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want want wanttety want

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I shall watch these eagerly!

Very excited to read the whole of this.
I love planar stuff and long for ever more of it.
And Mr. Sutter has thrilled me several times over with both Distant Worlds and City of Strangers. I enjoyed the first Salim novel as well, and this one seems even more enticing.
Am happy, too, we're getting some gay male characters in this. We've come a long ways as a hobby since the days when I got charbroil flamed for starting a thread back on the WotC boards merely inquiring if there *were* any LGBT characters in Forgotten Realms canon. (Shout-out to Elaine Cunningham, btw, who defended my honor, as it were, on said board!)
(May I also take a moment to heartily commend Wes Schneider, and others, for bringing several awesome transgender characters into Golarion? Go, Paizo, go!)

Anyway- looking forward to this novel! Devils and psychopomps ahoy!


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No one's started this yet? Ok, I guess I'll go...

One big vote for Robert Brookes' On Fertile Ground

Good work, Mr. Romine- I enjoy both these two characters, the setting, the influence of the sun and other stars - I look forward to seeing how everything plays out!

~New fan

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That is all!


Feel free to add your own voting milestones (serious or comical).

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So, I really dug Kevin A Murphy's alchemist-in-Galt stories. Like, a ton.
I think I said as much in the comments section back in the day- but in case I didn't- let me repeat: I like them a ton.

Smart, packed full of erudition, beautiful prose, and characters that I actually got sad about. But the stories also had some great 'pulp' action, deft twists and turns.

So- I would like at least one whole Pathfinder novel by him, please.
I'm not picky- it doesn't have to feature the alchemist. Entirely new characters in a relatively unknown Golarion country would be fine by me...

I also liked all of the clever poems Mr. Murphy did for y'all, back in the day!

Have we had a novel with a bard main character yet?


Great stuff!
A strong tale, with a strong ending. Of course, now that it's over, I'm blue...

Ah well.

I know Tim Pratt will deliver!


Great start, Ari (and James!) - am eager for more.

Ari, I heard you first on - I believe - an SF Signal podcast. Am now eager to check out your Widdershins novel!

Amicably yours,

Fantastic story/portrait, Liz!
A pleasure to read!


More, please.
Whaddya mean, 'Next week'- ?
Oh, pooh.


Oh man! This story continues to rock so hard.

Excellent work, Erik. I hope you can continue to carve out personal writing time for yourself, in the midst of all your zillion responsibilities. I think you have a responsibility to your art & talent as well, if I may preachify for a moment...

Awesome start, Erik!
Am looking fwd to the rest.

Aebos ftw!

Is this Shensen a spiritual descendent, as it were, of Shensen Tesseril, from the fab Shackled City adventure path? 'Cause that was one rad NPC!


PS- Whenever you decide to bring out a L'il Pathfinder Fiction Series: Tales for Tiny Tots,
I willingly offer my services!

Very nice. Well done, sir!

Please add me to any mailing list you might have for your writing.
My full name, one word, at gmail.


Remaining great. Well done, sir!


What a great start- looking fwd to next Wednesday!

All right- you got me. Now what?
~What do you mean, 'wait a week' - ?
Is that a phrase that makes more sense in Infernal?

You tell me that if I want to read more I can wait for PRINCE OF WOLVES-
but don't you see -?
I want to read more RIGHT NOW.

In all seriousness:
Great work!

Ye gods of Golarion!
The good news is: today is Wednesday!
The bad news: now that I've read this week's installment, I have to wait ONE WHOLE WEEK for my next fix.

The Abyss take you all!

Looks good! Interested to try this out...

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Lovin' me some Benjamin Bruck so far-

also, Matthew McGee -for turning a monster I could neither picture nor fathom into something comprehensible, yet satisfactorily other

I also like Alexander MacLeod's chymick

Will go re-read carefully to see who gets my final votes- though FOR SURE B. Bruck gets one...

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(Whoops- I first typed "Steadfast Git-Stone"
That's rather a different Wondrous Item, old chap, what what?)

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...then my votes would certainly go to the following:

Alex Shideler — Crystal Chalice of Dawnflower Dew
Benjamin Bruck — Steadfast Gut-stone

with these folks as very close Runners-Up:

Eric Hindley — Hourglass of the Insightful Conjurer
Matthew McGee — Batrachian Helm
Seth White — Vessel of the Deep

and Honorable Mentions to:
Erik Randall — Gloves of the Shortened Path
James Martin — Runcible Spoon
Lief Clennon — Seven Thousand Blossoms
Nicolas Quimby — Goblin Skull Bomb
Sean McGowan — Cacophonous Monkey