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I don't know if anyone else posted this but, for your Gnomey(?) pleasure. An excerpt from an article on ENWorld:

Gnomes. GNOMES. Gnomes are insane. Gnomes can *turn invis* once per encounter after they've taken dmg. They can also choose to roll "hide" instead of intialtive at the start of an encounter. Hello Gnome Rogue. And by "hello" I mean, "Please, for the love of god, stop stabbing me in the back." My friends quote was "Man, I hate gnomes! They're stupid! But now I can't stop picturing a pack of gnomes sitting in the trees doing the clicking noise that the Predators make in the alien movies. Stupid stealth gnomes. I'm going to have to play one."

Suddenly Gnome Ninja's are not quite so silly to think about.....not that, you know, they ever were.....don't hurt me.

I can post the rest of this article if anyone wants. It's peeks into the books from gaming store owners who have the books or have seen the books and were kind enough to share what they saw with ENWorld.

Gnomes are pretty cool. The gnome NPC in KotS is able to turn invisible every time he takes damage (Fade Away) until he makes an attack or the end of his next turn. As a "skulk" type monster, he also remains hidden if he misses with an attack.
I used this to allow him to zip around, hide, and snipe the characters as the Human Rabble and Guard Drakes kept them occupied.

Could we have the whole artical please? Dang my inability to get to ENworld....

So I'm not a 4e expert, but I'm looking at the Gnome page from the MM and I can't figure out how to create a Gnome X where X isn't a "Skulk" or an "Arcanist." Weren't we supposed to be able to make Gnome PCs from the MM?

Check page 277, good sir!

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Use the Gnome Racial Traits, page 277.

And "Fade Away" is only an Encounter power, not an at-will.

Thank you sirs, you are princes among men. (Feel free to replace with madam/princess/women. Can't really tell from your names/pics.)

I would have never found it looking at the TOC.

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