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Mzali has been mentioned several times here. If adventurers are going to run into (or be) Mzali warriors; what would a Mzali warrior look like (as far as weapons & kit)
A traditional Zulu kit, for example, might include; the Iklwa (a short thrusting spear), Knobkerrie (a form of light club), Assegai (a long throwing spear) and a large cowhide shield. How should these be stated? What kind (if any) armor would they wear in the hot desert environment? So far, almost all weapons & armor are either European or Asian (or their myths) based.
If we're going to do adventures in southern Mwangi, how about we provide some stuff that is uniquely from there (not just weapons and armor). Even if, for example, an iklwa is stated as a short spear or a short sword, being able to use it as a iklwa ads a lot of flavor.


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You hire the goblins for food and drink (and a few copper or sparkly things) and get them to help you find the dragon. Win-Win all around.


Thanks, That way my drow can disguise herself without needing magic.


I found something that will do exactly what I want. Its a 2nd level Drow spell in the Advanced Race Guide called "Ancestral Regression". It makes a Drow look like the elf version of herself for 24 hours.
So I guess I'll have to have my character have some magical capability or a wand with UMD.


I'm working on a home brew in which the PCs work for various patrons in Absalom as grunts in the "Shadow War" that the powerful wage in that city.
I want to play a drow who knows she'll be a target if anyone realizes what she is so she disguises herself as the normal elf version of herself.
When she arrives at 1st level in addition to putting points into disguise, she has the trait "Keeper of the Veil" trait set to disguise and a disguise kit. This gives her 13 for her disguise skill.
As soon as she can afford it (1600 gold)she'll buy a "False Face mask" and set it to a fair skinned blonde version of herself giving her over 20 for disguise.
I don't intend for her to be a magic class so what are some other ways for her to keep her identity a secret.


What I normally do is copy the image from the PDF and paste it in Windows. I then crop it into sections and use the measurement tools to expand sections till the grid lines are 1". I print out the individual sheets, measure them to be sure they are the right size and laminate them. I put each room on its own sheet and trim it down to just the room. If a room is more than 1 sheet I tape them together.

Normally, room numbers, secret doors, traps etc. doesn't copy. When it does, I trim out that section and find a similar piece in the map to replace it.

Ah well! It was a great idea for a minicampaign until reality reared its ugly head.


I just played Tome of Righteous Repose last night and had a blast. It was one of the most challenging scenarios I've played in a while. The GM told us he could run it a dozen times and never repeat the same encounters.
So can the same character run this multiple times for credit? I was thinking of having a party at Lastwall run it several times in succession, each time using a different page from the Tome.


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Just ran the scenario this evening.

The party (1 1st level, a 2nd level and a 3rd level plus Lem as a 1st level pregen). They were missing some skills but all had high diplomacy. Lem saved them several times as their skill monkey.
They missed all the early hints about the Aspis consortium so had no idea why Capt. Othis was setting them up but were sure they were being given special treatment.
They succeeded on almost all of their tests. The Paladin (3rd level) confronted the general in the casino but quickly realized it was a mistake and successfully backtracked (and rolled a very high diplomacy check) so they weren't penalized by that. They also quickly caught and evicted the real cheat then used the reward money to buy a bottle of the best drink in the house and have it delivered to the general.

Even though it never occurred to them to break into the captain's office, they still got 4 successes at the inquiry and completed their victory conditions.

But most of all they had a blast doing it. They really developed a hatred for the captain and were bound and determined she wasn't going to defeat them. One of the players is GMing the scenario next week and is now super exited to run it.

So Success


I'm GMing this Saturday and after going through the scenario the 1st time I was very concerned on how to run this.
I've read through this blog I'm copying down much of what's being said and feeling a bit easier about it. (Thank you Hillary Moon Murphy for the question ideas)
I believe its going to be a 6 person low tier party (two 1st level, a 2nd level and Two 3rd level plus a 5th level).

I 'll let you know how it turns out.


Sarvis the Buck wrote:
Java Man wrote:
Slayer with the trapfinding talent is an option that might suit you.

Again though, slayer is reliant on sneak attack damage.

Although a slayer gets sneak attack damage, she is by no means reliant on it. Slayer is a full BAB class with access to fighter feats and ranger abilities. The slayer I currently run has the highest to hit and the best damage output of any character I've ever had. And this is without counting sneak attack which I consider just icing on the cake.
BTW: she's not bad at trap finding and disable device either without much investment in those abilities.


But then I like the unchained rogue just fine also.

This could have come up in the last game I ran. The party was faced with several monsters, some of whom were real; others were illusions.
In the 1st round those of the party who could see the monsters failed their will saves. What would have happened if an illusionary monster hit a PC for damage.


The Kris Longknife series by Mike Shepherd. Most of his books read like a RP adventure anyway.


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Numerous bands of sell swords reside in Absalom, their talents available to anyone who will pay. Many of the very wealthy buy their services waging a low grade conflict with their peers.
Often the Pathfinder society finds itself in completion with these bands of mercenaries to recover valuable objects/ documents/ secrets before the sell swords get them for their patrons.


Hmm wrote:
andreww wrote:
The Ancestors Spirit Guide option has the Wisdom of the Ages Hex. For shamans this makes all knowledge skills Wisdom based. The spirit guide archetype changes any references to wisdom to charisma.

Dang, my error.

I was remembering the ancestor spirit not the ancestor mystery. Morag, my apologies... I have a spirit guide oracle who was using the ancestor spirit bonus. :(

About strength vs dex... Gray Warden's analysis is mine as well. With strength you still have those scimitars. You still do good damage and to hit, and you can carry better armor. You've got a strength bonus character. Revel in it!


You guys convinced me that the strength build is the way to go. I dropped weapon finesse and Dervish dance and picked up power attack and furious focus.

Also dropped DEX & WIS to 10 and bumped STR to 17 (18 at level 4). I stayed Flame mystery for the time being.
Compared to andreww's 7th level build mine is has a slightly lower AC I am staying with light armor (mithral breatstplate and buckler vs. full plate). That keeps me at 40 ft of movement. I have wings of fire at 7th level and I'm not sure how heavy armor would affect that..
He has a slightly better to hit with his adamantine scimitar vs. my mithral one(11 vs 12) due to his taking weapon focus to me taking furious focus. Our damage output looks the same and I have 1 better to hit w/ power attack.

our revelations and spells are also a bit different.
I like my selection of revelations (cinder dance, gaze of flames, burning magic and wings of fire) but he does seem to have a slightly larger and better spell list.
She also seem to have a bit broader selection of skills at her disposal. Its been hammered into me at our local PFS games that everyone needs to have some skills.
I also figured out that the elementalist archetype wasn't getting me anything as (at least according to Herolab) you only get 1 of the bonus spells when both offer bonus spells at the same level. so I dropped that.

Anyway, I've got a lot of prep work to do to get ready for Paizo_Con so she's done for now. I've got 3 adventures to decide if I need any other changes.

Thanks to you all! I believe I have a much better character now than I would have had without straying from the concept.


Hmm wrote:

Hey Morag!

If you go strength, you won't need weapon finesse to hit with either your fire spells or your scimitar, do you? And you have a strong will save as an oracle... So I would give you the following stats:

STR 16
DEX 13
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 16

I think they'll work better for you hitting and doing damage with that scimitar, using medium armor, etc.



The intent of that build was to go Dervish Dance at 3rd level and have DEX to Hit and Damage. The plan for armor was to start with a chain shirt and buckler and eventually graduate to a mithral breastplate and buckler. My original attempt was a STR build and had stats just about what you recommend.
I admit I'm torn between a STR or DEX build.

Right now I'm looking at the ancestor mystery you recommended and don't see how you are switch all your knowledge checks to CHA.
Also it looks like you only have your scimitar for 1 minute/level per day. Then you're unarmed and not proficient.

BTW: My history in making characters is sort of hit or miss with my best characters usually being martial. I'm trying to branch out a bit, hence the oracle.


Hmm wrote:

I don't think that heirloom trait gives you a weapon you can upgrade... Though I suppose you could pay for masterwork transformation in order for it to work?

This is for PFS so I intend to use masterwork transformation. I am under the impression that you can keep the heirloom proficiency if you do that. If that's not the case I'll have to do a lot of rework.

I am going to have to have a long look at the ancestor mystery.

Thanks for your suggestions


I may have to rethink this a little based on the new information. I have to admit I've never seen the spirit guide archetype. Anyway here's what I have at the moment:

Pardon my not using the Show/hide buttons but I haven't figured out how yet.

KhAvar-dokht (Daughter of Light)

Female Sulis Oracle (Elemental) Flame Revelation
Chaotic good Outsider Diety: Sarenrae
Init +2, Move 40'

STR = 12
DEX = 15
CON = 13
INT = 10
WIS = 13
CHA = 16

Saves Fort +1, Refl +2, Will +3
Energy Resistance Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire = +5

HP = 10
AC17 Touch 12 Flat Footed 15

CM +1 CMD 13

Scimitar +1 1D6 +1

Traits Fates Favored, Heirloom weapon (scimitar)

Special Abilities
Elemental assault 1D6 Acid/Cold/Electricity/Fire 1/Day 1Rnd/Level

Level 1 Feat Weapon Finesse, Revelation Cinder Dance
Level 2 Bonus spell Burning Hands
Level 3 Feat Dervish Dance Revelation Gaze of Flame
Level 4 Bonus stat: DEX, Elementalist spell Elemental Touch, Bonus spell Resist energy
Level 5 Feat Extra Revelation Burning Magic
Level 6 Elementalist spell Protection from energy, Bonus spell Fireball
Level 7 Feat Improved initiative, Revelation Wings of Fire

That's as far as I've taken her so far.

Sorry for the delay in responding.

For traits I'm taking heirloom weapon to get scimitar proficiency with the 2nd undecided. Looking at: Reactionary, magical lineage and fate's favored.
I'd like to stay with a single class as this is for PFS and the build isn't going to come together until 7th level as it is.
This character is being built around the Sulis boon and cool figure I got at PDX_AGE con so gnome is out.
I'm getting scimitar proficiency through a trait so I get to keep the fire.
I'm seriously thinking about a dex build but there already a lot of demands on the few feats she gets. A Sulis starts with +2 STR which kind of points in that direction. I also like skills and the Sulis has a -2 INT modifier so I have to spend 2 build points to get her back to 10. I'll take a hard look at fate's favored/divine favor as wimpy damage with her weapon was one of the things that bothered me. The other is lack of fire based spells.
She is already carrying a buckler as a shield.

Thanks everyone for you help. I hope to have a better character because of it. hope to have her ready to go by Paizo_Con.


I recently received a Sulis race boon for GMing at a con. At the same con I found a lovely figure of a fire winged female humanoid wielding a flaming scimitar.
This has inspired me to try to make a flame oracle of Sarenrae.
Though I've made many characters in the past, most of them have been martial (at least the successful ones). My efforts to make a satisfying flame oracle have this far been frustrated as every attempt has produced very meh results.

My intention is to build a melee (scimitar and shield) and blaster oracle who at 7th level will get her wings.
This is for PFS

BTW: I'd post my build such as it is but don't know how to make those spoiler blocks.


Melkiador wrote:
The description of the elven curved blade is basically the same as a nodachi. If you want a visual just google "elf with nodachi".

That is my thought too. The Elven curved blade is one of my favorite weapons and I've always pictured it looking like a nodachi.


I like Jirelle.
Not because of any mechanical benefit but she just looks like a fun person. Also, she is one of few female iconics whose armor does not feature cleavage.


nicholas storm wrote:

slashing grace doesn't work with 2WF

Slashing Grace (Combat)
You can stab your enemies with slashing weapons.
Prerequisites: Dex 13, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus
with chosen weapon.
Benefit: When you take this feat, choose one kind of light
or one-handed slashing weapon (such as the longsword).
When wielding your chosen weapon one-handed, you can
treat it as a one-handed piercing melee weapon for all
feats and class abilities that require such a weapon (such
as a swashbuckler’s or a duelist’s precise strike), and you
can add your Dexterity modif ier instead of your Strength
modif ier to that weapon’s damage. The weapon must be
one appropriate for your size. You do not gain this benef it
while f ighting with two weapons or using f lurry of blows,
or any time another hand is otherwise occupied.


As I said, I'm still trying to figure this out.
This is my 1st real attempt to make a 2 weapon fighter, most of my other martial characters go the 2 handed weapon route.
Ah well! back to the drawing board.


I've also being working on a knife master rogue.
I'm considering taking swashbuckler as the 1st level class
This gives:
swashbuckler finesse and as a human 2 bonus feats
1/a weapon focus (kukri)
1/b slashing grace
So I get dex to hit and damage at 1st level plus the cool swashbuckler deeds
Then 2 levels of rogue knife master
At 3rd level the rogue talent (combat trick) 2 weapon fighting
plus the normal feat.

I haven't gotten much farther yet and am still looking at possibly going slayer or just adding slayer levels in at some point.


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Lord Laird Bates wrote:
Murdock Mudeater wrote:

Which other sentient races qualify as Monsters for the purposes of ignoring moral consequences of attacking without provocation, attacking helpless creatures, and other normally immoral actions?
IMO any non-human race whose alignment is largely evil such as drow, trolls, orcs, kobolds, goblins, and hobgoblins. Just to name a few.

My PCs are willing to talk to any of these "monster" races if they would rather talk than fight. In fact, the scenario I'm GMing next week is built around negotiating with one of your mentioned races.

I still remember playing in a game in which we were escorting a group of goblins. I really got to like those guys and felt terrible when, at the end, the GM told us that the society would kill them when done questioning them.

I guess my opinion is that if they are engaged in evil acts that warrant death, then kill them and forget about it. If not, don't.


The worst monsters are almost always human.

Paizo has creative control of content. I understand and respect that so the question of playing a drow or half drow of a drow look-alike is settled unless Paizo at some future date changes its mind.

As to why would anyone want to play a drow. This is a fantasy game in which people get to play all sorts of mythical races. Why does anyone want to play an asimaar, tiefling, kitsune or wayang. Because they're cool and different. I have played at tables with more than half the table being supposedly rare asimaars.
And it not unique to drow. If Paizo legalized goblins for PFS there would instantly be legions of goblins lining up at the Grand Lodge to join the society.

BTW: The 2nd sentence on drow in the Advanced Race Guide states that drow are not born evil so the possibility of renegade non-evil drow exists, perhaps as a future boon. (I know, just wishful thinking)


John Compton wrote:
Rei wrote:
John Compton wrote:

This was an oversight I made while attempting to clean up how the Additional Resources entry read, and it is not intended to signal a relaxing of drow options. There are, however, some very fun drow options that the campaign has not yet incorporated, and you can bet I'm watching for the right opportunity for the Society to clash with drow, recover some of those strange techniques and technology, and include it on a Chronicle sheet.

The revised language should read, "All of the alternate racial traits on pages 4–6 and 10 are legal for play except dimdweller, shadowhunter, and blended view. Behind the veil is not available to halflings." This is flagged to be fixed in the next Additional Resources release.

So Drow Magic remains legal, then?
Yes, those are entirely legal. Also, looking at that spread, it looks like I neglected to add Drow Spirit to the list of prohibited options. Sorry for the confusion.

Just to be clear. Except to the limitations listed by you & Rei, it is legal in PFS to have a half-elf drow character.



Pathfinder is an amazingly versatile system. For any character concept there are usually multiple ways to get there. This also means that almost any concept can be built. Often, as has been pointed out, building a character concept can mean using character classes other than the obvious choice. In your case, being a rogue without actually being the rogue class.
Can you make your character using the rogue class? Yes absolutely, though as has also been stated, the unchained rogue is superior to the core rulebook version. Can you do it with other classes or combinations of classes? Also yes and many other choices have been pointed out.
How effective your character will be depends how well you make your choices when you build her and (mostly) how well you play her.
So get the books (PDFs aren't too expensive)and read up on your options. There are some excellent guides available on these message boards to help you.
So make the character you want, how you want and have fun.

BTW: The rogue class gets a lot of grief around here but, particularly the unchained version, is one of my favorite classes to play. I'm currently working on making a knife master rogue.


I was recently GMing a PFS scenario in which 1 of the players thought it would be a good idea to burn down a run down bar in the middle of a city. He thought compensating the owner about 100 gp. would be enough to mollify the owner. I don't think that would be near enough but have no idea how much it would actually cost.
It didn't happen but it made me curious; how much would such a bar cost?


Just GM'd this for the 2nd time yesterday.
This time the group went after the meeting in the bar. One player thought burning the place down was a good solution. While I was trying to figure out how much of the dockside he was going to burn down, another player running a witch went in and hexed "Pal", the barkeep, then cast charm person on him. This allowed her to convince Pal to throw the Aspis agent out. The Aspis agent objected but when all the others in the bar started paying attention (many of them Pathfinders posing as patrons) he backed off. The witch and another party member kept the Kortos agent busy so he couldn't interfere.

As for Laszo, his fights both times have been pretty short. In the crowded tunnel he just can't stand up to 6 PCs. The beetles only seem to last part of 1 round. The 2nd time I ran it the party went in early and lay in wait. I had Laszo using the fire beetle as a walking lantern as he reentered his lair.

My only complaint is that the Aspis party at the warehouse isn't tough enough. I even put in an extra guy this time and though they got in a couple of good shots, there was never any doubt that they were going to be quickly overwhelmed.


Fun scenario overall

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I would object if you actually read parts of the scenario. I would also object if you went into the GM board and read what the others were saying about the scenario.
However, if you read the intro sentence and it says you will be dealing with hellknights in Chelliax and you read up on hellknights and Chelliax in other publications, that would be fine.
As for bringing the right character, I think its ok to look and see what other players are bringing and choosing a character that complements the rest of the party.


I've never killed a character as a GM though I've come close several times.
As a player I've had 2 killed (1 brought back) and a couple of close calls. All of them because of errors on my part.
The 1st I lost we fought an equal number of druids who heard us coming and had time to buff up. I allowed my character to become isolated vs 2 druids. It was a fight I wasn't going to win. It came down to our last guy vs. their last guy. Our guy got the key hit and so everyone in our party (except me) was revived.
The 2nd was a level 8 encounter and my character (a slayer) was the party tank. She dishes out a lot of damage but couldn't handle fighting multiple foes for very long. Fortunately, 24 prestige points later she was fine.
The 2 other character deaths in games I was playing were both due to the player doing something very unwise.


Ditto on what Leathert said.

As a GM, I want the scenario to be well organized, no missing information or having to go search sources to find what you need. Monsters that need templates should already have them applied.


PFS scenarios with Drow in them.

"Come play with me called the sweet voice in the dark"


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195. A planet made of interlocking spheres around a dense core. Each sphere has its own surface and inhabitants. Gravity gets stronger the closer to the core you get.

196. A planet founded by 6 powerful wizards who fled their own world when it was destroyed. They each are trying to make their own version of paradise on this one. This results in a creative arms race between them, making more and more advanced creatures (and peoples) in their zones to compete with the others. The survivors of earlier rounds inhabit the borders between them.


I've played miniature games both ways. Squares or hexes are simpler and faster and more importantly exact. There's little room left for arguing over whether something is .99 or 1.01 inches away. Some massed miniature games lend themselves to measuring but for pathfinder, where the sides can often be intermingled, Squares is a better way to go (IMHO).


Kalindlara wrote:
Cheliax, Empire of Devils is very old, so the information about worship of archdevils might not be reliable. There's a new book - Cheliax, the Infernal Empire - coming out next month. If you PM me, I can let you know if anything's changed, as I should have a subscriber copy coming.

Thanks for the offer but what's "PM"?


Quintin Verassi wrote:
Should be more... 1st generation is a half fiend, second probably knows grandpa the half devil... 3rd or 4th is best IMO

Thanks everyone for their suggestions.

I'm assuming his birth is several generations later so he is the correct age to start adventuring in the current time.

I've elected to go with Slayer (Stygian slayer) at least for now.
I'm going to have to study the inquisitor for a while to get a feel for it. Won't have 3 chronicles on this character until at least mid January so I have some time.


Kalindlara wrote:

Abadar might be an option as well, since he's very big on fair adherence to contracts - arguably more so than Asmodeus, who'll twist the letter and break the spirit. (Not as infernal, though. Maybe Dispater or Mephistopheles?)

As for class, slayer seems all right. Have you considered inquisitor, or is that too religious for you?

I'll have a look at inquisitor. I've never run one so don't know yet.

I haven't nailed down a diety yet. Reading the book on Cheliax, it appears Asmodeus is very opposed to worshipping other Devils (along with demons and chaotic gods).


I recently got a Tiefling boon from GMing at a con. I'm now trying to figure out what kind of adventurer to make him.

His story is: His aristocratic family found itself on the wrong side in the closing days of the Chelaxian civil war. Ever the opportunists, they made a pact of their own to switch sides. This was successful and my character (still working on a name) was a result. Although raised as part of the family to honor their diabolical pact, he was always treated as a lesser being.
Upon reaching adulthood, he set out on his own determined to prove his worth and avenge himself for the slights against him. He feels that his treatment by his family means that they were not honoring their pact faithfully.

He now wants to hunt down the faithless and oathbreakers. He cares not if you are good or evil but only that you abide both in the letter and spirit to your commitments.

I envision him as lawful neutral and a worshipper of an archdevil, probably Asmodeus. I currently have his stated as a slayer but feel there might be a better fit.

Any suggestions?

BTW: this is for PFS.


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As a relatively new GM, I'm running into people using the 0 level spell detect magic in all sorts of ways I've never seen before. Some things are obvious such as enchanted items but others I'm not sure about.
Here are a few:
1. Detect the presence of a hidden magical beast or creature
2. Detect someone who is under an invisibility spell or is invisible but carrying magical items.
3. Detect if someone is under the effect of an enchantment or compulsion.
4. Find a spellcaster who casting from a hidden location.
5. Determine whether an effect (such as ghost sound) is magical or mundane.


Many of us have stopped using XP to decide leveling. We pick a point in the campaign where we decide they should level and tell them. I try to use a point where the party has accomplished a goal and is ready to follow the next lead.

One thing I like to do is surround the big bad guys with minions who are tough enough to be a nuisance but not a threat to party survival in their own right. This lets the big bad get in his shots and not be overwhelmed quickly.

Another tactic is having the PCs face a balanced party only slightly weaker than their own.

As you can tell, I don't rely on the CR too much.


That scenario sounds cool.

And if you hear the faint sound of a harp as you drink your glass; that's him.


On Friday, Pathfinder Rascallion Harper, a 2nd level bard, fell while on a mission for the society. He rushed to the aid of a fallen pathfinder then held off the villains until laid low by a critical hit with a staff.

As he has too little prestige or funds for resurrection, his death is final. This is my 1st character death so is there anything I need to do to remove him from the active pathfinder roles?


In a major city, sewer goblins are starting to boldly come to the surface and are causing mayhem.
Turns out something worse is coming up from below the goblins and forcing them to the surface.
And something even worse below them is forcing them up.
And something much worse is...


I use the local office Max. They have a 24" x 36" printer. I just take them the PDF and they print it out at those dimensions which is close to 1" squares. For some adventures I just have them do each map, for others they have to split it in half and print both halves. The later modules are great because they have maps without a lot hidden information on them. Earlier adventures you have to block stuff out that you don't want players to see.

Oh, and their prices are reasonable, about $2.50 a sheet. Some other places charge a lot more.


Lou Diamond wrote:

Hi Scott, What do you do when you draw a table of characters that have no skills and a max intelligence of 10.

I had a hard time interrupting the maps. Please refrain from drawing maps set at 45 degree angles they are hard to draw if you wnat to put them in a mod cordinate with the part of pazio that does flip mats.
Hint this would make a great flip mat.

I really enjoyed this adventure when I played in it. Fortunately, we had 3 PCs who spoke sylvan and no-one tried to slaughter everything in sight. We did reassemble to riddle and re-imprison Caught and like others have noted were sorry for having to do so.

I'm now going to run it this weekend so reading this thread is part of my prep. As for the maps, tomorrow I'm off to the print shop to have blown up (5x) copies made. There doesn't appear to be any encounter information on the maps so I'll just lay them out. I don't think knowing the layout will be a big deal.

I'm also off to the toy store to see if I can get a small plastic Koi.


When I read this post I was very surprised to see the level of disagreement. It never occurred to me that one could take 10 when rolling to act in a surprise round. After reading the various arguments and the relevant rules I am still of the opinion that you cannot take 10 to see if you react in a surprise round.

Last night, at PFS game night, I posed the question to my fellow pathfinders. No-one thought that taking 10 would be appropriate in that situation. (although many of our most senior players are at Paizocon.)

My take on the subject is as follows:

Party is walking down a path and a player thinks there might be trouble ahead so he announces he is looking at something suspicions, a blind corner, clump of bushes, whatever. The GM says make a perception check. The player says he is taking 10. The GM says OK.

Same party is walking down the same path and no says anything and the GM says everyone make a roll for surprise. The player says he's taking 10. The GM says no, its too late.

The difference between the 2 situations is that in the 1st, no one has acted so no one is in immediate danger. In the 2nd, the goblins have acted so the danger is immediate and this is the beginning of combat.


Lord Phrofet wrote:

So my current build looks something like this:

Human Swashbuckler 5/ Duelist 5

1. Dodge
H. Mobility
3. Combat Reflexes retrain at 9th to ?
4B. Fencing Grace: Dex to damage
5. Crane Style
7. Crane wing
9. Crane riposte
Improved Unarmed Strike: wayfinder 500gp. deep red sphere ioun stone 200gp (+1 comp bonus on 1 dex based skill)

Fencer: +1 attack with AoO with bladed weapons

Fortuitous +1: extra AoO at -5
Swormaster Flair 2,500 Blue Scarf: increase reach by 5ft for 1 minute.

Any changes or suggestions?

If you take Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) you get inspired finesse (rapier) and weapon focus (rapier) as bonus feats so you can take Fencing Grace at 1st level and be doing dex to damage immediately.


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For the group I game with its mainly a matter of time. In our campaigns we generally get quickly through the lower levels but as we progress higher there seems an increasing chance that something will happen to derail the game. Things like the GM's life getting busy, key players leaving, etc. Most of our campaigns fade out before 10th level. The highest I've ever played is 14th level.


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