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Simulacrum make "duplicate" not "copy".

Forger can copy signature from original or from memory. Xerox machine need original to make duplicates. Standard higher. Exactness required.

Imagine spell work like MRI machine: analyze layers, create representation.

Your level thirteen wizard can:
-cast 12 hours without interruption
-and keep Pit Fiend ice sculpture frozen 12 hours
-and have Pit Fiend to duplicate

If so, he deserve such potent simulacrum.

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Lawyers employed by massive firms finding tax loopholes lawful.

Monks studying loopholes in laws of physics also lawful.


Rynjin wrote:
Good, good, join us in the "We hate legacy rules" club. We have cookies.

Monks and Paladins all Lawful because your archenemies, the Love 'Dem Legacy Rules Club, is Lawful.

Zhayne wrote:
I need one more set.

Omphaloskepsis / Praṇayama

Coffee / Tea
Sexy Cads / Dependable Dads

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Best monster orphanage actually prison, evil rules holding captive polymorphed good potential allies.

This was me Superstar entry humor today.

Ring of Stealth Rules Clarity

Aura faint transmutation ; CL 1st
Slot ring; Price 500 gp; Weight -


This obsidian ring, although barely magical, is valued by stealthy adventurers for the peace of mind it grants through its ability to distort shadows. The wearer's map square counts as Dim Light if at least half covered by shadow. Within line-of-effect of the ring combat counts as "distracting" and adds a 5-point penalty to Perception skill use. A five-foot step is sufficient movement for the wearer to use Stealth if the other requirements apply. When the wearer hides, the actions that end his or her stealth are those that would end invisibility. When the wearer moves stealthily, creatures he or she encounters must make a Perception check to notice the wearer. Darkvision does not interfere with the wearer's stealth, except that the light condition of Darkness then does not itself provide cover. Creatures from whom the wearer is hiding treat the wearer as invisible (they lose their Dexterity and Dodge bonuses to AC, the wearer has +2 to hit, and the wearer is immune to extra damage from sneak attacks and being a ranger's favored enemy). When attacking from hiding while making multiple attacks, only the target receives a Perception chek to notice the wearer, and the wearer applies any sneak attack damage only to the first attack unless he or she is using Pounce.

Construction Requirements Forge Ring, darkness; Cost 250 gp

A Man In Black wrote:
This is the threat range of your weapon or your chance to hit, whichever is lower.

A Man In Black hid that in Expanded damage formula show.

Good that everyone else noticed it.

Do both!

Human or Half-Elf or Half-Orc with that FCB use Racial Heritage to poach Samsaran Mystic Past Life.

Legal to do at third level? Neither Feat nor MPL say first level only. (Yes, number added set.)

Consider 10% chance to hit and 30% chance to threat.

For critical damage, need roll 19-20 twice. Once to hit. Once to confirm.

Where that in formulas?

Why Do So Many People View Science and Magic As Incompatible?

Cause magic do anything except instill interest in science.

A Man In Black wrote:




All assume critical threat auto-hit. Only 20 auto-hit.

combat rules wrote:
Sometimes your threat range is greater than 20. That is, you can score a threat on a lower number. In such cases, a roll of lower than 20 is not an automatic hit. Any attack roll that doesn't result in a hit is not a threat.

Cap. Darling wrote:
Or be a human, a Versatile one pehaps, and use the amazing favored class option.


Battlemap positioning promote family harmony.

Try Holy Tactician Paladin. Third level share teamwork feat Outflank all time!

Three-Fourth BAB Oracle Rogue hit more. Smile big. Thanks mom!

Maybe all three take Precise Strike and Wild Flanking too.

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Pathfinder rogue great NPC class, got mislabeled.


Sigh. Me share secrets. How troll clerics do domains.

Fix choices beyond first level. Fix more flavor. Fix all domain spells off-list. Yea trolls!

Save DCs usual.

Look close! Every or exclusive!

Troll clerics spend "domain points" equal CL. {price} below. Exists feat "Two extra domain points" can be taken lots.

When re-spend?
- when go up level
- when pray hour in temple/shrine where clergy work/live full-time
- when deity wants (GM say, "In dream told when first step into evil tomb will have chance re-spend.")

Ancient Troll Lore wrote:


(Was Earth with Caves, Metal, and Radiation subdomains.)

Out-of-Combat Abilities

{1} Knowledge (Dungeoneering) becomes a class skill. If already a class skill, gain a +2 insight bonus on that skill.

{1} Receive Skill Focus (Knowledge (Dungeoneering)) as a bonus feat.

{2} Gain the ability to speak Terran.


{1} Gain a +1 insight bonus on Perception, Knowledge (Geography), Stealth, and Survival when underground.
{3} Gain the Ranger's Favored Terrain (Ex) ability with the Underground terrain. This does not make you eligible when feats, items, or abilities might grant additional favored terrains. This does make you eligible when feats, items, or abilities modify an existing favored terrain bonus.

Sensory/Movement Abilities

{1} Earth Sight (Su): Add the following spells to your spell list: detect metal (1st), detect secret doors (1st)

{4} Wall Movement (Su): Add the following spells to your spell list: spider climb (2nd), earth glide (4th), passwall (5th)


{1} Lesser Tremorsense (Su): Gain tremorsense 5'.
{6} Minor Tremorsense (Su): Gain tremorsense 10'.
{12} Major Tremorsense (Su): Gain tremorsense 15'.

Resistance Abilities

{2} Lesser Acid Resistance (Su): Gain resist acid 5.
{5} Minor Acid Resistance (Su): Gain resist acid 10.
{11} Major Acid Resistance (Su): Gain resist acid 20.
{17} Acid Immunity (Su): Gain immunity to acid.

Combat Abilities

{1} Stone Blaster (Su): Add the following spells to your spell list: stone call (2nd), stone discus (2nd)

{2} Metal Fists (Su): As a standard action, your fists become metal. For CL rounds, attacks with your fists ignore the hardness of items with a hardness of 10 or less.

{2} Irradiating Touch (Sp): As a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity, you can irradiate any unattended object for CL rounds. You are immune, but any other creature that passes within 5 feet of it must succeed at a Fortutude save or become sickened.

{#} Acid Dart (Sp): As a standard action, attack one close-range target with a ranged touch attack dealing 1d6 per # acid damage. You must wait 1d6 rounds before using this ability again.

{#} Acid Spray (Sp): As a standard action, attack 15' cone with twice # acid damage. A Foritude save halves the damage.

{#} Rooted to Earth (Ex): When standing on solid ground, gain +# to CMD

Spellcasting Abilities

{2} Statue Gardener (Su): Add the following spells to your spell list: flesh to stone (6th), stone to flesh (6th)

{3} Metal Manipulator (Su): Add the following spells to your spell list: mirror polish (1st), heat metal (2nd), heart of the metal (3rd), major creation (metal only) (5th), wall of iron (6th), iron body (8th).

{4} Metal Blaster (Su): Add the following spells to your spell list: molten orb (2nd), pellet blast (3rd), conjure deadfall (4th), iron body (8th).

{4} Pit Maker (Su): Add the following spells to your spell list: create pit (2nd), spiked pit (3rd), hungry earth (5th), hungry pit (6th).

{5} Lesser Earth Metamagic (Su): When preparing spells with the [earth] or [metal] descriptors, you may add the following metamagic even if you do not have the metamagic feats: Consecrate Spell, Disruptive Spell, Heighten Spell, Merciful Spell.

{6} Greater Earth Metamagic (Su): When preparing spells with the [earth] or [metal] descriptors, the total metamagic applied raises the level of the modified spells one less than otherwise (minimum zero levels raised).

{CL/2} Blessing of Earth (Su): When casting spells with the [earth] descriptor, gain +1 CL, increase the saving throw DC by 1, and treat target creatures with SR as having an SR of 5 lower.

{CL/2} Blessing of Metal (Su): When casting spells with the [metal] descriptor, gain +1 CL, increase the saving throw DC by 1, and treat target creatures with SR as having an SR of 5 lower.

Domain Spells

First: magic stone or expeditious excavation or stone fist or stone shield
Second: defoliate or magic stone or soften earth and stone or tremor blast
Third: create holds (yes, a level early)
Fourth: blight or spike stones or stoneskin or volcanic storm
Fifth: wall of stone
Sixth: move earth or communal stoneskin
Seventh: elemental body IV (earth only) or rampart
Eighth: earthquake or horrid wilting
Ninth: clashing rocks or elemental swarm (earth spell only) or imprisonment or world wave (earth only)

Your turn. Do Fire/Arson/Ash/Smoke. Be awesome.

HenshinFanatic wrote:
...there doesn't seem to be quite enough to support a melee build even with the awesomeness that is Mammoth spirit.

Be Samsaran. Add Divine Favor (1st), Blessing of Fervor (4th), Righteous Might (5th), Greater Forbid Action (5th). Enjoy +2 WIS, +2 INT, cry about -2 CON.

Trait Fate's Favored.

Play like Reach Cleric.

boring7 wrote:
Caster level isn't actually a prerequisite, it's just how the DC is set. Of course,that means you have to make a DC 25 spellcraft check or fail

Heh. Item create DC is 5 + caster level. Fail DC by 5 or more make cursed item.

By FAQ/Errata can pick caster level. "He can set the caster level to whatever he wants (assuming he can meet the crafting DC)"

Pick caster level huge. Fail DC. Useful for beguiling gift.

Fuss fun. Not useful. Educational! Hope Unchained learns. Even more fun is 7gp magic item can destroy a city economy.

Madwand wrote:
all prerequisites other than the feat itself can be ignored for +5 to the Spellcraft DC.

False for staves. "In addition, you cannot create potions, spell-trigger, or spell-completion magic items without meeting its prerequisites."

But caster level choice neither requirement nor prerequisite.

Easy extra credit lawyer homework: prove requirement = prerequisite.

Madwand wrote:
It's a nice trick, but not broken.

Apparently nice trick for test reading comprehension broken. Golarian need LSAT question?

Be dhampir use new repair undead spell.

Segovax wrote:
Also, a Crossblooded Rager picks the bloodline ability from one or the other bloodline, they don't get both. You might be able to stack the Long Arms spell and Abnormal Reach though.

Can. "He can instead select a lower-level bloodline power he did not choose in place of one of these high-level powers."

Lipto the Shiv wrote:
8000 gp. You don't divide by the charges the staff has...

Read better. "Divide the cost of the spell by the number of charges it consumes to determine its final price."

ryric wrote:
Craft Staff requires level 11 to begin with, so him friend no make magic staff after all.

He multi-classed, have trait.

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Me friend Staff Magus tenth level, have Staff Weapon (Su) ability.

He make magic staff.

Yes, can pick (see FAQ/Errata) use caster level twenty for +5 craft DC.

Make staff with one first-level spell cost ten charges. Cost 400 gp x 1 spell level x 20 caster level / 10 charges per casting = 800 gp.

Ta da!

This work?

Crossblooded Bloodrager with bloodlines aberrant and black blood get two abilities both named "abnormal reach". Cast long arm and enlarge person. Threaten 25 feet!

PCs named A, B, C, D. All have Spirit of the Corps.

Spirit of the Corps wrote:
Benefit(s): Whenever you are within 10 feet of an ally benefiting from a spell or effect that grants a morale bonus on a particular type of roll, once during that effect's duration, you can apply that morale bonus on a roll you make of that type. For instance, if an ally with this feat is benefiting from heroism, once during the duration of the spell you could gain a +2 morale bonus on one saving throw, attack roll, or skill check. You can use this feat only once per round, and only once per spell or effect.

Cast rally point.

Rally Point wrote:

Range 5 ft.

Area one 5-ft. square
Duration 1 minute/level

You create a spot that has the power to briefly hearten any good creature who comes into contact with it. A good creature who enters this square (even if simply as part of its normal move) gains a +2 morale bonus on attacks, saving throws, and 2 temporary hit points per caster level for 1 round. Nongood creatures gain no benefit from this spell.

A creature cannot benefit more than once from the same casting of this spell.

Round 1 A moves through, get +2 by spell. B, C, D get +2 through feat.

Round 2 B moves through, get +2 by spell. A, C, D get +2 through feat.

Round 3 C moves through, get +2 by spell. A, B, D get +2 through feat.

Round 4 D moves through, get +2 by spell. A, B, C get +2 through feat.

Not bad for first level spell.

Round 5 use saddle surge for biggest morale bonus in game.

The Indescribable wrote:
Mordo the Spaz - Forum Troll wrote:

Most fun is the "reversible" version. (Use beguiling gift.)

Funny Fighter all clumsy! And try cast spells but low Intelligence! And backwash a Potion of Bull's Strength!

(This why me no buy Potions of Bull's Strength at market. Ick! Fighter spit.)

Exactly how does Beguiling gift reverse this, confused.

Me not suave enough Conan take drink otherwise.

Most fun is the "reversible" version. (Use beguiling gift.)

Funny Fighter all clumsy! And try cast spells but low Intelligence! And backwash a Potion of Bull's Strength!

(This why me no buy Potions of Bull's Strength at market. Ick! Fighter spit.)

Injured townfolk go town hall share Runewell Amulet. Not realize heal from cannibalize greed souls.

PCs arrive, know this.

Quest get Boots of the Earth for town before destroy evil amulet.



Without insurance policies.

Fueled by Vengeance

Raging Cannibal


(Fueled by Vengeance say "You can gain no more than 1 extra round of rage each round." About itself? Or intentionally broad?)

Mordo the Spaz - Forum Troll wrote:
Look look! Me ask important question for gestalt.

Answer no. Fooey.

Look look! Me ask important question for gestalt.

About Metamagic Rager...

Bold me emphasis not in rule book wrote:
At 5th level, a metamagic rager can sacrifice additional rounds of bloodrage to apply a metamagic feat he knows to a bloodrager spell. This costs a number of rounds of bloodrage equal to twice what the spell's adjusted level would normally be with the metamagic feat applied (minimum 2 rounds).


(a) all spell from Bloodrager spell list
(b) all spell from Bloodrager spell slots

Example: Metamagic Rager 5 / Sorcerer 15 -- can use rage rounds on Color Spray cast from sorcerer spell slot?

Undead domain great!

Me quote Rogue Eidolon.

see look me quote Rogue Eidolon wrote:

Death's Embrace: The sheer power of this ability combined with a Phylactery of Negative Channeling is hard to convey in words, so I'll try to set up a scenario for you.

Imagine a level 8 Cleric in a hallway with Ogres streaming in from both sides. His two NPC compatriots hear the sound of carnage coming from upstairs, where the rest of the party is fighting to their deaths. "Go help the others. Nothing will pass while I yet draw breath," the Cleric says. 30 Ogres later, the Cleric is still alive.

Why? 6d6 damage to all the ogres, 6d6 healing to himself. Get this if you are a Malice cleric.

Now can damage foe heal self same time.

Death Domain wrote:
Death's Embrace (Ex): At 8th level, you heal damage instead of taking damage from channeled negative energy. If the channeled negative energy targets undead, you heal hit points just like undead in the area.

Huzzah for independent clauses sentences!

Undead Lord archetype still inferior. But so flavorful! And make good Hangover Cleric.

Me want archetype shares teamwork feats with undead minion each. Why hunters inquisitor get all that fun?

Tegnaz wrote:
what would be your picks?

Me love Hangover Cleric build but with Envy harm variant.

Hard core method. NPC classes. Role-play to success.

Ed Reppert wrote:
Do away with classes. Make everything - feats, skills, class abilities, whatever

All feat no classes Pathfinder here.

From me friend Juju Oracle: zombie template.

Old. Not sure correct.


Heh. Animal Companion feats: level 1 Cosmopolitan, level 2 Nature Soul, level 5 Animal Ally, level 8 Boon Companion

Then pet's pet take same feats!

Then pet's pet's pet take same feats!

Then pet's pet's pet's pet take same feats!

Ooo! Use Evolved Companion give pet +8 Ride.

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Actual problem -- teamwork not required.

First Edition:

Fighter usually kill
Wizard nova when needed
Cleric heal and turn undead

Fighter usually protect Wizard
Wizard protect Fighter and Cleric with nova
Cleric keep others going

Mandatory teamwork! Good teach pimply youth.


past tenth level even sorcerer do all while flying invisibly

No teamwork needed.

Problem not spell list. Problem mages not like Raistlin coughing frail lungs out.

How Honorable Mister Good Times look level eight?

Also small typo in my post. Vital Strike known feat. Grasping Strike from Martial Flexibility.

Brawler, Level 8 have 3 bonus feats, four normal feat, race qualify for Arcane Strike. Have Martial Flexibility, Unarmed Strike 2d8

Arcane Strike
Riving Strike
Nature Magic
Staggering Fist (need Level 2)
Dazing Fist (need Level 4)
Grasping Strike (need Level 5)

use Martial Flexibility for
Vital Strike (need Level 6)
Befuddling Strike (need Level 8)

One mega-punch can do:
-2 penalty save against spells, stagger, shaken, daze, entangle, confuse, and 4d8 damage.

Deliquescent Gloves adds corrosive property small boost.

Can pick Enforcer shaken trigger same punch sicken from Cruel Body Wrap?

Me know not fit in Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike), Dazzling Display and Gory Finish. Seem weaker. Also ignore Draining Strike. Fatigued? Meh.

Yes, actual character dole debuffs throughout day not nova. This silly theorycraftingstuffs.

How can we design better?

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Me love this new feat!

Look! Ape riding ankylosaurus. Which druid? Uh-oh.

Feat wrote:
Undersized Mount - You can ride creatures of your size category, although encumbrance or other factors might limit how you can use this ability.
Not Feat wrote:

Animal Companions - Animal companions with an Intelligence of 3 or higher can put ranks into any skill.

Animal companions with an Intelligence of 3 or higher can select any feat they are physically capable of using.

(Answer: neither druid. Two druids wild shape as earth elementals under you as both pets charge.)

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From here discussing Sacred Geometry...

DominusMegadeus wrote:
I think it's clear by this point that Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Occult Mysteries was intended for wizards who have the same Int score as their wizard IRL. At least Arithmancy doesn't requires potentially 20 dice rolls. You can calculate all spells ahead of time.

Me heartily support new trend.

Player want powerful PC? For game of pretending role in fantasy? Of course reward Player for his or her actual ability!

Other classes need this love. Me suggest more feats.

Barbarian - Player add +1 to die rolls when face flushed with anger. Add +2 if nose flared enough fit die inside.

Bard - +2 Diplomacy while Player speaks in iambic pentameter. +4 if speaks Shakespearean sonnet.

Cleric - See Arithmancy feat for define "digital root". When cast spell, as swift action for PC, Player has six seconds cite verses from real religious texts with digital root match spell name digital root. For each cited, up spell DC one.

Fighter - First combat round Player arm-wrestle other person in room. Win, get +1 damage. Subsequent combat rounds must pick new person and bonus damage increments +1. Once lose, stop until next combat encounter.

Monk - Player add +2 all saving throws while halving own pulse.

Rogue - Player add +1 to die rolls with dice stolen from GM. Add +2 if GM not know dice belong GM.

Alchemist - Player gain free Empower for extract if in one minute make GM obscure mixed drink GM requests.

Cavalier - Player add +1 to die rolls when on horse. Add +2 if horse rearing and pawing air during die roll.

Gunslinger - After turn, Player stand tall with hand by hip and silently glare at GM with beady eyes. If maintain pose motionless until start of next turn, +10 to initiative. Use once per combat.

Oracle - Before each die roll Player may predict number rolled. If predict correctly may change die to any desired value. If predict same number twice in same encounter loses spellcasting until encounter ends.

Witch - Player add +1 to die rolls if cackling frightens GM.

Your turn...

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Spontaneous casting fueled by me grit

"Vampiric" spontaneous casting fueled by foe failed saving throws

Instant temporary ally item enchanting fueled by me sacrificial ability drain

"Vampiric" ally item enchanting fueled as ally does sunder

Rage fueled by damage me deal

"Vampiric" healing fueled by damage ally deals

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w01fe01 wrote:
just wondering what makes you look at a class and go "eww"

Forum posts.

Game play no see "eww". Maybe GMs skilled enough any class be fun. Or cause never play high level adventure.

Seen Synthesist and Juju Oracle too strong in game play. But not see "eww" in game play.

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