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Someone once told me "You should be more careful, dude." and I put on my armor- you know, just in case.

Leafar the Lost wrote:

woh WOH woh woh Marvel wins!

I'm going to read his posts as a Charlie Brown adult speaking from now on. Like nuking the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.

Personally, I have a hard time regarding this event with anything but pessimistic relief.

I doubt that Osama Bin Ladin was even in the top ten most evil men in the world. Certainly, however, he was among the top most hated by US Americans. And with good justifications. The weight of tragedy bestowed upon the world by his schemes, and our reaction to them, is certainly far in excess of the power that should be granted to any man, casting the evils he has perpetrated into a harsh light with long, far reaching shadows. Those shadows will extend long after his flesh is consumed and the light faded.

That's a dirty dirty lie.

The next poster loves Vomit Guy.

Someone once told Reckless he needed to "Be more careful, dude."

Darkjoy wrote:
Reckless wrote:
I submitted an item, and waited until now to admit it. What does that mean?
That Reckless is the wrong name for you ;>

Well, I could go by this moniker. But since I submitted my entry on a lunch break the first day I could, maybe Reckless isn't so inappropriate.

Reckless wrote:

In the spirit that I read into the OP,

No, really, they don't.

Dude, right on! No need for extra damage at all.

Heathansson wrote:
Reckless wrote:
crosswiredmind wrote:
Reckless play can be penalized by the GM.
No fair giving the bastich permission!
Just be more careful dude. ;)

(Spins in a Circle as Mystic Armor gathers and protects)

Ok, now what?