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Great fun for Golarion fans


Not sure what I'd make of this CD if I didn't know the world and the storyline so well, but as it is, I'm enjoying this a lot. Have already listened to it twice…
Make that 3 and a half times, and counting….

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The Alchemical Recipe for Awesomesauce


Tim Pratt's works are *compulsively* readable, and I was so happy to hear he was going to be setting foot on Golarion.

This book totally delivered, and I gulped it down in practically a single sitting. What I love most about his work is how much *intelligence* he wrings from pulp tropes, while *still* totally delivering all the thrills of explosions, fights, monsters, artifacts, treacheries, etc.

Tim Pratt is one smart cookie, in other words. No wonder he's won a frickin Hugo!

Sorry I'm not providing much of an actual story review here, but then again - c'mon. You already know we've got:

1. Alchemist
2. Ruined flying city
3. Leukodaemons
4. Numeria
5. Mwangi

You do the math. You KNOW that sh*t's gonna be good.

And it IS.