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I would like to know if it would be possible to have our electronic subscription or downloadable products be able to be downloaded by options such as Dropbox? This would be good especially if we need to download a large set of downloads. Thank you for listening to this suggestion.

-- Miyaa

Jackissocool wrote:

While I think that there is already a good number of 20-level base classes, I think that Pathfinder could benefit a great deal from adding a few more. Yes, the archetype system allows for a great deal of diversity and customization in addition to the choices that can already be made with a class. And yes, I know that WotC overdid it, but I think the issue with 3.5 class bloat was more with prestige classes than base classes. I don't want ten or probably even five more. But I firmly believe that Paizo could easily create 2 or 3 more truly distinct classes. With the possible exception of the witch and wizard, I don't think any current classes have too much overlap.

So, should there be more classes, even just a few? I would like to see an 8+int skills class without a sneak attack derivative that took a different approach than the rogue. Also, a spontaneous caster that uses the druid spell list. Thoughts, suggestions, criticism?

Psion. Oh, wait, a third party group is already doing that.

Want! This sounds like it could be a welcome addition to the "Fortress" map pack.

I wish this came out in a pdf format.