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A very fun scenario!


The kobolds are definitely fun to play. The scenario is packed, so make sure you have enough time for it.

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Brutal first intro


This was my first Pathfinder play. I played 7th level Ezren.

About the session (mostly bragging):
Was fun, killed a Daemon (it helps to know what you're dealing with in advance, which is why we went in as buyers, bought some slaves, interrogated them, and then freed them, so we knew about the one on the surface). Paladin killed the other.

We nearly had a TPK, but, in the end, we defeated everything except the human mooks who ran away, freed the slaves just because we felt like it (I don't think anyone was playing an Andoran character). We were overqualified for 2 prestige in the end.

I evacuated the crippled Riftwardens with Dimension Door directly to our inn as a finale.

Another table ran the adventure that day as well, they ran away when they saw what they were dealing with (though they did rescue some Riftwardens).

It was a bit brutal, but it was also very fun to beat because of it. Highly recommended for people looking for a challange.