Pathfinder Society Scenario #5–07: Port Godless (PFRPG) PDF

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 5–9.

Few are as adept at fighting demons as the Riftwardens, an organization of spellcasters dedicated to protecting the boundaries between the planes. Many are already committed to the Fifth Crusade in Mendev and are unable to assist the Pathfinders directly in the society’s upcoming expedition into the Worldwound, but if the Pathfinders assist the Riftwardens elsewhere, perhaps a small number of the mages might be free to return the favor. Unfortunately, this means entering the godless nation Rahadoum, where several Riftwardens have recently disappeared.

Content in "Port Godless" also contributes directly to the ongoing storylines of the Cheliax, Osirion, and Qadira factions.

Written by Ben McFarland.

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Average product rating:

4.40/5 (based on 20 ratings)

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Fun, but tough!


I recently completed this scenario in play-by-post. We were a high-tier party with 4 player adjustment, but there were 6 players (mixed tier group).

It is a really well written scenario. I look forwards to GMing it some time.

The scenario starts with an investigation. The scene is evocative, and the location makes a difference. There are interesting NPCs. You have to think about where you are.

The second half of the scenario is a rescue mission. This part is "hard-mode." The BBEG is strong, with effective tactics. But what makes this really difficult is the use of (imho) a seriously under-CR'd adversary. The adversary makes sense in the scenario. It all fits together. But because of the flawed CR this can be very deadly. We all survived, and when you have to really work for a win (as we did here) it makes the victory sweeter, but be warned!

the under CR'd adversary:
Ceustodaemons. Multiple.

Would be a 5-star review but for the CR issues.

A (possibly) covert operation in Rahadoum


Together with three others I tackled this scenario last Wednesday on the high tier. We had a pretty awesome combination of characters: a tank, a turret, a bard and an enchantment-focused mesmerist (me). Needless to say we had two highly effective damage-dealers and two characters who could really talk their way through everything, except for the 2’s I rolled on for my mesmerist. Turns out that 26 on bluff isn’t enough if the enemies roll decent on their sense motives. That just shows you that this scenario clearly is not a cakewalk.

This scenario can basically be divided into two parts: investigation and a heist. For the investigation part it’s obvious you can search for information and intel discretely or through sheer force. Or in our case overconfidently asking around and hoping we could talk our way out of any issues. Let’s just say that there were mixed results which really added to the flavour of Rahadoum and the Pure Legion’s presence. I really liked the way the country and its occupants were portrayed and how certain laws had a noticeable impact on the entirety of the scenario. Role-play is very important in this part, but you’re not limited to just a few option you have to pick from. Creativity gets rewarded.

The heist is the highlight of the scenario for me and that’s mostly because you’re presented four potential avenues of approach, all with its different pros and cons. Our party ended up using two of them, basically helping us get a feel for the place before striking hard and fast. Mind you, decisiveness and speed are very important as the heist is time-sensitive, another mechanic that was brilliantly given shape in this scenario. Depending on what you do and when you do it, you can get a different experience.

Given the sense of urgency your characters can feel, I can see how the encounters can be rather difficult. However, in our case, we had a perfect combination of characters and great teamwork. We also had a bit of luck and got rid of what potentially is the biggest hurdle in two rounds due to a lucky Overwhelming Grief. We were probably one of the more obvious heist-crews given the things we did prior to and during the raid, but we raced our way through the compound with a combination of elegance, crowd control and martial prowess.

Needless to say, I love this scenario. There’s a huge amount of role-play and a heist that can be executed in a bunch of different ways. The encounters have the potential to really challenge you and you can’t afford wasting time in order to reach your goal. I highly recommend playing this scenario. One thing I did notice, and which was confirmed by the GM, is that it’s somewhat of a nightmare to prepare and run. The sandbox element and flexibility comes with a price and certain key things are hard to look up in the scenario itself. GMs really have to prepare well, more so than normal. That said, I still think it’s worth it so I won’t lower my final rating. Five stars are truly deserved.

A very tough, and rewarding, fight!


This was a fun scenario!
Especially for players who like a good dust-up and detective work.

Ran my bloodrager, Gruugdúrz, through this with some other tough party members.
Pushed us to the limit! Gruugdúrz just barely survived the ordeal.
Definitely a fun and action packed scenario, this.
If you like an intense, and challenging, fight, this is is for you.
If you like to to use your smarts and avoid needless fights, this is also an excellent choice.
(Read: Gruugdúrz might have started a fight needlessly.)

Overall, a good challenge for a party of players who like to use both brain and brawn.

I saved my 100th review for a scenario I could really be happy about


So you already guessed I liked this scenario. Perspective: player.

I'd just played the Heresy of Man series and was a bit nonplussed about how little those actually did with Rahadoum as a country. In those adventures, the Pure Legion were just faceless goons that we beat up and moved on. It was just us murderhoboin' our way across the sandbox.

This adventure was quite different. It hit a particular tone I've never really had before in PFS (although this adventure would fit nicely together with Ageless Ambitions). It was as if we were the foreign spies coming into a sovereign, civilized and functioning society to do some "housecleaning", and while we might feel justified about that, local law enforcement wasn't going to agree that we had any right to interfere. So we had to be on our toes about that. It was an interesting tension in the adventure.

Meanwhile, our enemies weren't going to take our efforts lying down either. We ran into plausible and effective defenses, and enemies that fought back effectively.

Nice things about this scenario:
- Celebrity NPC
- Nice locations (don't drop the soap)
- Interesting investigation
- Heist/raid planning
- Well-designed enemies that put up a fight
- Enemy locations that make sense
- More than one way to approach the main dish
- Intelligent play with regards to NPC "feelings" matters
- Well-balanced for four players as well
- Uses the country where it's set to effect
- Advances the metaplot in a way we understand/premise makes sense
- Treated like adults by VC
- Difficult for divine PCs, but not unplayable. Take your precautions. The Pathfinder Pouch exists for a reason.


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Announced for October 2013!

Grand Lodge

The Kingdom of Man AND Riftwardens?!?

Can't wait to play/run this.

Grand Lodge

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Oh boy, this should be interesting...

Liberty's Edge

Rahadoum does get a somewhat steady stream of scenarios set there.

Contributor, RPG Superstar 2010 Top 4

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Welcome to Ennie Winning Author Ben McFarland on his first Paizo gig!

Grand Lodge

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Hey! I know Ben! :)

I love me some Rahadoum! Can't wait!


Congrats to Ben!!!!!

Here's hoping you enjoy it!


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Tick tock!

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I'd be hitting F5, but I don't play this one for another week or two.

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I'm afraid we did schedule this one for this weekend, so fingers crossed on it coming out timely.

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Yeah I want to run it this coming Tuesday. Get on it, ya'all! :)

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Typically, new products tend to drop approx. around 4 hours ago my time, so I'm thinking this one might be delayed. I'm just curious if there is any link with God's Market Gamble, which has been one of my favorites so far.

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Just switched from "today" to unavailable. Maybe tomorrow.

Akeela Valerian, the Wolf wrote:
Just switched from "today" to unavailable. Maybe tomorrow.

Does that every month really. Usually drop sometime after 6:30 PST for the months when I follow the releases close.

Aww, hell. Now I'm all nervous again.


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DM Beckett wrote:
I'm just curious if there is any link with God's Market Gamble, which has been one of my favorites so far.

Interesting question. Different author, city (continent), & tier. What makes you ask?

Edit: Oh!

The origin of the BBEG in God's Market - gotcha!

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As I recall she was just arrested and exported out of the city. But there was also the family of the man being blackmailed that would make an amazing little easter egg and inside ally.

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Of course, now that I say it, it is not going to happen.

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Now available!

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B5 reference?

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Damn. There is a Daemon on the cover, and my level 10 character hates them but has never encountered any.

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I loved the Babylon 5 reference. :)

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That's what i was thinking Hawkitten.

"If you go to Rhaadoum you will die"

Kosh " If you go to Zahadoum you will die"

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Just played this tonight (and survived by the skin of our teeth).

My wife spotted an error on the chronicle:


The chronicle references the Player Companion "Demon Slayer's Handbook".

Unfortunately, there is no such Player Companion; the actual title is "Demon Hunter's Handbook"

And I've submitted this for the Ennies. Here's hoping it makes the shortlist. :D


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