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IMO the investigator is not different enough from a rogue, and needs something new and unique.

And when I imagine one, I think of the Sherlock movie. Where Sherlock would spend time planning his attacks, before making a move. Thus I imagine a mechanic that does similar. Where you spend actions/turns thinking and building up a bonus, before a big hit. Something like...

Investigate Attack: 1 action.
Ranger 60'
You imagine yourself making an attack against a creature, making sure you will succeed before committing to it. Make an attack roll using Int and your weapon proficiency. You do not need to be in weapon range, and do not actually attack, as this is just in your mind. The bonus from Investigate Attack is cumulative with other uses of Investigate Attack, up to a maximum of your Int modifier. Allowing you to keep refining your plan until it is perfect.

Critical Success: When you make your next strike against the target before the end of your turn, do not roll a d20. It is automatically a critical success. If you do not strike this turn, you gain a +3 circumstance bonus to your next strike against the target within the next hour.
Success: You gain a +2 circumstance bonus.
Failure: +1 bonus.

If you use this against a creature who is not actively fighting, and are relying on secondary clues such as their stance and wear patterns on their armor, you outcome is a degree worse.

I also imagine something similar for out of combat. Where you can "gather clues" towards your case, until you have enough for a "big reveal".

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So looking at the monster builder document, monster AC scales faster than saves (2 or 3 point difference).

This mostly works out since weapons get a +item bonus, while spells do not.

But there are a few spells that target AC. Like ray of frost and polar ray. Meaning that fall -2/3 behind their save counterpart.

So should there be a +item bonus to spell attacks?

I assume these are yes, but wanted to double check.

Don't add Str because of Splash trait?

Master/Legendary Martial weapon proficiency?
Greater Weapon Specialization?
Point Blank Shot?
Fearsome Brute?
Debilitating Shot?

Raging Thrower?
-Giant barbarian throwing large bottles?

Snap Shot?
Hunter's Aim?
Distracting Shot/Greater Distracting Shot?
Penetrating Shot?
Far lobber + far shot = 60'?
-Far lobber + far shot +legendary shot = 300'?

Ranged Reprisal?
Blade Ally?
-With returning????
-Smite evil/Radiant Blade Spirit/Radiant Blade Master?
Blade of Justice/Instrument of Zeal?

If bonus damage is not specified, it is the same type?

Any other ones that look interesting?

So what would be the best Guerilla warfare build?
Specifically, sneaking up, dealing some damage, and getting away. With a bigger focus on sneaking/getting away, but anything to boost the damage (persistant damage?) wouldn't hurt either. And preferably something that is more than 1/day.

Cave Elf, with nimble elf (darkvision, 35 speed) seems like the best race.

Monk for extra speed?
Ranger for extra range, maybe snares to help escape?
Wizard with diviner magic, and invisibility.
Druid to shape-shift?

What is the maximum reach you can get?

Can use use/reload a sling/hand bow whilst also using a shield?

Amy other way to get a decent range with a shield?

Can you get runes for unarmored with +6 Dex? Like on a robe or something?

Or do you need Explorer's Cloths, capping your AC?

What class/build is best at debuffing, stunning, forcing enemies though difficult terrain, or otherwise messing with enemy plans?

Preferably reducing their damage more than making them take more damage (Enfeebled > flat footed). But either is good.

Bard with Redeemer's Glimpse of Redemption Reaction seems good? Or maybe a druid/monk with Sunning Fist and Tanglefoot? Rogue/Monk with Stunning Fist + Debilitating Strike + Intimidating Glare?

How sound is this strategy?
A party of 5 Paladins (or paladin dedicates, likely with ranged reprisal and returning tridents), then any attack will trigger 4 reactions.

Are area attacks common?
What about area buffs? (Protective ward?)
Can people reasonably stay close enough to eachother?
Any other spells or features that could help?

Also, if something triggers multiple reactions, what order do they go in?

Warlocks bargain with the greater creatures let them cast spells without limit, but not without a cost.

After you cast a spell, you gain a condition. The condition level is equal to the level you cast.
Aberrant: Stupefied condition.
Fey: Dazzled/Fascinated condition.
Devil: Doomed condition.
Demonic: Drained condition.
???: Sickened condition.

If you cast an excessive number of spells in rapid succession, you get Controlled by the creature.

Then you get feats and features that help recover from the conditions. (Devil: You gain the Diehard feat. When you rest at night, reduced the doomed condition by 2 instead of 1).

Drinkmor grew up on the streets, never knowing his parents, or even his real name. Shunned by the city folk, he had to resort to rogue-ish ways to survive, which just reinforced the stereotype.
Until one night, he heard a strange noise coming from an ally way. He followed the noise to find a group of people sitting around a fire. The noise, unfamiliar to Drinkmor, was laughter. As he approached, someone saw him, grabbed a cup, and held it out to the goblin. "Come, Drink" he said, merrily. Expecting a trap, but too hungry to pass up food, he did.
What he drank was by the best tasting thing in his life. It was ale. His face lit up with delight, and all the others laughed again, it was a friendly laugh. They handed him another cup, "Drink More" said the guy, refiling his cup. Downing it again pure bliss washed over him. And as he looked up and saw people smiling at him for the first time in his life. The same people who had scorned him just the day before, where now being nice to him.
"What is your name" one of them asked. Not knowing, he just repeated the last thing "DrinkMor". He didn't remember much more of that night, other than the wonderful freeing feeling of having a full belly, comradely, and the name Cayden Cailean echoing in the back of his head.
The next day, those same people went back to treating him like trash. But it was too late, DrinkMor saw a glimpse of kindness that people could have, and he was determined to open their hearts back up, and and he knew just how to do it.
He then used his rogue skills to to acquiring their secrets and ingredients of brewing. Happily handing out his products free (unknowingly paid for it in advanced) to those who looked down on him, or just need a pick me up to everyone in town.
Having made a strange peace with most of the townsfolk, a slave trader came though the town. Seeing the faces of the slaves, DrinkMor smiled and handed them a cup. The slaves face began to brighten at his, echoing DrinkMor feelings of the day someone first showed him kindness. But the slave owner slapped the cup out of his hands, spilling it on the ground, cutting the slaves smile off before it had a chance to form. "Don't feed my slaves!" he shouted, dragging them off. Stunned, and unable to do anything against the heavily armored guard, DrinkMor just looked at the split wine, unable to comprehend why someone would stop someone else from having a drink. DrinkMor took a small drink for himself, but it tasted empty, without life, without laughter. He wanted to see the smile on the slaves face.
It took 3 days to earn the Slavers trust, but a lot of fast talking and lots of free ale, he managed to get him passed out. Stealing his keys, he freed the slaves and took them out of the city. Sitting around a fire, DrinkMor got to share the drink he wanted to share.
Deciding it was probably best to avoid town for a while, he set off to find more people to share a drink with. Ready to lie, cheat, and steal, for freedom and drinks.

How would I best build him?

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Instead of etching a rune into a weapon, you can tattoo on your arm. Applying a Rune as a Tattoo is the same, except that it cost an extra 10 GP per level of Tattoo. For example a level 8 Tattoo of Frost, would cost the base 500 for the Rune + 80 to get it Tattoo.

Your body is considered low-grade material. At level 7 you are considered standard-grade, and at level 14 high-grade.

While you are wield a weapon or weapons that are compatible with the Rune, apply the Rune to the weapon. For instance, if you had a Tattoo of Returning, it would apply to a thrown dagger, but not a crossbow. If you make an unarmed attack, the rune can apply as if you had the equivalent Handwraps of Mighty Blows on.

In addition to Ink, Tattoo's can also take the form of Gems that will attach themselves to your skin. Usually on the back of the hand, though some people will place one in the middle of their forehead.

So I'm looking at a Fighter/Druid, but would I be able to use Combat Grab while wild shaped?

"Unless otherwise noted, the battle form prevents you from casting spells, speaking, and using most manipulate actions that require hands. (If there’s doubt about whether you can use an action, the GM decides.)"

Combat Grab and Snagglilng Stike both have "Requirements You have one hand free, and your target is within reach of that hand."

What about "Requirements You are wielding two melee weapons, each in a different hand." Does unarmed attacks count as melee weapons? Or Claw + Bite count as 2?

Or knockdown assault, "You make an attack to knock a foe off balance, then follow up immediately with a sweep to topple them. Make a melee Strike. If it hits and deals damage, you can attempt an Athletics check to Trip the creature you hit."

Any of them? All of them? None of them?

So using scoundrels feint to get flat footed for off-turn attacks. (Are there better ways?)

What is the best way to make sure you to trigger the paladin reaction?

Whips? Ranged Reactions?
A Halfinlg hiding behind people?

Assuming 1 action to move, and 2 to attack.

First attack = 50% hit, 10% crit (*2 damage = .2)
Second attack = 30% hit, 5% crit (*2 damage = .1)

Exacting strike (d12, doesn't do anything with just 2 attacks) = 11.55 (+ stronger OA)


1d12+4 = 10.5
* .5 = 5.25
* .2 = 2.1
= 7.35

* .3 = 3.15
* .1 = 1.05
= 4.2

Power Attack (d12)= 11.9 (+ stronger OA)


1d12+4+1d12 = 17
* .5 = 8.5
* .2 = 3.4

Reactive Shield (d8, 2 Strike)=9.35 (+shield)


1d8+4 = 8.5
* .5 = 4.25
* .2 = 1.7
= 5.95

1d8+4 = 8.5
* .3 = 2.55
* .1 = .85
= 3.4

Reactive Shield (d6, Agile)=8.625 (+shield)


1d6+4 = 7.5
* .5 = 3.75
* .2 = 1.5
= 5.25

* .35 = 2.625
* .1 = .75
= 3.375

Double Slice (1d8+d6 agile) = 11.2 (- cost of 2 weapons)


1d8+4+1d6+4 = 16
* .5 = 8
* .2 = 3.2
= 11.2

Snagging Strike (d8 weapon)= 9.86 (+ whatever flat footed gives your allies)


1d8+4 = 8.5
* .5 = 4.25
* .2 = 1.7
= 5.95

* .4 = 3.4
* .1 = 0.85
= 4.25 * 60% (chance of being flat-footed)
= 2.55

* .3 = 2.55
* .1 = 0.85
= 3.4 * 40% (not flat footed)
= 1.36

Snaggling Strike (d6, agile) = 9.075 (+ whatever flat footed gives your allies)


1d6+4 = 7.5
* .5 = 3.75
* .2 = 1.5
= 5.25

* .45 = 3.375
* .1 = .75
= 4.125 * 60% (chance of being flat-footed)
= 2.475

* .35 = 2.625
* .1 = .75
= 3.375 * 40% (not flat footed)
= 1.35

Point Blank Shot (Composite Shortbow, within 60', 3 attacks) = 9.225 (+range)


1d6+1Str+2 Stance = 6.5
*.5 = 3.25
6.5 * 2 + 1d10 = 18.5 (crit)
* .1 = 1.85
= 5.1

* .3 = 1.95
18.5 * .05 = 0.925
= 2.875

* 05 = 0.325
18.5 * .05 = 0.925
= 1.25

Can paladins feint? Or do other such combat maneuvers?

What about the Lie to Me feat?

So it seems pretty unanimous that the alchemist is underpowered.

So my main proposed fix is to basically shift the at-will alchemy down so it matches the cantrips.

Perpetual Infusion (lesser) at level 3
Perpetual Potency (minor) at level 7
Perpetual Efficacy (greater) at level 11
Perpetual Perfection (major) at level 17

There should be an potion that give THP (1d4?), that the Churgen can get for his Perpetual option.

And Mutigenist gets medium armor. So dex doesn't have to be that high.


So there is Spontaneous, Vancian, and Mana/Focus Points.
But what other kinds of casting is there?
(*Ignoring balance for the moment.)

PolyArcana "You can cast any spell, but once you do, you cannot cast that same spell again until you cast 10 different spells."

Spell Chain: "Choose the next 10 spells you will cast, and the order you will cast them."

Spell Roulette "Choose 10 spells. Each time you cast, roll a d12 to determine which spell you cast. If you roll an 11, you don't cast any spell. If you roll a 12, you can choose. You can choose your target after you roll."

Spell Deck "Make a deck of cards with your spells and shuffle them. Then draw 5 cards. You can cast any of those 5 spells, discarding it when you do, and drawing a new card. You can spend 10 minutes to refocus, discarding all your cards, reshuffle your deck, and draw 5 new cards."

Inconsistent Power. "Roll a die. You can cast a spell of that level."

Spell Slot Bingo. Not sure how this would work, but it sounds fun.

Any other ideas?

How is the balance between classes?

Which ones are feel over/under powered?

I think most people will agree that ability scores as ability modifiers are redundant and provide an unnecessary layer of complicating.

And according to Jason "Ability scores are not going anywhere at the current time." They have legacy.

So... what about removing ability modifiers?

Sure, all the math will need redone, but what do people think of just using the abilty score directly?

Something like...

Reflex = 17 (dex) + 16 (level) + 3 (proficiency).
Attack = 15 (str) + 5 (level) + 2 (proficiency).

The upside is we get rid of a level of complication. The downside is we have big numbers.