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I was confused about these too, and I couldn't find any drawings of it in the hardcover. However, one of my players found this drawing of it online:

The pit traps in Jzadirune did a lot of damage to my PCs and were definitely memorable!

This is great stuff. I'm putting together my first issue of the Cauldron newspaper for my group and I think they'll really enjoy it. I had a reporter come ask them questions for his article on the rescued orphans and it went well. What they didn't know is that the reporter is actually Fellian from the Striders! They haven't met the Striders yet, but they did receive a note from them and Keygan Ghelve told them about their "half-elf friends" that have followed them in and out of Jzadirune. I figured that Fellian has begun working as a reporter for the paper so he can ask questions around town and try to dig up info on the Cagewrights without generating as much suspicion. It's a good way for him to mine the PCs for info without giving away who he is too. They were quite happy to share stories about Jzadirune with him. :)

My party just fought Kazmojen last session and it was the best battle yet. They are 3rd level and also came through the forge and kitchen. They were easily mopping up hobgoblins at this point and not being very cautious. They barged into Kazmojen's chamber and quickly realized they'd bit off more than they could chew. The howler and Kazmojen rolled really well and made mincemeat out of the party tank fighter and the ranger. They were close to -10 when the rest of the party decided to flee. As they ran, the cleric use his area of effect healing ability, rolled great, and brought both the fighter and ranger back just above 0 hp. They continued to play dead, and Kazmojen and crew ran after the rest of the party. The fighter and ranger then quaffed healing potions until they were almost fully healed and ran after the rest of the group.

A great brawl in the forge ensued as the fleeing PCs tried to hide in the weapons room. The rogue finally killed the howler, which enraged Kazmojen so he turned and attacked her. He scored a crit and did enough damage to take her from full hp to less than -10! It was a serious world-rocking. BUT! he provoked an AoO by picking up his urgrosh before attacking. The rogue and fighter were both in range, and the fighter managed to trip Kazmojen with his guisarme before he got his attack off! I made a new attack roll with the prone penalty and Kazmojen missed the rogue this time. The next round he was dead. It was a wild back-and-forth battle and 3/5 of the party members nearly died, but in the end they were victorious and happy.

Thanks for the reply! Looks like I won the first game then. :)

My first game ended this way and I wasn't sure if it was a win or a tie. Here's what happened:

-The combat round began with Blue having the initiative marker. Both players had at least one stack of cards down to 0, but the first two lines were full, so battle continued.
-During combat we both took losses in columns that had 0 cards in reserve.
-The Reinforcement part of Step 3 came and neither of us could fill in our lines.

Does Blue lose because they had initiative and failed to reinforce first? Or does this happen simultaneously and it was a tie? I think the initiative flip happens after Reinforcement, right, so in this case the player with initiative is at the disadvantage?

Gurubabaramalamaswami wrote:
I'm preparing to launch this thing - maybe tonight and I'm really interested to read what other DMs have done with their skulks.

I basically implemented a rule that the skulks could not hide in plain sight if they were being watched by a PC. As soon as they ran around a corner out of sight - they were hidden again. There were several nasty ambush/hit-and-run battles where a few skulks did a lot of damage. Fire crossbows, run away, hide, wait for the PCs to move past, sneak attack with rapier, etc.

My group also took their time exploring Jzadirune, so rather than leaving the skulks spread out in their various rooms, I had several of them gang up and set an ambush for them in the room with the Dancing Lights and the fountain. They hid behind the columns and got some good ranged attacks in with cover before the wizzie used Daze and Sleep on a few of them.

I don't have the SCAP book in front of me, but I think Vhalantru has been in town for about 15 years, and he's probably been making "statues" for less time than that. Figure maybe 1 adventuring party of 4-5 characters per year for 10 years, that adds up to 40-50 statues. That's a lot to make up backstories for. I'd think about parties from past groups I've played in for inspiration for a few of them. I think it would be quite a shock to go from the moment of petrification to suddenly waking up in a garden with some strangers. Some might think they are still in battle and attack the PCs. Some might be thankful just to be alive and want to live a peaceful life. Others would definitely be mad and want another shot at the beholder.

Shimrath wrote:
If they had tried to bash them down, i would probably have ruled that it would trigger the traps.

I'm just starting the SCAP, but that is how I plan to handle it if my players decided to smash the doors. Think about it from the trap creator's perspective. These are some complex doors and traps created by some smart gnomes. Their purpose is to stop invaders into their complex. Don't you think that they would have planned for the contingency that someone might try to smash through the doors? And they would probably design their traps to go off in that case. At least that's how I look at it.

Andrew Bay wrote:

I've made some maps for Jzadirune and Malachite Fortress using Dundjinni since I just started SCAP too. They're much easier to align in MapTool.


Do you have them online, or could you e-mail them to me? That would be great! My e-mail is just my username at

Thanks for putting the site back up! I'm getting ready to start the SCAP with a group online using Maptool, and this is a tremendous resource!! I'm downloading all I can right now. I'd offer to help set up the new site, but I know nothing about wikis or web design in general, unfortunately.