yet! What idiots!

That is a joke by the way, before you burn me at the stake.

Gnomes and dwarves who specialize in fine craftsmanship and perfection could have easily come up with a metric system. In fact the metric system is also know as "industrial standard" in sweden, because it is what every factory uses, because it is simpler and there for more efficient. So it would make perfect sense for a race known for their perfectionism to come up with a more streamline way of measurement.

Or are you really saying dwarves are capable of building this? But not this?

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LazarX wrote:
Moridian wrote:
I am not rage quitting over this, I am just noting that on a global stand point the metric system makes more sense and even America is slowly getting more and more familiar with it.

It "makes sense" from a post Rennaissance Enlightment viewpoint when science is making it's first solid dominance in not only thought but in commerce and trade as well.

It would not have made sense in the time of Noah when Cubits and angry flood making gods ruled the day.

Again being historically accurate does not really work with pathfinder. We did not have robots (golems) in the post Renaissance world, we did not have potions capable of healing cuts and burns by drinking it, we didn't have the ability to fly, teleport or astral project. Yes not all of those are technical achievements but they would have a huge impact on the development on a world. In fact I'd argue it is more advanced than modern day in most cases. Healing jelly which pretty much undo all harm done to you? Blessings capable of undoing pretty much any poison regardless the source, regrowing lost limbs, instant teleportation to anywhere in the world or other dimensions, creating food out of thin air, the list goes on and on. Why would you spend thousands of years, trying to get medical technology to our level, when clerics already far surpass us?

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MrSavarius wrote:
LazarX wrote:
Pax Shane Gifford wrote:
I'd be surprised if anyone quit a game because it expressed their carry capacity and item weights in kilograms rather than pounds.
Actually it seems some of our Euro friends might ragequit when they discover NPC's talking about distances in miles and leagues, and weights in pounds. :)
I haven't seen anyone claim that they will "ragequit" the game based on measurement.

Quite so. I don't think either of us ever claimed anything of the sort. I know for my part at least I only tried to argue there is nothing immersion breaking about the metric system. Not going with it is fine, I really don't care that much. But when someone is arguing that it is wrong to use the metric system and it breaks immersion, then I feel it is important for me to argue against it, as this game is being crowd forged.

Also on the point of PFO being made by an American studio is rather irrelevant as well, as this is a mmo which should not limit itself to one country. A good friend of mine work in a game studio (mainly Dice if the brand matters to you) stationed in sweden. Never have the games he worked on been directly aimed at a swedish market though, it has been for a global one. That is what every product should aim for.

I am not rage quitting over this, I am just noting that on a global stand point the metric system makes more sense and even America is slowly getting more and more familiar with it.

Either way I don't think it will make or break the game, but then again I am not the one who started this thread and the only reason I am here to argue, is due to the unjust hatred some people seem to have towards the metric system.

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MrSavarius wrote:
Wait, who is saying that PFO is mainly aimed at the American Market? Could we get a Dev on this?

Indeed. This is the first time I heard about it? Was there a poll I was not aware of? Because as a EU player I'd like to have a say in this.

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I think it makes sense to use the metric system, since it is the one the vast majority of the world is familiar with. Even in America the metric system is getting more and more common as measurements and blue prints from other countries are handed left and right and we can't stop and change it all because America hasn't quite caught on yet.

It might befuddle some American players, but coming from a EU guild I can certainly say it would confuse a whole lot more people if they didn't use it.

Also on the note that they did not use the metric system in Medieval times, that is a rather irrelevant point to make. Pathfinder is not a historical retelling, it is not a revision of Medieval europe, it is a fantasy world with guns, golems and all manners of supernatural wonders. Its not what is being told on the page, but how it is told. And I would be amazed if they somehow managed to present the metric system to the point where it snapped me out of the story.

This is the metric system.

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randomwalker wrote:
Moridian wrote:
(....)I don't see why it would be so hard for me to transfer the stats of my sword into my spear.

This is where we 50% disagree!

If you want spear to be a viable (not 2nd rate) choice: yes!
If you want looks of weapon to be independent of function: no!

No I agree fully with that. If there is a spear that has equal viability of a sword, dagger whatever your choice in weapons really, I am fine.

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I agree! I think ESO is one big disappointment, but the one thing I did like was the ability to choose the style/look of your crafting. Because as I said at the start of this thread, I want to play a druid/wild cleric. So I don't want him to wear clean or even rusty plate. I want him to wear Celtic/Nordic like armour, without suffering for it.

Something that always bugged me in a lot of games, pretty much every MMO I ever played, is the lack of choice to play the character I want to play. I love spears, I love glaves, pole arms whatever really. But In wow I never had the pleasure to use that, because I would never find one that was better than the swords or axes I found. So I was permanently stuck with swords and axes, when in my heart all I ever wanted to be was a spearman.

Likewise, for some insane reason, you can not use 90% of your abilities with electro staffs in SWTOR. I personally am so bored with light sabers, I kind of freak every time I see something remotely different in SW. So of course the first thing I do is try to get a staff for combat. Well guess what, I can use it, but now my abilities don't work and I suck in combat. Fun!

It may sound shallow but I feel looking the way you want to look, adds a lot to the game and if it is all visual, what is the harm? As long as plate vaguely looks like plate and the weapon in my hand has a sharp edge, I don't see why it would be so hard for me to transfer the stats of my sword into my spear.

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Sadurian wrote:

Of course, first we'd have to settle on a timeline for PfO. That way the armour could be modelled to suit that historical period - plate armour was quite different at the time of Agincourt to the time of Pavia. An MMORPG with a definite historical base, now that would be nice.

I don't think this would happen, but an historian can dream....

I don't quite mind as development isn't a straight line. different cultures advanced in areas depending on the environment, need or the great thinkers that happened to be born.

Though as a general outline I'd imagine it be around 14th century. There is such things as advanced alchemy, medicine, gun power and basic pistols. But such things are a rarity with swords and shields is still being most commonly used... Then of course we have such things as robots in the forms of Golems but we'll just put that aside from now.

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For me it all depends on the context of the armour. For example, if I am a simple Warrior, I'd want simple, practical plate armour to reflect that. He might be a great warrior, known through out the land for his skills. But at the end of the day he is just a soldier.

Now lets say I play a Champion of Asmodeous I'd want his armour to reflect his great magical power. As such I'd like it to be something you'd never see in real life as long as it makes sense within the world.

Pathfinder is a very high fantasy setting and there are a lot of ways to make impossible armour. Two examples instantly leaps to mind for me, which granted isn't armour but it works. The first being the Sword of Gith in never winter nights two. The sword was shattered into a thousand pieces. But thanks to a magical ritual it could assemble and disassemble at will and much more. The second is a pair of cuffs from the Drizzst novels. Which were bound by magic not by any lock or mechanism, assuring it was near impossible to escape them.

Both of those items would be impossible to replicate in real life, but in a magical universe, I think it fits right in. In fact it is a pet peeve of mine, when settings often neglect to use magic for obvious practical purposes.

But let me make this clear! I do not want wow armour in the game... Just no.. None of that. And if they were to add something along the lines of the dark champion's armor, I'd want to work for it. I am talking about four years down the line to max out my magical and martial skills before I am even allowed to go looking for it.

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Something I have not seen much discussion on, is the games armour design. It looks pretty good! I certainly like it, mage hats not withstanding... But as a druid/wild cleric player, I haven't seen anything quite my style.

I want to play a character I could see living in the wild, while not limiting myself to leather armour. Some rugged up chain mail, dented shoulder plates, stuff that makes it seem as though he has seen some hard living in the wilds.

Its not a make or break issue for me. But still I wanted to voice my input on the matter.

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CosmicKirby wrote:

I'm sorry, I couldn't see your olive branch over the sounds of the horrendously deformed birth your Goddess visited upon...
** spoiler omitted ** Make no mistake, she would happily inflict painful and demonic mutation upon everyone if given the chance. Iomedae will swiftly bring justice to those so ready to deprive it to the unborn.

What you call mutation, I call ascension! We have all been cursed upon birth with the weakness of man. But Lamashtu is here to set us free! Under her loving guidance you can grow strong, she can rid you of your humanity, of all that which makes you weak and replace it with strength.

Do no not fear change, young one. Embrace it!

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Lifedragn wrote:

Sarenrae (pronounced SAER-en-ray[1]) teaches temperance and patience in all things. Compassion and peace are her greatest virtues, and if enemies of the faith can be redeemed, they should be. Yet there are those who have no interest in redemption, who glory in slaughter and death. From the remorseless evil of the undead and fiends to the cruelties born in the hearts of mortals, Sarenrae's doctrines preach swift justice delivered by the scimitar's edge.

No, I think this follower has just the right amount of wrath.

And I think you have both failed your god. If either of you had truely believed in patience, compassion and redemption, perhaps you'd understand that not all things are black and white. Lamashtu is a demon yes, a mother of monsters, the most powerful being ever to rise from the abyss. She is also a holy mother, a symbol of fertility and life. She does not teach her faithful to kill, but to live. To raise our young strong and according to her teachings. She is also a fierce enemy of the demon lord Pazuzu, Rovagug and the foul abomination urgathoa and her undead spawn. Perhaps with us, you could have found a ally against such dark forces. Instead you chose to raise your sword in righteous ignorance. But then that has always been the way of your kind.

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Nevy wrote:
Moridian wrote:
Lamashtu, now and forever!
I smite thee!

My oh my... Rather wrathful, for a follower of Sarenrae ain't we? I approve of this!

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I'd like to know how/if the different races will differ from one and another. Will a orc have higher max strength, but forever lower charisma than the elf? Will they have different traits? Or will you perhaps avoid the issue of balancing by purely making the races a visual feature?

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Lamashtu, now and forever!

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I still can't buy any addon! How bothersome. Just keep saying I need to be a goblin squad member, which my purchase history tells me I am.

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Nightdrifter wrote:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought shieldmates were kickstarter backers only. Unless you're trying to get someone to trade you an extra account from the kickstarter.

Could be. I don't know, none of the people I spoke to have mentioned it before. Would be cool if the daily deals were part of some addon. I'd want the dog slicer far more than the title Sir.

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Hi there! I apologize if this sort of thing does not belong on this forum. But I've tried my luck in threads devoted to the subject but I have thus far failed to yield any results from that.

So yeah long story short I missed the kick starter, due to a lack of word of mouth and financial income. Sadly the latter is yet to change but I have saved up for just such a occasion like this!... the market being open again that is.

Problem of course being that for the daily deals (which I really want!) I'd have to spend a ungodly amount of money. So I just wanted to see if anyone out there could make me their shield mate? I'd be willing to earn it! I have been preping to make pathfinder movies once the game is released. It has always been a dream of mine to make movies out of the plots I weave within games with my friends and I hope PFO will finally be the place for me to start.

What I am offering is Art assets. A sword perhaps? A ancient family tomb? A character of your choice, you name it and I'll make it as a sign of gratitude for your help in this matter. I could even help you making a recruitment video for your chartered company! To see some of my work you can follow the links below.

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Ah, no destiny twins? Pretty much the only reward I care about... Well that and early enrollment! but that also seems to be under bonus.

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That is a shame, I'd like to sit down with new players and teach them the basics of combat. I guess you still learn from experience, but I find you learn best from a friendly sparing session.

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Having read the most recent update, it seems injuries are going to be a serious matter. Which I like! It is another thing which blend story and game play beautifully. Making you dread every encounter you might encounter on the road.

The thing that got me though is if there would be any friendly duelling or sparing. I have had so much good RP revolving around duels and usually the way I learn to pvp, is to slam my head against the best pvper on the server, again and again until I stand half a chance.

So my question is, will there be some kind of friendly duelling system, which would allow two people to train against one and another without resorting to murder, or bringing each other down to 1% health making them a easy target for passing assassins?

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Lets hope GW will allow you to build a great library, to which all of the River kingdom can flock to in search of wisdom and knowledge.

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Nihimon wrote:

I agree, and have since I started posting on these forums in January of 2012, that non-consensual but consequential PvP is absolutely critical in order to minimize griefing.

Right you are sir! Couldn't have said it better myself.

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I actually think the option to disable pvp reinforce greifing. I use to play on SWTOR's one and only RP server, where you had to flag yourself for PvP to be attacked. What this meant is that as a PvPer, I could never find any open world PvP, unless I was really lucky.

What it mostly meant, was that griefers started abusing this flagging system. Jedi's openly preaching their message in Sith academy's trying to turn them to the light side (a crime punishable by death in lore) and being untouchable. Raids on cities going unpunished because none of our players could touch the unflagged attackers.

Well perhaps they could make it so that you flagged when attacking cities, I hear you say?

Maybe. But that is a very flimsy solution. My character for example, as a Cleric of Lamashtu will stand to defend goblins and wolves. If he sees you attacking either of those, he'll likely to kill you.

And what danger would it be in a merchant anymore? Grab all your goods, unflag pvp and run to the marker three towns over. No robber will be able to touch you.

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I am not quite sure if you mean they should add this into the game? Or simply stating this is something you are doing?

If the former, I pray to god they don't. Its another one of those small things GW should not waste their time on. If voting is important to you, just run it like any real life voting system. GW shouldn't have to create a program so you can be lazy.

If this is something your organizing on your own. Good for you. I myself highly approve of democracy within communities. Even though that is rarely how most groups end up operating.

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Speaking of which is there any good evil guilds out there? I mean proper cultist and chaotic evil! None of this neutral bandit crap... No offence Bluddwolf.... You damned weak livered milk drinker....

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Lifedragn wrote:

I'm not entirely convinced on the merit of this idea in an MMO. What works for Single Player and constrained Multiplayer games does not necessarily scale up well to the Massively Multiplayer market. Especially Massively Multiplayer Persistent World. There are a number of reasons I would speak against Player-Mods.

1. Part of the reasons I am hesitant to have cosmetic items in a cash shop is that I feel "Looking Cool" is very much a victory condition for some players. This seems like another way to Look Cool without any real notion of success in game.

2. Given that cosmetic items will likely be available in cash anyways, how do we ensure that these player-made items are balanced against cash shop items? Does this player made content show up in the cash shop? Is it possible for players to make content uniquely applicable to them but nobody else?

3. Is the income going to be worth hiring someone in GW, or paying an existing employee, to review and test all of the various mods that are submitted vs. having said person working on GW Planned features and content?

4. How would this work from a file management perspective? In Skyrim or DOTA2, you only need mods and custom art for the mods you are using. You don't need the mods that are in use by the entire rest of the community until you play a game requiring said mod. MMO assets are different. You don't just download what you may need before a game. You have to have all the files on your machine all the time because you don't know when you may need to render the asset. Streaming texture files on demand is not going to be a very performant way to share custom content.

1. Yeah there wouldn't be any success?... And? People aren't allowed to look fashionable now? We have to go and raid a dragons lair before we are worthy to wear my wide brimmed hat? I don't find there to be anything wrong with that notion. Yes they have not earned it, there for it goes to reason the wearer will not be all that formidable and that makes perfect sense. Why should the high lv 20 cleric be the only one to wear demonic armour?

There is a good example of this in one of the Dresden books. Where a man made out of shadows comes forth in a dark storm, speaking in a demonic voice. Intimidating right? Except our hero instantly sees through the act, and just punch the shadowy figure. It yelps out in pain. Our hero punch it again and it runs away.

2. I've said it before and I will say it again. The best kind of cash shop, is the one that gives cosmetic items. Let me take on the appearance of the modded armour, but I have to gain a proper armor with real stats ingame before it becomes useful.

3. I think if they did it like Green light it could work with some people voting a mod up before it is considered. I mean have you seen some of the things in steams green light considerations? Half of them aren't even games. Their a two sentence description of what some lone programmer wants to get around to one day.

4. If we assume were going with what I mentioned in 3. Then the only mods that would be added would be those considered acceptable by Goblin works. They could then be fully added into the game, maybe even added into the cash shop. For everyone you sell, perhaps you could recive tokens to use in the cash shop? There by we have people creating content, free of charge, they are given rewards and thus motivating them to do even better. And Goblin works can profit from those paying cash in the cash shop.

People are already laying down tons of hours, days, years in non-profit fan based projects. I myself as a 3d artist, would be honoured if my work was added into the game. In game rewards would only be icing on the cake!

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Ah... What I wouldn't do to play a gnoll, or lizardling.... There are others aswell but I think asking to play Glabrezu is pushing it! :P
I intend on PvPing almost 24/7, only broken up by RP... oh and how delightful that RP would be if I was a minotaur or a troll.

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I really don't mind this. I was never fond of putting alts in other guilds and in our SWTOR guild we have a small rule, saying if you want to be part of intelligence. You must convince or find someone willing to spy for you. It leads to more RP, it makes more sense and it is far more rewarding and intense (not knowing if you can truely trust the informant), all around a better way of doing things. I agree 100% with Urman.

Urman wrote:
But a person playing two (or ten) characters that have instantaneous and perfect knowledge from the other - this is role-playing? It's meta-gaming with sockpuppets is all. If EVE chooses to ban them, good for EVE.

If Pathfinder does decide to mirror this action I support it 100%

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I'd rather not have the developers wasting their time on something trivial as this and instead focus on making the game more open for the player, so that we may make the story. Rest assured I will be plenty racist to make up for it.

Eating elf flesh, crafting bags out of dwarf skins and shoving spiders down drow throats.... Ah...

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All I really want is for the cash shop not to cripple me. I remember in APB I had to struggle to slowly gear up my character and it felt very rewarding when receiving a new gun. Then the Cash shop was implemented and suddenly people are walking around like its world war 3.

If you don't buy a cash shop gun, get ready to die a thousand times over until you have a gun that may help you against other enemies.

Now I have ragged a lot against SWTOR but I really like the cash shop there... Lore breaking items excluded....

They give you cool weapons, nice armour designs but it is all novelty items. You need to work for a item with good stats to transfer that over to the cash shop item for it to actually do anything.

This has the great benefit of making your character look more unique, while still making people work for their stats.

I especially love the uniqe mounts often up for grabs. I want my half orc to ride around on a worg or a giant boar not a horse! But as I mentioned in another blog don't sell me a spider mount unless that thing climb on walls.... I am looking at you neverwinter!

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Xeen wrote:

They should be practical and useful.

Personally I would like the devs to focus on other things until they are done. Mounts can come later, no need to rush it.

I fully agree. Considering the limited area we shall be restricted to at the start it seems for the best.

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While it is a nice concept. I sincerely hope they never add flying mounts. It takes so much of the wonder away from the world in my view. I wouldn't mind something close to it like levitation, slow fall or even limited forms of flight through short distances. Either that or they make flying mounts near mythical in their rarity and that it would not only be a pain to acquire one but a commitment.

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That does sound interesting! And maybe we'll be able to see that considering this little bit from the blog update a few weeks back.

"If you want to play a half-orc rogue/ranger that specializes in breeding mounts in the deep swamp"

Now I am not sure what that fully means. But what I am hoping for is that there will be a need for horse breeders. Pair up two animals with superior stats for superior off spring. Or maybe their killable? I like the idea of both. Lets say I manage to throw a rider of his horse. If I am a scout to a larger party I'd likely stab the horse to slow the merchant down just in case I die.

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Well as said I'd like manoeuvrability to be part of it to. I loved how being chased in AOC made me feel, because you could potentially lose a much faster peruser with the right twist and turns.

A far cry from most games where you can turn 180 degrees at the drop of a hat.

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Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Horses have a high mortality rate in our games.

I prefer to conjure mine.... less hassle and more practical.

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