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Freehold DM wrote:
gran rey de los mono wrote:
I once auditioned for Romeo and Juliet. I was thrown out and banned from the theater. I don't know why. The script clearly said "Enter Juliet from behind".
my directorial debut was a failure for just such a reason.

Get me a script and I can have it done in an hour!

You know what, f~@@ the script!

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I'm going to write a sitcom called Big (Slow) Pete & Boyd, A Winter's Tale.

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lisamarlene wrote:
lynora wrote:

Yarn vomit: when you go to pull the yarn from the center of the skein and it comes with a giant tangle of yarn attached that you have to untangle before you can start your project

I finished working through the yarn vomit and was looking forward to being able to work more neatly on the rest of the sock when the yarn got stuck and I got a second ball of yarn vomit. Pretty sure this skein is out to get me. #Weird knitter problems ;P

This is why I keep telling myself "You know, you really need an umbrella swift..."

But in the meantime, I've gotten really good with the back of a chair and an empty toilet roll cardboard.

Okay, that sounds nasty.

We'll call it The Sewing Circle Jerk, why we'll make hundreds off of it!

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Orville Redenbacher wrote:
Adding millions maybe they are just reshooting all Cavill's parts to include a sweet 'stache

Imagine if we made him blue and had a shot of his dong in every scene!

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With you writing scripts we'll make a hundred movies by lunchtime!

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He's in luck if his nurse turns out to be Katya Clover, just saying.

Gets out baseball bat. Smacks it against hand threateningly.

Hey buddy, you're blocking the webcam, and I'm already charging people 9.88 a month for SGILF.com.

Grease this man up!

We're shooting ten films this hour!

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I guess it depends what your line of work is.

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Ah! A self starter! Let's hope you bring that enthusiasm on your first day. I have thirty films I'd like you to plow through by lunch!

Here! Take 6 of these every four hours. If it lasts more than four hours, lemme know, we'll try to squeeze a couple more films out of it.

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Give the Dragon a job! He's going places, straight to the top, or the bottom, his choice!

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Shut up you! He's just getting to the good parts.

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thegreenteagamer wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

Or ten dwarves riding on top of each other with the undersized mount feat.

Now, that's dwarven ingenuity. :-)

That sounds like a fetish porno.

Give this man a director's chair! He's going places! Straight to the top!