LF1M: New Carrion Crown AP on Roll20 VTT, Thursday night EST


It's been a LoOong time since I've GMd, but I kickstarted the new virtual tabletop Roll20, so I've gotten early GM beta access. I've got three players committed to a Thursday night, 8 to 10PM EST Carrion Crown adventure path, and I'm looking for one more. We'd be looking to start in two weeks (May 24th). Random bullet list summary:

  • Roll20 supports cams and mics. You're welcome to use them. The GM won't. I'm ... "shy".
  • Yes, it's only two hour sessions. I'd like them to be longer, but that is unlikely.
  • I'm a pretty rules-light GM, and don't actually remember half of them. Story++.
  • Rules lawyers are welcome, but save most of your WTFs to after the session, please.
  • If you're a combat technician, bear with me. Combat rules are my weakest ;)

    To apply, describe your proposed character and confirm timeslot commitment.
    Unless no one responds, next Thursday (the 17th) will be the cut-off date.

  • 20 point buy
  • Max starting gold
  • 2 traits (one campaign trait preferred)
  • RB/APG/UM only, and if you've Hero Lab, I'll take an export.

  • Sounds cool! What's the rest of the party looking like? I have multiple ideas for a CC game, but I'd be better able to build a character that the party would find helpful if I knew what everyone else was playing. The first idea I've got is a Sczarni harrower witch, and it'll be my default concept.

    Things aren't 100% solidified, but one is thinking of spell caster (likely summoner) and
    another is thinking of warrior type (likely barbarian). Haven't heard back from the third yet.

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    I would like to submit an urban ranger as my main concept for this, Ive also been wanting to play a life oracle.

    Unfortunately, the third player just weighed in saying they wanted to be an urban ranger and,
    because there was no healer, the guy who was planning a barbarian just switched over to oracle.

    So, currently, we've got: summoner (angel-type), oracle (unknown type), urban ranger.

    I'd be interested in playing! I was messing around in the roll20 vtt just the other day and it seems like it's got some good potential.

    I'd be interested in playing a fighter or barbarian of some sort.

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    I'd like to see Roll20 in action myself. I'll be happy to play a fighter type, or a barbarian, whichever is good for you.

    Aye, at this point, I'd be fine with any sort of fighter/barbarian/tank ;)

    I'm also interested, and am happy to roll up whatever is needed.

    FWIW, it looks like I'll be taking two players, with one of them being a tank-type.

    As such, being the first responder, @TheDreadPirateHurley is in.

    @genjuro_zero, @PeterJ, and @MatopiGolem (and @JarredHenninger, if you're looking to rethink), could you write up a one paragraph blurb about a potential tank character? I'll choose one from the respondents by next Thursday.

    @TheDreadPirateHurley and @MatopiGolem are in. Thanks all!

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