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Not Tolkien's Dwarves or Elves!


I love this take on technology, techno-elves, and progressive dwarves!

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Works Great!


I've used this book to build a construct faction in my game, we will run full Rhune another time, and it really seems to work well.

Balance isn't terrible, far better than others I've tried, and although the constructs are purpose built they are flexible enough to play pretty much any way you want if you think about it.

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This is THE Book!


Firstly, when I give this book 5 stars, I don't mean it in the same way that I mean it for the others. For me, 5 stars means "Meets all of my expectations", and this book does far more than that. This book is the cornerstone of Pathfinder. This book is a foundational resource to unlocking adventures here-to imagined.

This is the book you need.

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The Possibilities are Nearly Endless!


Firstly, this book is not quite like the Pathfinder Bestiaries, which go into depth about specific creatures. This is a more esoteric volume, it is about creature templates, right out to taking two creatures and melding them together. The Pathfinder Bestiaries are add additional force, this adds exponential force, as the number of functional creatures that can be readily made with this book numbers well beyond what you will ever need.

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Chilling, Terrifying, and Inspiring


The Daemons are a tricky group to work into a campaign. Devils and Demons occupy more understandable types of Evil, but the Daemons are an entirely more sinister force.

This book does a great job exploring the Daemons, providing depth to their existence and plenty of opportunity for them to enter a campaign of 5th level and above.

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Incredibly Useful!


A perfect resource for easily assembling quality NPCs. Some take a bit more work, such as the arcane classes, but for the most part I can simply use the given stats for any NPC I need.

I just wish it was updated to include newer classes, but that doesn't lessen the quality of what is here, which is fantastic.