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I am too, interested in answers to those questions, any ideas?

Fighter's "Lore Warden" archetype, look at "Know Thy Enemy" ability.

Gilarius wrote:

(...) The hex description states that each hex is a standard action except where the individual hex overrules that.

The basic flight hex says that it is feather fall; feather fall states it is an immediate action, ergo the basic flight hex is an immediate action.
If the GM wants to house rule all hexes as standard actions, then he/she can, but it would definitely be a house rule. And would be annoying. And I'd be looking at the rest of the hexes to find the ones that should be longer actions to abuse.(...)

It also means that casting Slumber Hex is 1 round action, and suddenly not so overpowered as I was thinking it is. It even makes sense now (gasp!) :D

50% spell failure chance was quickly based on casting spell in heavy armor - in this case metal specific gauntlet put on Hidan to hamper his spellcasting

- I was seriously not expecting this turn of events and was taken by suprise, this 50% fail chance was quick & dirty rule, and now that I check equipment section about armor should only affect spells with somatic components
- in all seriousness - correct measures to imprison a wizard was not undertaken, he could still cast (and did it too), extra steps toward safety was taken only at the end, wizard should be gagged, but I wanted to give him one last chance
- player was ok with his character's dramatic death, had a real blast roleplaying falling to CE alignment

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PRD wrote:


(..) These noble souls dedicate their swords and lives to the battle against evil. Knights, crusaders, and law-bringers, paladins seek not just to spread divine justice but to embody the teachings of the virtuous deities they serve. In pursuit of their lofty goals, they adhere to ironclad laws of morality and discipline. As reward for their righteousness, these holy champions are blessed with boons to aid them in their quests: powers to banish evil, heal the innocent, and inspire the faithful. Although their convictions might lead them into conflict with the very souls they would save, paladins weather endless challenges of faith and dark temptations, risking their lives to do right and fighting to bring about a brighter future.

Aziraya Zhwan wrote:
Any chance of a follow-up to this from the OP?

Sorry for being so late with my raport, lots of stuff happened.

This is how it all ended:
At the start of the new month all leaders of Gilandia get together to talk about the sutuation. The Queen was killed, and their attempt to ressurect her ended in failure (They do not know it, but it is because assassin's ability that those he killed stay dead). There is talk about her luxury funeral, what to tell to the population, and who would be worthy of her place. In the middle of the talk there is a package to High Priest Jhod Kavken (with Magister Hidan Lebeda's diary).

There is a few hours break in the meeting, when it is resumed Jhod speaks:
- "There is one amongst us, who wants more than he has and who stops at nothing to get this. I am talking about a man who is responsible for our dear Queen murder!"

When he starts talking doors opens and three other adventuring parties are getting inside the room and blocking the exits (all of them are weaker than players party, but there is strenght in numbers as they say...).

Then Hight Priest points finger at Hidan and accuses him of queen's murder, as a proof presents his diary.
Hidan, and his right hand man assassin Judasz (both PCs) do not resist arrest, their questioning is scheduled for tomorrow.

In the castle's cell they are visited by:
- Hidan's cohort, Spymistress Viconia - she is confused and feels betrayed, the person she trusted the most, and tried to emulate shows to be a regiciding aspiring tyrant
- General Mordimer (another PC) who promises Hidan swift process and merciless execution, that he will personally look after the security of the execution, "No rescue from the certain death at the last moment here, no sir!"
- both succubi, who reveal themselves as such and enjoy the look of surprise on Hidan's face, an who torment him a little with a promise of "Hot, hot welcome for him on the other side"
- High Priest Jhod Kavken, saying that tomorrow is one and the only chance for Hidan to defend himself from the charge of regicide

In the night, Hidan reveals that he meditated Dimension Door as per his usual routine, he has no components, but for this spell he do not need one.

What does he do?
He teleports to his secret hideout and starts planning.
Not for revenge, not for escape from the country, not for some plan do dominate the judge or some other wacko plan. No.

He spends all night forging documents in which he reveals crimes, sins and evil deeds (both real and false) commited by past ruling members of the Council, PC's and NPC's alike, that the Queen herself was planning to "sell" the country to the River Kingdoms.
Then he leaves all the forged documents in his cohort's, Spymistress Viconia office, and GETS BACK to his cell before dawn.

Next day there is commotion over the new found evidence. The forgery is good, very good and some of Council members believes in it.
In his defence speech Hidan mentions that he only did what he thinked was best for the country, that if he would left Queen with her machinations it would only bring ruin and suffering, that - in reality, he is the good guy here, the true patriot and person who do not fear to get himself a little dirty for the good of the country.

And coincidently, if the news in this papers reach the general population, it will get ugly, very ugly - corrupted Council members and Queen herself? Murdering themselves in broad daylight? Resulting unrest would eat them alive. So the best for them, the best for everybody is if they let him go, and let him be the new king, with the good of the nation at heart :)

The forged documents are good, his speech has some merit.
If it would be any other crime - fraud, common murder, theft from country's treasury it could very well succeed.
BUT! The crime was regicide, and for regicide - to raise one's hand at his Senior, at his Ruler with divine right, is only one penalty - the death penalty...

Before the night ex-Magister and his assassin are walking, their hands tied, under solid guard to the place of their public execution.
For the common born Judasz there is the gallows, for the noble blood Hidan Lebeda there is the executioner's sword.

Judasz is hanged, the executioner raises his sword, Hidan tries one last time to cast Dimension Door despite his metal-clad hands (I gave him 50% Spell Failure Chance) his roll fails, so does the sword, and Hidan's head...

With the resulting massive unrest problems new PC's contend themselves to this day.

In PF module "The Harrowing" there is a minor artifact called Harrow Deck which 1/day casts Gate to a specific demiplane. If you are a player just tell your GM that you want to play this.

Polymorph Any Object functions like Greater Polymorph.
If you use this spell to cause the target to take on the form of a dragon, the spell functions as Form of the Dragon I.

I personally will give a week before polymorphed kobold returns to his original form.

Make every encounter 1 CR higher - how you do it - increasing numbers of creatures, or giving more boss type enemies 1 extra level, is up to you.
Of course more creatures = more loot for 6 players, but that's ok.

Alternatively: 15 point buy, no increasing loot (so the same treasure is divided among 6 players and not 4 as adventure is wrote for. When granted the same amount of experience as 4 players would get 6 players soon will advance in levels more slowly which balance things.

Still want extra challenge? Ban all Tier 1 classes, and for speeding up fights say no to animal companions, eidolons and leadership feat.

Mojorat wrote:
You know none of the undead in create undead except maybe mummy retain class levels.

Create Undead With an example of juju zombie & skeletal champion Paizo disagrees with you. But it creates different kind of problem: "You must have a caster level greater than the HD of the undead to be created."

How you can have more caster level than your HD? I can only think about Orange Ioun Stone, but there must be something else.

Idea definitely stolen for wizard NPC in my campaign :D

Lincoln Hills wrote:
Can anybody think of any outsiders that have scent, deathsight, locate creature, or - better yet - all three?

Soul Eater

Helikon wrote:

Actually, I think your party should be rewarded for a behavior like that.

If I was the succubus boss I would even be happy what happened to her. That succubus was weak, unfit to be my underling. But that young wizard that pulled the trick.... He is clever, resourceful. Ambitious.
That is someone I would contact. Congratulate him. Offer him more power.
Isn´t it soo sweet to further drag him down!
Rewards from the abyss are so... interesting

Actually thats the reason why succubus do NOT want to kill Magister Hidan, only humiliate and infuriate him. I have quick & dirty rule that after 3 major evil deeds your alingment is one step closer to evil. Hidan already has 2 such deeds behind him, after third he is CE and fair game to succubus - his soul after death is going into the Abyss.

And yes, freeing the succubus is a little unfair to the player, but I try to teach him that overusing Planar Binding/Dominate Person/Charm Monster etc has consequences. Also players are 10th level now and should have no trouble if it comes to fighting the CR 7 succubus (which she tries to dodges at any cost - better to working against them from the shadows).

In the next month we have another session, and then succubus strikes, I'll report what happened if you are interested :]

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For starters, read this:

Kingmaker Expansion (Filling Things Out)

"Ooh, Those Wascawwy Fey!" - Prank Suggestions

Redcelt's Game of Thrones in Brevoy

Venture Capital - aka A Deal with the Devil

Te'Shen - original succubus is a standard one (because she was summoned by meaning of Planar Binding), but she works under the supervision of older, more experienced succubus with levels in Master Spy prestige class.

Domhnual - I like your plan and maybe even use it, it has potential :D

Douglas Muir 406 - inspirational as always, but not necessary, because:

PRD wrote:
Profane Gift (Su) Once per day as a full-round action, a succubus may grant a profane gift to a willing humanoid creature by touching it for 1 full round. The target gains a +2 profane bonus to an ability score of his choice. A single creature may have no more than one profane gift from a succubus at a time. As long as the profane gift persists, the succubus can communicate telepathically with the target across any distance (and may use her suggestion spell-like ability through it). A profane gift is removed by dispel evil or dispel chaos. The succubus can remove it as well as a free action (causing 2d6 Charisma drain to the victim, no save).

and both magister Hidan and royal enforcer Judas were given the Profane Gift.

I was planning on using your previous plan: Her supervisor frees her, and they pretend to be an older female aristocrat and her young maid running away from civil war in Brevoy - the party met them barely a week ago.

But with the recent murder of ruler Lady Katrina Varn-Green they simply must use it in some way in their plan to humiliate magister Hidan ]:-> It's better than arranging something from scratch.

There is a lot of stuff going on in my Kingmaker campaign, I cannot give them all here, I am trying to present my dillemas as simple as I can, but this above isn't the only intrigue that is happening right now, so please - do not present me overcomplicated solutions or I am going to lost myself in this all :P

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Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
(...) even if the victim's secret is incredibly destructive and harmful to him, you could Suggest that the victim tell his secret to Bob -- when you know (but the victim does not) that Bob will promptly tell the world. Or you could Suggest that he write it in a diary, and then steal the diary. And so forth.

OK, new plan!

Succubus every night in the past 3 months telepathically plants idea in the wizard's mind to write a diary in the morning.
It seems innocent enough - he writes of his greatest triumphs and how he managed to obtain them (by the meaning of forbidden necromancy, summoning demons, mind-controlling his victims, murdering this country ruler - all of them true of course).

All of it is quite illegal, then, before he is coronated to a new ruler, succubus steals his diary and gives it to a council.
Wizard's plans are thwarted, succubus is happy, and wizard doesn't even know he was Suggested to write that damn diary (of course player will suspect but I'll tell him there is a valid reason for that).

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Can succubus use her Suggestion to make her victims publicly admit they commited crimes? And yes, they really commited crimes, quite serious ones too ]:->

In the last 3 months my team had their hands full of troubles, as I wrote above we play Kingmaker, part III - Varnhold Vanishing.
Player's playing a wizard Hidan Lebeda (let's name him Mark) wants more power, he is a Magister, but wants to be a ruler. Unfortunately for Mark this spot is taken, by an NPC lady Katrina Varn-Green (original ruler's widow, player character Thomas Green - notabene Thomas Green was previous character of Mark).

So what our little ambitious Magister do? He conspires with another player (lets name him Tick) who plays an assassin, and pays him to permamently exterminate lady Katrina. It's a success, the old ruler is dead, let's live the new ruler?!

I didn't even create this situation, it's all my players doing, but why shouldn't I use it to my own benefit?
Both wizard and assassin have Profane Gifts from the same succubus, who now roams free and is in town when ruler is killed.
Wizard Hidan reputation is already bad, so she suspects he is behind lady Katrina murder.

Succubus is planning to Suggest Hidan so he admits his crimes during his inauguration as ruler (maybe as part of an asking-for-forgivness-speech).
1) Can she use her Suggestion to make her victim publicly admit he commited crimes?
2) Could she Suggest him in his sleep, without his knowledge to act as suggested only when he'll be crowned? (this will be a trigger to act)
3) Is it a harmful act? (which breaks Suggestion) We are talking political suicide here.

Both wizard & asassin have succubus Profane Gifts, so she could Suggest them anytime, from anywhere, but she wants to use this once for maximum damage possible before they find she's free.

List of 3pp Pathfinder Campaign Settings

Ad.1) Their telepathy has only 100 ft. range, but if they are in that range, why not coordinate? It's a unique challange for players. Let them roll knowledge check to realise that.

Ad.2) Just give them another knowledge check, btw any respecting wizard already has wand of Dimensional Anchor on their person ;p If enemy escapes few times players feel that defeating them is something they really deserve through their hard work.

Ad.3) If players choose to be part of the Pathfinder expedition give them Wayfinders. Clear spindle Ioun stone when put in a Wayfinder generates resonance effect giving Protection From Evil effect on a holder (only vs suggestion/charm/dominate line of spells casts by the evil enemies) - problem solved!

Kazumetsa Raijin wrote:
(...) Should I inform the DM aboot it, or just leave it be? What should I do in this situation?

Yes, you should inform the DM about this, and let him decide what to do.

Personally I think you should suggest playing Amber Diceless RPG, that should fix your problem at the core.

Ipslore the Red wrote:
Let us know what happens with your players, OP.

Taking Douglas Muir 406 advice to the heart I plan to take my sweet time before revenge of the succubi is finalized. With the speed of our game it can mean minimum 2 months before I can post something about it here ;s

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:

This post was made with 100% pure awesome!

Thank you, I'll give them hell ]:->
Well, not Hell per se, but we both know what I mean :)

Ipslore the Red wrote:

Petrified is generally regarded to be the same as dead for game purposes, but slightly easier to reverse.

As for the demonic lover, what criteria should he or she meet? Some more backstory on the succubus would be appreciated to ensure it fits thematically. Also, what CR range would be good?

So receivers of petrified succubus Profane Gift are out of luck? Thats good to know.

My problematic team is:
- magister Hidan Lebeda, CN human universalist wizard 9 + his cohort spymistress Viconia CG (or maybe CN) female human (reincarnated into half-orc) bard 7
- viceroy Maksym Surtova, LE human fighter 5/Aldori swordlord 1/duelist 2
- general Mordimer, LE human fighter 5/rogue 1/hellknight 3 (with sorcerer infernal bloodline, thanks to Fey Market) + his cohort royal enforcer Telimena, LE human (rencarnated into elf) oracle of life 7
- Judas, LE human rogue 5/assassin 4

The players playing Maksym and Judas can play only 1/month, and not for an entire month, so now I am left with only Hidan, Mordimer and their cohorts, their APL is 10 (with Maksym and Judas APL=11), campaign Kingmaker, in the middle of Varnhold Vanishing.

Succubus was Planar Binded from the scroll, so it was a one time thing (at least before Hidan gains 11th level =__='), there is no real backstory behind her, she was just called, ganked, grappled, kicked, manacled, cursed, charmed, used and petrified. The life of a woman is hard, even in Abyss :P

Her demonic lover should be CR 10-13, generally demons are not known to have many friends who could help them, so s/he is the only one our petrified succubus can really depend on. Any suggestion are more than welcome, our next session is tomorrow and I had a tiring week.

One last thing, Mordimer was against anything remotely demonic, the rest of the team worked behind his back, he doesn't know what they did, he and his cohort are the only ones without Profane Gift.
What's more, he promised terrible justice to the wizard if he ever catches him playing with necromancy and/or demonology :)

Edit 2:
Douglas Muir 406 - ok, I can see wisdom with a few succubuses (succubi?) working together to bring their sister back.

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:

Mikhail, are your players likely to read this forum? If yes, drop me a PM.

Doug M.

No, I don't think they are, their english is even worse than mine (if it isn't obvious - I am not native english speaker).

We come to a conclusion that dead succubus = end of her Profane Gifts, but is petrified the same as dead? I am still not sure if I can just end all of them.

Suggestion for a single demonic lover are welcome. As fun as her harem of jelaous of themselves lovers is I prefer keeping that number to a minimum.

Ipslore the Red wrote:

About the third question, he managed to win the check even with 2d6 Charisma drain? As a wizard? I'm somewhat surprised he didn't drop to 1 Charisma and go comatose.

Let's see. A succubus has a Cha mod of +8, heroism gives him a +2, bestow curse gives her a -4, and the charisma drain probably dropped his charisma to... 5 or thereabouts, giving him a -1 on Charisma checks and her a +4. Doable if he rolled well at one or more points.

He managed to win the opposite check, because he told her to be the fourth person to receive her Profane Gift, not the first. The entire gifting process took few days and he "persuade" her on the first, risking nothing himself and using his companions as labrats.

He's pretty smart, for a wizard anyway :P

Mojorat wrote:

How did they get her to perform multiple services? Planar binding specifically stipulates one service.

From the spell...
Once the requested service is completed, the creature need only to inform you to be instantly sent back whence it came. The creature might later seek revenge.

Basically what they did is not possible by the rules.

What about a service "Give your Profane Gifts to this five people"?

On the last day, before she gave her Profane Gift to the last person, wizard petrified her (to stop her from completing her service and returning to Abyss, also to make her unable to remove Profane Gifts in the future).

The question is, are PGs still working when the donor succubus is petrified?

Zotpox wrote:


1. How did they survive the grapple. Auto level drain and auto hit with 2 claws + 6d6 at will vampiric touch with each claw.

2. Profane gift is a one off, How did she give more than one?

3. Removeing the profane gift is "at will" and DRAINS (a.k.a. Perminant) 2d6 CHA with no save.

Ad.1) Wizard used large ettercap fast zombie to grapple a succubus so the rest of the team could put manacles on her and stop her from using spell-like abilities (CN wizard is playing not only with demonology, but necromancy as well :d)

Ad.2) One Profane Gift per person, and use 1/day, so few days later 4 characters out of 6 had PG

Ad.3) She removed her PG the first time (she didn't like one bit that they ganked her and put manacles on her), that's why wizard cast Charm Monster, and win opposed Charisma check to ask her to give Profane Gifts to the rest of characters without any tricks.

Melvin the Mediocre - her demonic lover looking for his better half is actually interesting idea, I'll play with this a little ]:->

I have a little situation in my campaign.

Player's wizard trapped a succubus (used Planar Binding, Magic Circle against Evil, buffed himself with Heroism, cast Bestow Curse on succubus to drop her saves, even cast Charm Monster on her) and asked her to give him, and his friends (almost all of the other players) Profane Gifts.

Under the effect of Charm Monster our bruised little succubus (they kicked her a little after grappling her and putting manacles on her) gave almost everyone her Profane Gifts, before she could give PG to the last person and be merry on her way back to Abyss, wizard petrified her (Flesh to Stone cast under Invisibility and using Silent Metamagic), then put his new sexy statue behind a wall in his basement.

What little options I have left are:
1) she could use Suggestion on her new gifted "friends" to free her (but she's isolated in wizard's tower highest room)
2) does succubus being petrified have any effect on her Profane Gifts?
3) can she use Suggestion in that state?

Any answers, advices, suggestions (pun intended :p)?

Traits as story awards are a good idea.
Personally in my campaign to engage players in creating website chronicle of our campaign I gave the one writing the chronicle 1 trait of his choice per one part of AP chronicled.

Jurkal wrote:
potions of see invisibility, someone with UMD can cast glitterdust, or see invisibility

Spells with a range of personal cannot be made into potions. So no See Invisibility potions.

UMD is the way to go, or take Leadership and spellcaster cohort.

I play in CC with GM and 1 fellow player, we were build using 25 points method and we both are currently in book 3 and take leadership, it helps a little, but now ours GM thinks that 2 players with 2 cohorts are somehow full team, and started (I think) to revamp our enemies - in last session we had 5 deaths - my old character died, my friend's cohort died and was reincarnated, and finally my friend and both cohorts died and ended reincarnating once again... =___='

From this thread I've got an idea about unkillable troll half-red dragon barbarian 2/oracle of stone 1 with immunity to fire and acid resistance 10, feats endurance & die hard as a personal rival to one of my players (Kingmaker campaign, and I like every player to have a personal rival), but thinking of such monster dominated by PCs make me shudder, and target player character is a wizard too, so...

City of the Spider Queen
My group played in CotSQ few years ago, but it's edition 3.0 I think.

My player also is interested in monster cohorts, we now have brownie and degenerate serpentfolk cohorts. In your opinion, how high their ECL should be?

Robert Brookes wrote:

Initiating a Combat Climb

Initiating a climbing attack on a creature is a special full-round action. In order to perform this maneuver, a you enter a creature’s square (potentially provoking an attack of opportunity for the movement, unless the character makes a successful Acrobatics check). Once the movement has been made, you then make a climb check against the target's Combat Maneuver Defense. Characters with a climb speed gain a +10 bonus on this check. At the end of this full-round action you may make one melee or ranged attack at your highest attack bonus. Clibming requires at least one free hand used to maintain the climb, so attacks with weapons that use two hands are not usually possible.

A creature with a climb speed already has a +8 racial bonus on all Climb checks - so extra +10 seems redundant.

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Personally, when a character does something against his/her alignment I give him 1 point (with my team, most often towards evil) and I tell him about it. When he accumulates 3 points his alignment shifts. Player knows that doing stuff like that is gonna soon change his alignment, the choice - do it (or something like that) again or no is still his.

bump, for the last time


But there are only 3 players, one of them (playing sorcerer) missing half the sessions, thus leaving only werebear rogue + cohort, and lich wizard + cohort + 2 non-intelligent fast zombies + 5 intelligent undeads under the spell Command Undead, all in service of the wizard.


Effectively 12 characters in a party, how does it affects APL?

Ughbash wrote:

(...) You have a Lich conjurer effective Character level 12 with an 11th level cohort (max should be 10th) 2 levels below.

You are allowing the wizard to use templates (why not use advanced template since it boosts power without adding HD).

Aberant sorcerer is a 12th level character.
Conjurer is a 12th level character with a cohort one level to high.

Give them an extra +1 due to giving them lichdom and allowing advanced template on undead...

I would expect them to be at about 16 or 17th level APL

Lich CR: Same as the base creature + 2. - so wizard & sorcerer effective levels are 13, and wizard's cohort is 2 levels behind him.

I am not a GM in this AP, I play a wizard, and try to help my GM calculate the APL of this 12 characters party.

I do not gave my undeads advanced templates, they all had them before I turned them into my minions.

Hello fellow Pathfinders!

I need your help with my unusual Serpent's Skull team (character's wealth is used to equip his cohort/zombies):
- half-elf, natural werebear fighter 1/ rogue 11, his gear is worth ~650000gp
- werebear's cohort: degenerate serpentfolk fighter 6
- gnome (reincarnated into elf), aberrant sorcerer 11, turned into lich (his phylactery was recently destroyed), his gear is worth ~550000gp (that player is currently missing half sessions due to studying)
- human conjurer 11, turned into lich, his gear is worth ~750000gp
- lich's cohort: human fighter 11

Wizard also commands group of the undead, some he catched, some created from defeated NPCs and turned into juju zombies, all of them are under the spell Command Undead:
- mohrg rogue 6, advanced template
- 2 baykoks
- bebilith, turned into juju zombie, advanced template
- troglodyte fighter 2/cleric 8, turned into juju zombie, advanced template
- froghemoth, turned into fast zombie
- dire tiger (smilodon), turned into fast zombie

So you understand my dillemma - official statement is cohorts/animal companions/etc do not change APL, but in practice extra actions that they bring into a table significantly change flow of battle.
How high is the APL of this team?
Please, please help ;s

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May I interest you with tale of Old Man Henderson? True, it's different system - Call of Cthulhu, but dickish GM are the same everywhere and character's concept is brilliant! ;]

Last session our GM used incorporeal undead - shadow, with 11+ levels of monk. This unnatural creation of sick sadistic mind attacked us 5 times per round and with every hit drained k6 strength. Is it legal? I know that vampire monk can cause level drain only 1 time per round, what about shadows and energy drain?

My player has fighter with Dervish Dancer feat, currently plays in Kingmaker campaign and doing more than fine.

If arcane spellcasters in your group want to cast Create Water, quick solution is:

Pathfinder Companion: Sargava, the Lost Colony wrote:

Two-World Magic

You have bridged the gap between the natural magic of the Mwangi peoples and the refined magic of the Chelish colonists.

Benefit: Select one 0-level spell from a class spell list other than your own. This spell is a 0-level spell on your class spell list (or a 1st-level spell if your class doesn't have 0-level spells). For example, if you are a druid, you could select mage hand and thereafter prepare it as a 0-level druid spell; if you are a sorcerer, you could select know direction as a 0-level sorcerer spell known.


SRD wrote:
If a polymorph spell causes you to change size, apply the size modifiers appropriately (see Table: Ability Adjustments from Size Changes), changing your armor class, attack bonus, Combat Maneuver Bonus, and Stealth skill modifiers. Your ability scores are not modified by this change unless noted by the spell.
SRD wrote:

Elemental Body II:

This spell functions as elemental body I, except that it also allows you to assume the form of a Medium air, earth, fire, or water elemental. The abilities you gain depend upon the elemental. (...)

Earth elemental: As elemental body I except that you gain a +4 size bonus to your Strength and a +5 natural armor bonus. (...)

Fifth problem:

So, if human druid changes herself into medium earth elemental, does she get +4 size bonus to Strenght?
If the answer is yes, then polymorphing someone from human into human (as per Alter Self spell) gives them +2 size bonus to Strenght.
Is that correct? I am very confused right now. :s

My third problem (above) is still actual:
What extraordinary abilities are lost when human polymorphs (via Wild Shape, Alter Self etc) into something else?

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Authors of Secrets of Pact Magic (3.5ed) released Pathfinder version of the book: Pact Magic Unbound: Volume One!

On their facebook's forum is downloadable free beta version of Pact Magic Unbound.
I am testing is in my current campaign.

SRD wrote:
While under the effects of a polymorph spell, you lose all extraordinary and supernatural abilities that depend on your original form (such as keen senses, scent, and darkvision), as well as any natural attacks and movement types possessed by your original form.

Third problem:

What abilities will lose an elf polymorphed into girallon?
After transformation will he lose elven immunities and elven magic in addition to losing low-light vision and keen senses?
Will human polymorphed into girallon lose his bonus feat and skilled?

Fourth problem:
Girallon has 4 arms, could he fight with two-handed weapon and a shield without problems?
What about fighting with two two-handed weapons, is that even possible?

SRD wrote:
While under the effects of a polymorph spell, you lose all extraordinary and supernatural abilities that depend on your original form (such as keen senses, scent, and darkvision), as well as any natural attacks and movement types possessed by your original form.

What abilities will elf lose? (elf --> gray render).

After transformation will he retain from his original race only his speed, weapon familiarity and languages known?
What about human? (human --> girallon)

Few more facts:
- we are playing in Forgotten Realms
- in the middle of campaign City of the Spider Queen (deep in the Underdark)
- small party (2 regular players + 2 more playing only half the time maximum), so we die often
- yes, he wears Hat of Disguise all the time

I only wanted to know if polymorphing permamently and enlarging his weapons/armor was legit, with the rest - I can deal myself, thank you for your help.

Hello everyone.

First problem - my player's 14th level character (elf barb 2/fighter 12) fall in love with Polymorph Any Object spell. He wants to permanently change himself into gray render/girallon (not sure which one yet) as per Beast Shape IV spell.

Changed Subject Is…
Same kingdom (animal, vegetable, mineral) - Increase to Duration Factor +5
Same class (mammals, fungi, metals, etc.) - Increase to Duration Factor +2
Same or lower Intelligence - Increase to Duration Factor +2

All seem valid to me, duration factor 9 = duration permanent. Any objections?

Now, second problem - he wants his magic armor and magic shield/sword to be enlarged to fit him in his new form. There is clause in Permanency: "In addition to personal use, permanency can be used to make the following spells permanent on yourself, another creature, or an object (as appropriate)" - and on the list of spells we have Enlarge person.

Should I let him spend 2.500gp per object enlarged, or is it not possible and he needs them specifically crafted to suit his new, monster form?