The Red Arm of Absalom - Ongoing Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master GM Red


[dice=Mr P]1d20+5[/dice

After halting the events of Earthfall relived through Lady Arodeth's usage of the Sky Key, the group of adventurers who came to be known as the Red Arm of Absalom continues to serve the Pathfinder Society in any way they can!


Sky Key Solution
Consortium Compact
Gallows of Madness
Sun Orchid Scheme
The Cosmic Captive
The Traitor's Lodge
Solstice Scar A
Torrent's Last Will
Race for the Runecarved Key
Solstice Scar B
Raid on the Cloudborne Keep
Hall of Drunken Heroes
Assault on Absalom
Forbidden Furnace of Koor
Year of the Shadow Lodge
Fabric of Reality