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Ross Byers wrote:
Morbus, Pathfinder Tales books are available from the iBookstore. (Including the back catalog.)

If that's the way to go for the future, then fine. Thanks!

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Received mine today. I _hate_ the new size. It is the difference between fitting them on my mass-media paperback shelves (where all the rest of my nearly 20 Pathfinder novels are) and having to be moved into an _entirely different room with bigger shelves_. If I want to keep the two different formats all together, I'm gonna have to move everything all around.


Not annoying enough to unsubscribe, mind you, but enough to sully the experience.

Will Paizo be selling non-Kindle versions of the ebooks? I'd prefer to keep all my notes, highlights, and annotations (and, again, along with all the other books) in my current ereader (iBooks) over splitting them (like shelves, but far more difficult to move) between iBooks and Kindle.

I'm "here", but I think I've "fallen out", as it were. I've been GMing my own
Carrion Crown in, which has taken up all my time of late :(

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Love, love, love, love these things.

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For some bizarre reason, I didn't get dotted for these responses. Sorry. Anyways, see: r-Sea

It contains my in-progress work.

As for PathfinderWiki, they've already been informed of it too: Google_Map_uses_the_Wiki

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DanTheS wrote:
I've had a surprisingly hard time finding a similar product on the other side of the aisle...

Is Marvel Super Hero Squad still around?

Ouch. We're nebulous entities in your computer. Ditch us for your flesh beings, please!

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Moro wrote:
My personal evidence, anecdotal as it may be, is that of the 7 kids in my family (my 2 daughters and 5 nieces and nephews) not one of them felt as though they could "get into" the comics as it was, and now all of them are rabidly consuming as many issues of the New 52 as they can get their grubby little hands on.

Could you talk more about this? I'd love to hear more. One of the "best" series of articles I read when the New 52 was just coming out was the four part "litmus test" series from Comic Book Resources, where they randomly proffered the books to new comic book readers and got their thoughts and "would you read the next one?" I found 'em fascinating.

We know the New 52 is a "new" timeline, so there's an underlying sense of "everything is ground floor and I am soOoOoO there!", but have you tried them out on any other Number 1st, like those from Marvel? They did their own soft "start overs" (that is, it wasn't a reboot at all, which Marvel hasn't ever really done, save for new lines like New Earth or Ultimates) on a few of their series in an attempt to get in on the New 52 thunder. I'd be curious if it's just the psychology of a number 1 vs. actually starting over (i.e., a renumbered 1 in Marvel land doesn't really start anything over).

Also, have they ever started anything else long-running in the "middle" of it? Pokemon? Yu-gi-oh? Magic: The Gathering? Naruto? Star Trek or Star Wars? Nancy Drew? Battlestar Galactica? Transformers? My Little Pony? Winx Club? Any other comics from companies like Vertigo or Dynamite?

[Note: I am not trying to challenge your evidence! I'm honestly curious. I'm middle-aged and have started, and stopped, comics numerous times over the decades, so it's been a long time since I've been of the same mindset as a new readers (though, certainly, some of the New 52 titles were brand "new" to me, but old, like O.M.A.C. and Animal Man). I know my daughters don't generically have difficulty loving new-to-them-but-old properties, primarily because they're self-motivated due to a sort of "they're sooOo cuttTTee!" mentality - my 6 year old is loving Monster High and is slowly learning all their names and likes and dislikes, and is starting to understand the product story lines. Same thing with My Little Pony - she watched all the pre-Friendship is Magic shows she could, and was cheerfully confused over which pony was which, until she learned them all, etc.]

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@Matthew: FWIW, I don't disagree with you, but I just don't think those distinctions are necessary when it comes to a new reader. A new reader doesn't need to know about the differences between the cowls or the rings to appreciate the current story being told, nor do they really need to know about who came before (unless, of course, they just happened to pick up the storyline during the changeover). Knowing it value-adds to the story and universe, but not knowing it doesn't necessarily detract.

@Aaron: I also don't disagree with you, but I was referring to more of the ... "stories" told within a world vs. the world itself. The books you've listed will certainly give an overview of the environment, a concise timeline, and a feeling of physical "place" but, ultimately, they don't allow us to really connect to an *event* or *character* - not in the same way that reading an Adventure Path (or even a module) or novel can. They can not adequately summarize the hundreds of Forgotten Realms novels or the dozen of PF novels or the tens of thousands of comic issues. Of potential comparitive relevance are the "sourcebooks" for novels that *do* exist, such as Star Trek's Voyages of Imagination. Later this year (I think - maybe 2013), a Star Wars specific version is being released too.

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dragonvan wrote:
The reason I wasn't reading comics was the amount of years of stories that needed to understand the present comics.

Eh, I call foul on that. Sometimes, the ONLY way you can get into something is by jumping right into the middle of it. That's how day-time soap operas work. That's how the long-term and expanded universes of Star Wars and Star Trek works. That's how Discworld and Xanth works. It's how comics work. It's also how Pathfinder and Forgotten Realms works (you mustn't expect every new player to read every sourcebook or novel that's been released, no?). Sometimes, there is just no good jumping on point for something.

When it comes down to it, it doesn't really matter *who* Batman is. It doesn't really matter how Superboy became Superboy, or why there are two different Green Lanterns for our sector, one with a fake ring and one with a real one. They're all the same archetypal character they've ultimately been for their Age. Yes, having read them for years will increase your enjoyment (or hatred of) the New 52 or any Marvel storyline. But, no one expects you to have read all the John Carter novels or Conan books when you see those movies, nor do they expect you to have watched all 1200 episodes of the original Dark Shadows to enjoy Burton's... ... thing.

From a marketing standpoint, picking up a #1 feels a lot safer than picking up a #623, but ultimately, if you just dive in with the start of any particular story arc, and that story arc makes you feel good, you can answer most of your "huh?" questions with a quick Google search, if you're so inclined.

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dragonvan wrote:
In the New 52, are there any Pre-New 52 recommended reading to understand the story of one series of New 52?

Theoretically, no. The New 52 is a new/revised timeline and thus everything is "new" and slightly changed. There *are* Easter Eggs in various story lines for those who have been reading long enough, but most everything is intended to be a good starting point for new readers. The JUSTICE LEAGUE series (which has just been collected in a trade paperback) takes place 5 years before all the other comics, and is a good soft intro to the major players in the DC Universe. With that said, though, all the "classics" of the pre-New-52 world are still "readable" and most of the major events that happen Pre-New-52 are still "accurate" in the New 52. Some examples:

Would be Barbara Gordon having been shot and paralyzed by the Joker - in the pre-New-52, she becomes Oracle and leads a long life of helping Batman. In the New 52, she's just barely recovering and starts her life as Batgirl anew in BATGIRL. Harley Quinn makes mention of her "new" look in the SUICIDE SQUAD, though you don't really need to know anything about her past. In BATMAN, the first issue starts with a splash of Batman fighting his older enemies, but nothing about them is required reading for the Court of Owls storyline.

You might also consider reading the FLASHPOINT trade paperback to see how the New 52 was formed and came to be, but it's certainly not required. I only mention it because it HAS BEEN and WILL CONTINUE TO BE referenced in the New 52 comic series:

I'm specifically referring here to Pandora being hidden in each of the New 52 #1s, as well as the forthcoming Trinity War event, as well as smaller Easter Eggs like Batman staring at the framed letter from his father that the Flash gave him during FLASHPOINT.

In this case, are they any current series that you need prior understanding of the current stories? (ex : Batman Incorporated)

You might gain a greater understanding of a character by reading a previous undertaking (i.e., the Examples spoilered above or the first BATMAN INCORPORATED trade paperback), or by having more knowledge and backstory in general (the GREEN LANTERN series would be a great example of this) but, again, they're all meant "supposed to be" accessible to new readers. With that said, I would *not* disbelieve you if you were confused by a few series (LEGION OF SUPER HEROES would be a good one, along with GREEN LANTERN). In specific cases like those, a Wikipedia read would be a decent enough summary, or simply ask your favorite neighborhood message boards ;)

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@TheDreadPirateHurley and @MatopiGolem are in. Thanks all!

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FWIW, it looks like I'll be taking two players, with one of them being a tank-type.

As such, being the first responder, @TheDreadPirateHurley is in.

@genjuro_zero, @PeterJ, and @MatopiGolem (and @JarredHenninger, if you're looking to rethink), could you write up a one paragraph blurb about a potential tank character? I'll choose one from the respondents by next Thursday.

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Orcsmasher wrote:
I just had another question come to mind.

You are straying into dangerous territories with this line of interrogation ;)

They have come out or are coming out with the graphic novel for the Court of the Owls story arc whic is basically what, the first 10 or 11 of the new 52? Does that mean that whenever they will complete a story arc they will put out a graphic novel?

You can usually find out which issues are collected by reading the book's description - Batman Vol. 1 is issues 1 through 7, and Detective Comics Vol. 1 is also 1 through 7. You'll find it tends to vary from anywhere from 6 issues to 12 issues (any more than that and they tend to be split into multiple volumes or OMNIBUS-type editions). As for whether something will get into a trade format, "it depends". There's been, for years, a general belief and "rule" that story arcs had to be of a size that could be easily collected, and many have felt this has been to the detriment of story telling - requiring stories to be short or sped-up or unpleasingly resolved. When the New 52 started, DC had said something along the line that they were NOT going to restrict story length "just for the sake of the trades" [citation needed, heh] but, now, here we are, and every New 52 series is getting its Volume 1 over the next few months. Ideally, it looks like nothing has changed.

The fact that all the books are labeled as "Volume 1" tends to lend credence to the fact that, yes, when a story arc is finished, they're going to release a trade paperback of it. Note that not all the New 52 will get a Volume 2, as 6 ongoing series have been canceled and since replaced with another 6 ongoing series, which will likely get their own Volume 1. There has also been a few limited series that have started since The New 52, like The Shade and Penguin: Pain and Prejudice which, so far, have not had any news about a collected reprint.

Sometimes, though, and this was rampant PRIOR to the New 52 (and continues to be in Marvel-land), long-running series have never properly been collected in sequential trade paperback form, and that's why you get things like a million "Batman: SUBTITLE HERE" paperbacks that are slices of non-sequential standalone arcs from Batman. DC has generally been *really bad* about collecting "from issue 1" their long-running series - there's a zillion different formats and no real winner. "Complete run" completists tend to have a number of duplicate volumes in their library and often in not-ideal B&W-only version (i.e., DC's SHOWCASE and Marvel's ESSENTIAL).

If the above is true, it would be much easier to wait for the graphic novel, but will it be cheaper?

Ask 20 different comic readers, and you'll likely get a 50/50 split on whether single issues vs. trades are the one-true-way to read comics. But, I think the direct answer to your question, given Amazon deep discounts, is yes, trade paperbacks will be cheaper. Incidentally, if a trade paperback is offered in a *hardcover* version (TPB is, in comic-land, a generic term that can reference both softcover and hardcover versions), I would go with the hardcover version. 1) Given a deep-discount on Amazon, it's often still cheaper than the full-priced softcover version, 2) It'll last longer, 3) They go out of print faster than the softcovers, so tend to have a higher resale value.

Again, assuming I am correct, which I very well may not be, do they do that will all or most of the comics? Does Marvel?

Prior to the New 52, whether something made it to a trade paperback was chaos - very little of DCs trade paperback lineup was in the "Volume 1", "Volume 2" mentality, so if you were looking for "complete runs", you had to know where SERIES A: SUBTITLE DOGS lived in relation to SERIES A: SUBTITLE CATS. Given the New 52 reboot, and the fact that they've labeled all their forthcoming books as Volume 1, I'm really really hoping they'll keep it up and go for complete runs of things. Would make my life a toOOn easier.

If you love the chaos though, you can certainly find it in Marvel land. You can find their entire Ultimate Universe (anything with "Ultimate" or "Ultimate Comics: " in the name) in a Volume 1, 2, 3 mentality, but their main lineup continues to be all over the place, with a few exceptions here and there. They also do a ToOOoOn of events, which makes Volume 1, 2, 3 reading slightly more difficult (FEAR ITSELF was a recent event that has like 25 different collected versions just for itself, all spread amongst their main titles).

What Marvel gets right, however, is their archival quality reprint mentality - Marvel Masterpieces have been around for decades now, and strive to do awesome reproductions from issue 1 of many of their series. They come out in hardcovers first (and many of their earlier hardcovers are out of print and very expensive), but they've started to release a number of them in softcover reprints.

Dear Gozreh, this was long.

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Orcsmasher wrote:
I really enjoyed the Long Halloween but absolutely HATED the dark Knight Returns and Dark Knight Strikes Again. Terrible, terrible books.

Oddly, I was the opposite - I thought The Long Halloween was meh (3/5) and that The Dark Knight Returns was 5/5. I've not read The Dark Strikes Again. Hush is also a pretty good series, available in a graphic novel reprint (4/5). That villain is a little overused nowadays though, probably due to the strength of the original series.

I've been recording every book I've read since the mid-90s but, oddly, I didn't consider graphic novels "books" until recently - 2008 or so. If you're looking for random infoporn/e-peen stuff, you can see my list over at Goodreads, along with ratings. What I find most intriguing about this list, in hindsight, is the nearly utter lack of Marvel books. I've just recently started rectifying that, and a new stack awaits.

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jemstone wrote:
Ultimate Spider Man - from the Peter Parker series all the way into the Miles Morales series - is probably one of the best comics on the shelf for young readers to have used as an introduction to life, death, and all that goes with those things.

I'll agree with this. It's also got a great sense of humor and is "wordy".

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Aye, at this point, I'd be fine with any sort of fighter/barbarian/tank ;)

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Orcsmasher wrote:
I get the feeling that the graphic novels are compilations of the first few issues or are they stand alone books?

They're compilations of full story arcs, so they're "standalone" as well (i.e., generally speaking, if you ignore the giant "Vol. 3" on a graphic novel's cover, the story presented within tends to be suitably standalone). There *are* original graphic novels out there, mind, but all the ones I mentioned, and all the "New 52" ones are, so far, compilations only.

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Unfortunately, the third player just weighed in saying they wanted to be an urban ranger and,
because there was no healer, the guy who was planning a barbarian just switched over to oracle.

So, currently, we've got: summoner (angel-type), oracle (unknown type), urban ranger.

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I've read, /me coughs, the first 3 issues of every new 52 comic. I'm in the process of buying all the graphic novels (which just started releasing this month, actually). That's just the sort of obsessive I am. The first collected version of the New 52 Batman is out now. I'd recommend it. The first arc does NOT cover the "classic" villains, however. Just like it was prior to the New 52, Detective Comics is also all-Batman, and you can find some classic villains in there - Joker, Penguin, etc. I'd also recommend it. of-death

Volume 1 of Batman would be appropriate for a 5 year old, but is likely going to be over his head - it deals a lot with the history of Gotham and mind games and ancient conspiracies, etc. Volume 1 of Detective Comics might be a little "too much" - there's some gore in it.

As for the other "man, this is good!" comic with Batman, I'd go with Justice League, which also just came out with its Volume 1 graphic novel this week. It's a great intro to all the characters (and takes place roughly 5 years before all the other New 52 comics). The interaction between Batman, GL, and Superman are *awesome* in this series, as they all meet themselves for the first time. In the later issues (issue 7+), you start getting deeper into the mythology of why the New 52 exists with the SHAZAM back stories. Note that the first arc *is* about aliens, but it's a classic alien (Darkseid), so it's "ok". It is perfectly fine for a 5 year old - there's a decent amount of humor in it, and the Origin approach is a good intro.

Note that the Gotham City Sirens are a little ... messed up in the New 52. Harley Quinn appears in Suicide Squad (and I hate the new take on her). Poison Ivy shows up in Birds of Prey (and I'm meh about the new take on her). Catwoman is in her own series and she has sex with Batman (in a full one-) and generally boobs-everything up all the time. Lots of folks don't like it because of that and it is *definitely* not appropriate for a 5 year old (I have one myself.) /

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Things aren't 100% solidified, but one is thinking of spell caster (likely summoner) and
another is thinking of warrior type (likely barbarian). Haven't heard back from the third yet.

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It's been a LoOong time since I've GMd, but I kickstarted the new virtual tabletop Roll20, so I've gotten early GM beta access. I've got three players committed to a Thursday night, 8 to 10PM EST Carrion Crown adventure path, and I'm looking for one more. We'd be looking to start in two weeks (May 24th). Random bullet list summary:

  • Roll20 supports cams and mics. You're welcome to use them. The GM won't. I'm ... "shy".
  • Yes, it's only two hour sessions. I'd like them to be longer, but that is unlikely.
  • I'm a pretty rules-light GM, and don't actually remember half of them. Story++.
  • Rules lawyers are welcome, but save most of your WTFs to after the session, please.
  • If you're a combat technician, bear with me. Combat rules are my weakest ;)

    To apply, describe your proposed character and confirm timeslot commitment.
    Unless no one responds, next Thursday (the 17th) will be the cut-off date.

  • 20 point buy
  • Max starting gold
  • 2 traits (one campaign trait preferred)
  • RB/APG/UM only, and if you've Hero Lab, I'll take an export.

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    Even before the new show, my daughters loved My Little Pony so I had seen the earlier shows and movies (the My Little Pony movie is actually remotely entertaining, with the Smooze) - even going so far as to download some for their enjoyment. When we heard about the new show, we had to watch it, so we all made an event out of it and were waiting eagerly for it to start on Day 1. I was amazed by how good the characterizations were, how funny it was and, being a musical-lover, Pinkie Pie's song in Episode 2 (and the beat-jokes from the other ponies) cinched the deal for me - this would be something I'd be glad to watch from day to day. I haven't stopped.

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    Deanoth wrote:
    There are several apps for Android that would work similar.. might want to do some more research and not assume just because you drank the Kool-Aid

    I'm not talking about apps-specific sharing. I'm talking about an OS-manufacturer-supplied service that is available at the system level on all versions of the device with no criteria for the type of data being saved. It'd be easy as pie to replicate iCloud using your own servers for your own app - hell, "add Dropbox support and you're done!" - that's not what I'm talking about. You'll note that I *responded* to someone who suggested the exact same thing - a custom Hero Lab implementation.

    The nearest thing I've found in the past (and if this is some new and unannounced or unpublicized service, please, link me to it!) for Google' own version of iCloud is its Google+ app, which isn't what I mean either. You wouldn't be able to put Hero Lab files into Google+ - only videos and photos. Similarly, other "iCloud on Android!" articles I've read have really been about integration with Google's existing services - Documents (which likely could work if Hero Lab added a conversion layer), Calendars, Contacts, Mail, etc. That's part of what iCloud is, certainly, but you can use iCloud for *any data*, such as game saves or custom data objects, which is the parity I'm talking about here (why would I care if Hero Lab could upload photos or videos or mail?)

    Generally speaking, if you're going to "zomg, you're all Kool-Aid, man!", you've got to at least one-up your own response with proof of what you're saying ("faith" is why the Kool-Aid accusation works, and you've done nothing to oppose that). Given that you've provided none, I have to assume you've shared from the same cup you accuse me of ;)

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    Monday update: 33 more points added, for a total of 94.

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    Don Walker wrote:

    Is there a way to turn on/off the points of each color?

    Would it break the CU terms to add links to topics in the Pathfinder Wiki or PRD from each point?

    Turning off markers based on type is coming in a future update.

    As for links to the wiki, that should already be happening for you. If you click any particular point (on the map itself, or in the sidebar), you should be seeing an info window, as well as a link to the Pathfinder Wiki and, occasionally, a link to a Paizo product specific to that area or region. If it's not, please let me know what browser/OS you're using so I can take a look.

    /me waves to his nearest VC, from Concord, New Hampshire.

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    The ease by which you explained the fallacy of the three legged stool was excellent! Keep these retrospectives going far longer than you intended! Monthly retrospectives of who went on vacation, where, and the pictures they took, thumbs included! The trials and tribulations of getting an artist to make a slight revision! The hard disk crash of March 2012! The three day argument about a +1 or a +2 that threatened to shatter a marriage! Dear Gozreh, I would read these with the same vigor as a chain-smoking, bunnyslipper-wearing housewife reading The Sun.

    @cannon fodder: Those sentiments are pretty much why I've recently switched all my Pathfinder purchasing to direct through Paizo, as well as buying the crunch line I don't normally care for. The last thing we need is more loss in our life.

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    Dotting. These retrospectives are *great*, and I'd pay for a physical
    of them (similar to the also-excellent Designers and Dragons).

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    Dotting. These retrospectives are *great*, and I'd pay for a physical
    of them (similar to the also-excellent Designers and Dragons).

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    Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:
    It would be cool if the locations from the finer maps could be added to the CU map, at least in a layer on the Google maps version. It would be especially useful in trying to figure out distances between border towns without having to reference two different sub-maps.

    That's the eventual plan, yes. I'm working on adding all the hardcoded CU locations first, then I'll be going through and adding locations that are not on the CU map but have been detailed elsewhere. I won't be adding any other maps, of course, just markers.

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    Riccardo Battilani wrote:
    You know what would be real cool? If you could zoom in on the map and see a detailed map of every nation (like the ones in the World Guide) and even maps of the single cities (for those that have one, like Magnimar, Absalom, Westcrown etc.)

    That would be really cool. It would also break the CU, and I'd be issued a cease and desist ;)

    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    Did some poking around just now. Allowing users to add their own points is possible. Lines and polygons are a different and more complicated story. But, let's roll with "just points" for a second. There are two ways it could be done:

    • The user adds a point and it is added to the "core" map such that everyone sees it upon first load. This would allow the community to fill out the map when I'm sleeping, and would likely make it finished a lot faster. Though I'm not infallible, errors might creep in and quality might go down.

    • Users get their own version of the core map with their own user-specific map. Mostly ideal for campaign-related things, but note that all markers would go into a single user-specific bucket - if you had multiple campaigns, they'd be all mixed together. Solvable, of course, but just another layer on top of everything.

    Both I could code, but which I wasn't planning to for awhile.

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    jreyst wrote:
    Also, with normal Google Maps you can draw lines and calculate distances etc. Is that possible with this?

    Draw lines and regions, yes, but only I can (that is, only the map coder can) - there's currently no interface for end-users to do it (i.e., this is Google Maps, not Google My Maps, which is a non-shared layer on top of Google Maps). It's on my wish list of features, but I'd have to build it from scratch). For the future, I'm envisioning lines to represent adventure paths (the journey a PC takes from Part 1 to Part 6, etc.), as well as regions to indicate politicalness or what have you. And, further out than that, the ability for end-users to map their own campaigns and characters.

    Calculating distances, I'm cautious of. Google will currently calculate distances based on our Earth and not Golarion, so I'd have to do some conversion math (which I suck at) to map Earth's lat/long to Paizo's handy measurement bar in the lower right, remembering that Earth is curved and the Inner Sea map isn't. Et cetera. I'd love to have it, but that one might be outside my "hatezzz math" jurisdiction.

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    Steelfiredragon wrote:
    oh and is there anyway legitly to add the names of notable npcs??

    As in, where they live and so forth?

    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber
    SirGeshko wrote:

    Awesomeness abounds!

    I know it wouldn't be CU if this was implemented, but the ability to click on or zoom into a city, say Korvosa or Katapesh, and see the City Map would be INCREDIBLY useful.
    Also, stitching together the Inner Sea with the maps from the Jade Regent Folio and putting a removable overlays for the Darklands and ancient civilizations would make this just about perfect! ^_^

    Yeah, that's against the CU, but I'll be:

    • Adding product links for what books to find city or site maps in.
    • Overlays and journey paths are planned, but for the future.
    • If they release other continent maps, they'd become additional pages (not all stitched together).

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    Donated. I'm considering running some PFS scenarios in it.

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    Rune wrote:
    I just saved the page on my Samsung Galaxy and it works perfectly even offline.

    That's great to hear. Note that I'll likely be doing weekly updates (every Monday, probably) with more locations and features. I'll note them all under Updates (on the site) and in this thread so you'll know when you should update your local cache. ;)

    Siera Saltwater wrote:

    That's great man :)

    Do ya know if it is possible to download that page and use it offline? I'd love to load it up on a tablet and use it in a table game.

    Heh, someone just asked me that in the other thread. With all the Google-y crap going on

    in the background, my guess is you can't, but I've added it to my list of things to investigate.

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    Marthian wrote:
    Is it possible to make an offline copy? A lot of games I go to don't have internet access, and I'd really like to have this on hand.

    My guess is No, but I'll add it to my TODO to take a look.

    Hey guys. This has nothing to do with the PBP, but it's just something Pathfinder-related
    I've worked on and happy with the way it came out: A Google Map of the Inner Sea.

    52 people marked this as a favorite.
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    A week ago I showed off a proof of concept of a Google Map of the Inner Sea.
    I've since "started over and done it right", and it is now available for public perusal.

    Maps of Golarion offers an unofficial interactive Google Map of the Inner Sea, with clickable markers, info windows with a blurb about the location, and additional links to the Pathfinder Wiki or matching products on It currently has about 60 locations defined based on the hardcoded values in the Community Use Inner Sea map. The first data milestone will be to fully mark out all those hardcoded values. After that, I'll be adding any and all other locations that have been mentioned (which will take a loOoOong time), as well as Adventure Path and Module "journeys". There are pie-in-the-sky plans for future functionality like on/off filters and custom user-uploaded locations for your own campaign setting.

    It also works and was tested on an iPad, for game table use.

    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    The following entries in the Community Use Registry no longer exist or are otherwise broken. NONE of the entries are in the list simply because they’re “old”. The ones listed are inaccessible or non-existent resources crowding up the index:

    • “Rise of the Runelords” Play by Post
    • “Paper Lanterns on the Ebon Tide” Campaign
    • AGoP: Pathfinder Society Legends
    • Beyond Golarion
    • Bonus Magic Item Handouts for Carrion Crown
    • Caerux Khaiognos :: Pathfinder Online Community :: Wiki
    • character tent
    • Classless Pathfinder
    • Cobb County RPG Society
    • Council of Thieves - A Recurring Villain: The Hound
    • Creative Writing project for College
    • Dithering Fool’s Campaigns
    • Entertain My Kids
    • Eridar Campaign Wiki
    • Golarion World Wiki
    • Golarion Latitude Maps
    • Golarion’s Largest Dungeon
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    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber
    GregH wrote:
    There is a game called "Battle for Wesnoth" that has an in-app process of uploading a save game to a server and then download again, regardless of device (desktop or iOS - don't know about Android). If the HeroLab people are willing to set aside some server space, this could be an option.

    They wouldn't even have to - with Apple's iCloud, you could sync between the Mac and iOS using Apple's own APIs. Of course, that'd had no parity with other tablets but, then, there's nothing similar for Android anyways AFAIK.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    Sounds like you're looking for The Inner Sea World Guide or
    There's also The Inner Sea Primer which is a quicker player-intended read.

    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber
    Trinite wrote:
    I think it would be super awesome to have an Atlas of Golarion (or Atlas of the Inner Sea) - very little block text, almost all maps, climate charts, and maybe tables of common wildlife in various regions. Basically, geographical information presented in dense form through maps and tables.

    Want to help out on that? ;) I'm in the process of working on an interactive Google map of the Inner Sea, and it does support info windows that could contain this sort of information. Alternatively, you could add the data yourself to, which will be a source of data for the map too.

    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber
    Vic Wertz wrote:
    The Community Use Policy is clear on what you can and can't do, and on what you need to do. Please abide by it in all respects.

    Which doesn't really answer my question, but is likely the best I'll get.

    Thanks all. Taking down the proof of concept. I'll have something better next week.

    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    Thanks @Chris. I'll send him a PM.

    EDIT: Incidentally, I don't have a question on the policies - it is quite clear that the CU says I *cannot* use the image from the Inner Sea Poster Map Folio, which is why I've started with the image available in the CUP. That has never been in question. Instead, I'm contacting him regarding permission or officiallyness or worky-for-hireyness sorta things to making the best resource I can make for the Pathfinder community at large. For this project, I tend to think that starts with the hi-res imagery.

    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

    FWIW, I've started to write the "real" version of the code, but there's still time for Paizo to "officially" weigh in on my pleading to use the hi-res version from the Inner Sea Poster Map Folio. The "real" version isn't public anywhere yet, but supports multiple marker colors (blue for regions, green for terrain, white for cities, and red for sites) as well as a sidebar list of all locations currently defined (which, at the moment, is only 4 as I'm still holding out for an exalted granting of perms). After I get that fully finessed, I'll add in filters ("don't show me regions!") and then I'll likely start doing monkey data entry for a bit (i.e., defining markers for locations, providing book lists for locations, etc.). The original proof of concept (which, at the moment, is only serving as an example for any Paizo onlookers) will still be deleted this Friday. The "real" version will likely go live sometime next week, when it's a little more stable. I'll make a new thread when it does, since this one turned kinda negative.

    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber
    Deanoth wrote:
    I would rather they release it on the Android before the iPad. There are more Androids on the market overall now :)

    That might be true, but it's far harder to develop for all those Androids devices then it would be for a "controlled" device like the iPad, since there's no standardization to screen size or resolution, nor can one be reasonably assumed to be using the latest operating system (which Android licensors have no impetus to maintain, update, or ship for their device).

    Pathfinder Tales Subscriber
    HolmesandWatson wrote:

    It wouldn't hurt if you actually followed the existing policies as you plead your case. As opposed to refusing to do so and telling them you'll be in violation for (at the moment) 10 more days.

    You think that makes them more or less inclined to facilitate what you want to accomplish?

    I didn't refuse to do so. The CUD is on the page. The only thing I haven't done is added it to registry because, as mentioned a zillion times so far, this demo was written to be thrown away and has absolutely no shelf life past this discussion. Adding it to the registry would serve only to make the registry suck even more than it does now (i.e., there are far more broken links then there are working links, and I do not want to contribute another broken link). I'm pretty sure the intent of the registry is for long-lasting resources, not those that exist for only a week.

    With that said though, your mention of "10 days" made me realize I made an error - I did not intend for it to be up until the 27th - I was thinking this week, not next week. I meant to say it'd be taken down by Friday the 20th (i.e., the proof of concept would have been up for less than a week). There's a logical reason why I screwed up, but it's boring to hear (involves multiple birthdays happening this month in my family).

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