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I'm set to GM MM3E. Power level of the game is 12. 3 players plus myself as GM.

Question: from a GM's perspective or players,what is the interplay between complications and hero points.

From the rulebook I get that every time the players suffer a complication they get a hero point. If I, as the GM, want to control the number of hero points the players have, why would I ever use complications?

If I throw a pair of PL 13 villains at my players, is that act, alone a complication? How about a super ninja type villain who I decide suddenly has deadly laser beams shooting out of his eyes where none existed before? Complication?

What's to prevent me as the GM from abusing this system. Or the players abusing the system with a flood of hero points?

Any insights anyone has who has played or GM this system would be appreciated. L

Anyone watching? Looks interesting. I dvr the pilot but haven't watched it yet.

I was wondering if I could get some help with the module Broken Chains.

Spoilered so not to ruin the fun:
At the end of the module there is a CR 10 ghost as the BBEG. My 3 person group is level 7. They could probably handle the ghost but the ghost, in my mind, is out of the blue. I would like to change the ghost to something else. It could be anywhere from CR 8-10 but I really don't know what. I would like to keep the theme of the module. Desert slavers worshiping demons/Lamashtu, i.e. gnolls etc. Really, I ain't afraid of no ghost.

I thought about just putting a different gnoll cleric and some minions at the end but I am kind of drawing a blank. What have other people done? Kept the ghost? Did something different? Basically this is a call for some inspiration.

Thanks in advance.

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I really want to give 4E a try with my gaming group. They all have indicated a willingness to play/try 4E as long as I DM. I am the usual DM anyway. We are all veteran RPG-ers from back in the day and enjoy all styles of playing.

Question to all 4E players and DMs. Is it possible to play 4E with only 3 players and DM?

I'm sure it is possible in the strictest sense but after reading the 4E DMG it states the game is designed for 5 players and DM. It even states at one point that serious modification is needed if you have less than 4 players. (Page 6 of the DMG).

Has anyone ever had this experience with 4E? What problems did you encounter? Or if anyone can point me to a thread that already covers this topic that would be great also.

Thanks in advance.


Hello all,

Question. In D&D 3.5 I noticed that the main thing bogging our sessions down was multiple attacks. Not only by players but monsters as well.

How do you all as either GMs or players handle this in your games?

And if someone could inform me if there are any actual rules on the spacing/timing of multiple attacks that would be great.

I apologize if this question has already been addressed (probably multiple times).