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That would be a perform (oratory) check for a story song, and knowledge local to know what the term means

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S.J : You are mistaken on how the ability works. If you are using Perform (oratory) in place of a diplomacy check, then only the bonuses you have to Perform Oratory would count.

In the example above, you would not get the +3 bonus from skill focus Diplomacy.

Crexis, as a better example:

I am a level 2 bard, with 2 ranks in diplomacy, and 2 ranks in perform (oratory), but 0 ranks in sense motive.
I have skill focus Perform Oratory, and a 16 CHA, and a 10 Wis

I select Perform Oratory as my VP.

When I would need to roll a diplomacy check, I can either use my +8 bonus in diplomacy, or my +11 in PO.

For a sense motive check, I can chose to roll at +0, or at +11 from PO.

So, the ranks in the two other skills are wasted, because you want to be rolling the perform check, and it's most likely going to be your highest one anyway.

As a sidenote, the alternate crafting rules out of Pathfinder Unchained are super funny to use. You do end up getting a bit less value on the pure GP side, but the little flaws and perks are great for feeling more attached to your items.

Wayward Quest Episode 23.1 - Crafting Interlude

And with that, the Aspis Consortium's agent inside the Golemworks is defeated. The only thing left for the party to do? Spend all of that money! Turnip is going to take his sweet time crafting up some new magic weapons and armor for the group, as well as delve a bit deeper into his backstory. It's a rules heavy episode, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 22.2 - Mommy Issues
The creepiest door the party has ever seen gives way under the strikes of the trusty buddy to reveal: The creepiest room the party has ever seen. The secret workshop of Chrysalis Black is full of evil beakers, strange glass tubes filled with people, and hundreds of thousands of broken dolls scattered across the floor. Before the party can hope to deal with the evil wizard, they'll have to cross the floor, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 15.1 - I Guess We’re Real Pathfinders Now

With the team back in Magnimar, the party spends some time putting Turnip to good use, crafting up some new magical items. Venture Captain Heidmarch finally decides to leave the Varisian Lodge in their "Capable" hands, promoting them to fully fledged members of the Pathfinder Society. Drunk with newfound power and responsibility, Turnip and Clayton make a mad dash for the Lodge's library, and Philip and Percy go off for a dinner date, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 15.2 - Goblin Thieves Part 2, Electric Boogaloo

Percy and Philip's romantic dinner has been ruined by someone spying on them. A crude drawing in crayon leaves the only possible culprit clear in the parties mind, the Goblin Rogue, Alkie. Mindful of what happened the last time she was around, Percy rushes home to check on his beloved cat, Torte. Hopefully nothing bad happens to a pet, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 16.1 - Philip, Goblin Queen?

With the Goblin lair identified, the party decends into the deep, encountering all matter of old and forgotten Thassilonian relics. To their surprise, the Goblins just want to talk! In fact, the arrival of Philip has been predicted, and they want to make him their new.... Queen? Some quick thinking by Asharok gets the party completely divided, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 16.2 - No Means No

Alkie the Goblin declares her intention to make a new race of fire imbued goblins with Philip's assistance. There's only one problem: Phil's already in a committed relationship. With the rest of the party elsewhere, Asharok and Philip are possibly in a bit of a sticky spot, this Week, on Wayward Quest.

Wayward Quest Episode 17.1 - Randomly Generated Plot Hooks

With the Goblin problem solved, the Party has no clear call to action. Guess that means rumors and quests generated by cloaked strangers in dark rooms! The coolest seems to be a magic pool that regrows body parts, so off to the Sczarni for more information, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 17.2- Norock’s Fall, Everyone Dies?

With only Clayton refusing to imbibe, the party is high as a kite. It's like herding cats for our grumpy gunslinger, but he eventually gets everyone safely back to the lodge. After sobering up, the party uses their newfound information to plan a journey to Viperwall castle, taking a couple of detours into the towns of Nybor and Galduria. They also meet a new friend! The Gnome Norock, who posseses a alchemical flying machine! Hopefully this won't be like the last time he went on a trip, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 18.1 - Ember Island Adventures

Turns out that falling out of the sky only kills you if there is a hard impact at the end of it. Norock's disappointment at having to use magic instead of the power of alchemy is too bad for him, but the party is happy to survive. Now in the middle of Ember Lake, they've got a few days to explore the island. That creepy wizard tower can't be too evil, can it? Find out This Week, on Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 18.2 - Owlbears on Command

Weird mounds on the ground, surrounding a Hell-Stone tower. Looks like we've got a bunch of tiny dungeons to clear! We're not actually that mean, so only a few mounds are open. The Poison tunnel of white stone is going to be a tricky one, especially as the party loses their last grappling hook. With a out of game request for more Owlbear content, the party is in for a treat, This Week, on Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 19.1 - Party Go Down The Hole

The party has survived the Red-Tribe Goblin's brutal assult, and return to the safety of Norock's Blimp. Norock shows off his command of small woodland creatures, and the team strikes out to investigate the secret hole behind the goblins throne. Turnip almost drowns finding a secret path, and the party learns the name of the Wizard behind the Tower: Crane. The party will have to face his mighty butler, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 19.2 - Pool Party

The Flesh Golem defeated, Asharok takes the lead in scouting out the side path that he had discovered while saving Turnip. At the end of the stream, a 20 ft diameter pool, and a 10 armed statue await. It's probably a trap, but that's never stopped our Party before! Find out exactly how badly this is going to bite them, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 20.1 - Madhouse Of Fun

The Party descends further into the Tower of Crane with their cunning use of the "Run really fast through the room" technique. Will it continue to work? Only time will tell. Today's gauntlet begins with a simple mirrored hallway... but can it be that simple? Find out This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 20.2 - Alchemist’s Fire To Save The Day
With all of their damage dealers down, the party is in very desperate straights. The only thing that can save them is the heavy use of Hero Points, to double up their actions, and save their bacon. Will it be enough? Should they have killed the Indigo Wizard? Find out This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 21.1 - Mail Call!

Safely back in Magnimar, Gnomish contraptions well behind them, the Party takes a moment to enjoy their newfound powers at level 5. With nothing immediately pressing, they check through their waiting mail, and find out that their boss, Sheila Heidmarch, has arranged for them to have a little bit more home defense, in the form of a trio of protective golems. It's time to unpack some heavy freight, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 21.2 - What Lovely Skin You Have

The malfunctioning golems could have only come from one place, the Magnimarian Golemworks. Chrysalis Black, artificer extraordinaire, is the name on the contract, so the party hangs out in his office. Although Clayton wants to arrest him immediately, they don't actually have any evidence of any wrongdoing, so it's lovely polite discussion time, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 22.1 - Lets Keep All The Creepy Dolls… What Could Go Wrong?

Oh no! That sweet old lady bamboozled the party about Chrysalis Black selling his doll shop. Guess there is nothing else to do but... Kill Her? With Asharok leading the way, a quick smashing down of the front door turns a bit more complicated, especially with the new doll repositories the party keeps finding. What could possibly be in the cellar? Find out This Week, On Wayward Quest!

So, I've been lax with posting these episode descriptions, but I'll leave off the links, and just share the blurbs!

Wayward Quest Episode 11.1 - It’s Not Paranoia If They Are Trying To Kill You

Following Turnips tracks, the party quickly finds him naked, bound, and doing the best scarecrow impression they've ever seen. Now, to figure out what sort of evil plot required a plump Turnip sacrifice... and why in the world would the cultists just give him back? This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 11.2 - Coming Home To Roost

With only a short hour to go before daybreak, the party strikes deep into the insect filled corn maze. Cultist disguises intact, they successfully fool the mindless watchers, only to come face to face with the cult leader! Surprise surprise, it was the Mayor the whole time! Now, they just need to deal with him, and the wonderful gift he has waiting inside of him, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 12.1 - Kill The Wizard, Become The Wizard

The Town of Ravenmoor, now home to a horrific mosquito abomination, is miles beind them. The party decides how to best fill out their reports, and notices a help wanted sign in the town of Wolf's Ear. Apparently some Wizard named Bargle is wanted dead or alive for killing a priestess of Erastil. How hard could that be? This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 12.2 - Fairy Tales Redux

The search for the wizard Bargle has hit a roadblock: A magic bed that induces slumber. Percy is immune, but Asharok has fallen prey to the magically comfortable trap. To awaken him, the party will have to dig deep into their knowledge of fantasy tropes, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 13.1 - Shrek Gambit

Heading down to the second basement, the party discovers a deadly spike trap. Clearly the only way through is to press their soft meaty bodies against it. On the other side, they find a unionized Ogre! Maybe this time the 'Shift Change' gambit will be effective? This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 13.2 - If Only We Kept A Map

A quick escape through the teleporter has saved the party from yellow oozes, but what fresh horrors have they found in this new room? Guess we're taken a hard swerve into a sci-fi adventure, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 14.1 - Fireball Is One Heck Of A Spell

With the portal sealed against living matter, the party must now find a way to deal with the eggs that have been deposited on this side. Luckily they have a Bag of Devouring, which will consume all that is put inside it.... Or do they? Assumptions are what make a mess for Clayton, and the party learns that Asharok can just ignore spells, This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Wayward Quest Episode 14.2 - Finally Got That Squared Away

Back down into the Lair of the Wizard Bargle, this time control rod in hand, the party does their best to shut down the portal to another realm, hopefully without accidentally opening the portal to living things in the process.... Well, it was a nice thought. Can the party push the 4 armed ravious beast back, or is this finally the episode in which Turnip dies? This Week, On Wayward Quest!

In book 6, the party goes back in time to save themselves from the asylum.

In my game, without knowing it, each of the party received a contingent breath of life to help them through the first 2 weeks of the campaign.

Without it, all 5 members of the party would have died at different points in book 2, and they are still trying to figure how what happened. If they don't figure it out when they do actually go back, then I'm going to ramp up the inevitable fight for causing additional time paradoxes

The party needs someone who has access to restoration/lesser restoration. My party had a huge slog through book 3, after they tpk'ed in one of the dream quests, and had a hell of a time getting rid of the madnesses.

Specifically that Slings do the same damage across weapon sizes. We don't know if that is true for all weapons

Just as a side note, my players are now terrified of hellwasp swarms. Across 5 PC's, the party took a total of 86 DEX Damage, and had to heal it with many, many lesser restorations.

And the Crowd goes wild! Can anyone stop (Name Redacted)'s Killing Spree? We'll find out once the other bracket catches up!

Yes,I was making a reference to my opponents name

That poor pony! *Glances both ways* Well, I guess I can't talk, I'm about to try to do the same to a halfling

Once round 1 is done, can we get a listing of the pairings?

Yes, "Some combat options (Disarm and sunder). Grapple is not one of those

Yes, but it's not a melee attack, it's a Combat Maneuver check. If it was just a melee attack, then you could use it as an AoO, or a swashbuckler could parry it.

Flanking specifically only gives you a bonus on melee attacks, which the core rulebook defines as quoted above.

But flanking isn't a bonus on attack rolls. It's a bonus on melee attack rolls, which is a subset of attack rolls.

Where does it say that in the combat maneuvers part?

Flanking text "
When making a melee attack, you get a +2 flanking bonus if your opponent is threatened by another enemy character or creature on its opposite border or opposite corner."

Melee attack text"
Melee Attacks: With a normal melee weapon, you can strike any opponent within 5 feet. (Opponents within 5 feet are considered adjacent to you.) Some melee weapons have reach, as indicated in their descriptions. With a typical reach weapon, you can strike opponents 10 feet away, but you can't strike adjacent foes (those within 5 feet)."

Combat Maneuvers"

Performing a Combat Maneuver: When performing a combat maneuver, you must use an action appropriate to the maneuver you are attempting to perform. While many combat maneuvers can be performed as part of an attack action, full-attack action, or attack of opportunity (in place of a melee attack), others require a specific action. Unless otherwise noted, performing a combat maneuver provokes an attack of opportunity from the target of the maneuver. If you are hit by the target, you take the damage normally and apply that amount as a penalty to the attack roll to perform the maneuver. If your target is immobilized, unconscious, or otherwise incapacitated, your maneuver automatically succeeds (treat as if you rolled a natural 20 on the attack roll). If your target is stunned, you receive a +4 bonus on your attack roll to perform a combat maneuver against it.

When you attempt to perform a combat maneuver, make an attack roll and add your CMB in place of your normal attack bonus. Add any bonuses you currently have on attack rolls due to spells, feats, and other effects. These bonuses must be applicable to the weapon or attack used to perform the maneuver. The DC of this maneuver is your target's Combat Maneuver Defense. Combat maneuvers are attack rolls, so you must roll for concealment and take any other penalties that would normally apply to an attack roll."

So my question. Is a grapple check a melee attack, and thus should get the flanking bonus, the prone bonus, can get parried, etc?
I would like some rules text backup in any answers.

I'm really enjoying the trying to figure out what my opponents build is on the fly

Good Luck to All!

Just so that I can be closely watching my PMs, in how many hours would that "lunch break" be?

I'll also volunteer to not get a bye. I want as much fighting as possible

You could run with all 10, and some people just get a bye in the first round

We're getting close! Are we still missing any submissions?

Well, I originally saw this posting on the Facebook forums, so Facebook messenger might work. Other then that, Google hangouts, email?

So, my new submission is finally in. I hope those of you in the front row brought ear plugs, because any combat I'm in is going to be loud.

I think with how broken the boards have been over the last few days, it might run faster to do the combat somewhere else

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1st: Conductive does not work with spells. It works with spell-like or supernatural ability that relies on a melee or ranged touch attack to hit its target (such as from a cleric’s domain granted power, sorcerer’s bloodline power, oracle’s mystery revelation, or wizard’s arcane school power).

2nd. Even if you did get a spell like ability that gave you Acid splash. That's an extra 1d3 acid on a hit.
Why not just get the Corrosive ability? Which is also a +1 enhancement, but does 1d6 damage per shot?

Oh, when did Synthesis summoner get the ban? I was looking forward to killing one.

I've has a busy week, but will have my character to you by sat.

ScegF0d, I was thinking something much more tame, something like a Frostbrand that was a different type of sword then a greatsword. However, that answer works out just fine for me.

Just confirming, no custom magic items, even if they fall within the standard math?

That would also cut down on some other silly builds. I know you already nerfed it for this, but similacrum has a 12 hour casting time

Salacious: Because if your build is a one trick pony, you don't want it spoiled. For example, if you are an archer, now the next guy you fight knows to put up wind wall if they win initative

Also, I'm having some trouble with sending you a DM for some questions on how you feel some rules interactions apply. Could you possibly send me a message so that I could respond to it?

Do you mind terribly if I send in my first file of my character in a different format? I'm finding the one you have specified terribly hard to work with for character thoughts. I will send in one that complies with the requested format, but would like to get a working file in quicker, in case we hit the cap.

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That sounds like a great way to open a session.

What has been the most useful spell for the party so far?


I'm in

Wayward Quest Episode 10.2 - The Oldest Trick In The Book

With the Festival winding down, the newly crowned Chell attempts to get at least one of these brave adventurers to leave a little something of themselves in Ravenmoor. It looks like Turnip is the one who is going to take her up on that offer. Now a part of him will stay in Ravenmoor forever.... unless the party can find him in time! This Week, On Wayward Quest! ck-in-the-book/

Wayward Quest Episode 10.1- Fine Country Hospitality

So far Ravenmoor's been a pretty chill place! Some fire jumping, some target throwing, and now the opportunity to wrassle a greased pig. What's not to love in this provincial town? Oh, the pig has mutated, and the town was long ago terribly cursed. Looks like Percy called it, This Week, On Wayward Quest! ospitality/

Wayward Quest Episode 9.2 - Welcome to Ravenmoor

After only attempting to murder a small childs pet, the party arrives in swampsville, population: you. Actually, now that they're here, Ravenmoor doesn't seem so bad. Some expected racism, but we'll push through that because they're getting ready for the monthly festival! That should be fun, This Week, On Wayward Quest! nmoor/

Wayward Quest Episode 9.1 - Petty Bureaucracy

With the boss away, the party will play! But first, it's road trip time. Becoming deputy tax collectors, a quick trip to Honest Ed's Wagon Emporium, and a two week road trip to the totally not cursed town of Ravensmoor are what awaits the party This Week, On Wayward Quest! y/

Wayward Quest Episode 8.2 - Finding the Pirates Cove

After defeating another band of small fry pirates, the party is left with nautical charts and some worrying information: The Pirate Leader has already boarded the vessel they were supposed to protect. With a quick lession in sailing from a one legged dwarf, the party is off to rescue their charge. This Week, On Wayward Quest! tes-cove/

Wayward Quest Episode 8.1 - Monkey Business

With the pirate ship located, a quick stop to let Asharok make more mutagen goes horribly wrong, and we learn that boats are incredibly dangerous places. This Week, On Wayward Quest!

Does this include the pre-order bonuses from FF?

Wayward Quest Episode 7.2- Knocking on Pirate’s Door

Now in Riddleport, the party needs to find the pirate base before the sage arrives. Their only lead is a conspicious warehouse tied to smuggling. How ever will they get inside? Also, Philip goes darkside. This Week, On Wayward Quest! ates-door/

Wayward Quest Episode 7.1 - The Journey to Riddleport

Well, that was a nasty bit of business, wasn't it? Now back to Magnimar for some well deserved relaxation time, before heading off to Mos Eisley... I mean Riddleport. Boats and Cats and Pirates Oh My, This Week, On Wayward Quest! riddleport/

Wayward Quest Episode 6.2 - Kobolds To The Slaughter!

The Sunken Citadel Redux! Now re-armed, better equipped, and at least one party member on magical steroids, the party is ready to deal with the kobold infestation and finish clearing out the main level of the dungeon. The only thing standing in their way is a monster way above their paygrade. This Week, On Wayward Quest! slaughter/

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