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I feel like Tom Cullen. I keep going to My Downloads and searching for M-O-O-N.

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I too through in my vote for a wallpaper size version of it.

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Could we maybe get some light shed on the delays on a lot of the product lines? I have the Store Blog on my RSS feeds and I have yet to see anything.

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Kindle Fire.
The Lite versions of the PDFs are fantastic.

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After the Advanced Race Guide I can only be more excited for this book to come out.

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There is another feat diverse palate that allows you to add a se one type and adds monstrous humanoid as an option. As such it is getting houseruled that monstrous humanoid is a choice by default.

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Kensai was just another route I had in mind. I get to rebuild the character as I see fit and since neither kensai or monk wear armour, it seemed like a decent combination.

Any combination of classes that let me do some spellcasting and grappling would be fine.

I am taking the monstrous humanoid type for blood drinker and there are plenty of those.

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Saint Bernard wrote:
Can someone give a description of the elf archetype Seplldancer? Thanks.

Spell Dancer (Magus):

The strong emphasis on wizards within elven culture inf luences how even non-wizard elves see themselves. Many elven magi do not consider themselves masters of a blend of martial and magical talents, but rather a sub-category of wizards who study the effect of physical movement and techniques upon spellcasting ability. They believe their ability to cast spells while fighting is an outgrowth of the concept of the “spell dance,” which itself is just another kind of wizardry.

There is the description.

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Umbranus wrote:
Will not help with FPS but in races of the dragon there were some sunglasses, I think.

Sundark Goggles:
The smoked lenses of these goggles block light. They are typically fixed into a band of canvas that clasps together at the back to keep the goggles from falling off. Sundark goggles negate the dazzled condition experienced by a creature with light sensitivity while in bright illumination. As a side effect, they grant the wearer a +2 circumstance bonus on saving throws against gaze attacks. A creature wearing sundark goggles can’t use a gaze attack, since other creatures can’t see its eyes. Creatures without low-light vision or darkvision that wear sundark goggles take a –2 penalty on Search and Spot checks.

Says they are alchemical items, but I did not see a Craft DC.

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Well actually following the magic crafting rules Darkness is a level 2 spell, it's a continuous effect and it is duration 1min per level. So I mean the math is right (3x2x2000), but sheesh.

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I have no idea why they cost that much. Someone must have been asleep at the keyboard and added a few extra zeros.

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I don't know what I was thinking when I said monk weapon. Tekko-kagi wouldn't be a bad choice, the way I think it reads is that your hands stay free so it wouldn't apply any negatives to grapple I think.

But really class doesn't matter in the long run. I would like some utility and being able to Drink someone dry lol.

Ideally I would like to cast a spell or two (or a wand with UMD) that makes it easier to grapple them, specifically Ray of Exhaustion or Heal myself with Inflict if things get dicey.

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Alternate Racial Trait: Fangs:
On occasion, a dhampir may inherit his father’s lengthy canines. Whenever the dhampir makes a grapple combat maneuver check to damage an opponent, he can choose to bite his opponent, dealing 1d3 points of damage as if using a natural bite attack. As a standard action, the dhampir can bite a creature that is bound, helpless,
paralyzed, or similarly unable to defend itself. This racial trait replaces the spell-like ability racial trait.

Blood Drinker:

Consuming blood reinvigorates you.
Prerequisite: Dhampir.
Benef it: Choose one humanoid subtype, such as “goblinoid” (this subtype cannot be “dhampir”). You have acquired a taste for the blood of creatures with this subtype. Whenever you drink fresh blood from such a creature, you gain 5 temporary hit points and a +1 bonus on checks and saves based on Constitution. The effects last 1 hour. If you feed multiple times, you continue to gain hit points to a maximum of 5 temporary hit points for every three Hit Dice you have, but the +1 bonus on Constitution-based skill checks and saving throws does not stack. Normally, you can only drink blood from an opponent who is helpless, grappled, paralyzed, pinned, unconscious, or similarly disabled. If you have a bite attack, you can drink blood automatically as part of your bite attack; otherwise, you must first cut your target by dealing 1 hit point of damage with a slashing or piercing weapon
(though you may feed upon a creature with severe wounds or a bleed effect without cutting it f irst). Once you cut the target, you can drink from its wound as a standard action. Drinking blood deals 2 points of Constitution damage to the creature you feed upon.
The blood must come from a living creature of the specified humanoid subtype. It cannot come from a dead or summoned creature. Feeding on unwilling intelligent creatures is an evil act.

Blood Feaster:

Consuming blood gives you superhuman strength.
Prerequisites: Blood Drinker, base attack bonus +6, dhampir.
Benef it: If you use your Blood Drinker feat to drain 4 or more points of Constitution from a living creature, you gain a +2 bonus on damage rolls and a +1 bonus on Strength-based skill checks. This bonus lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your Hit Dice.

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Aura faint transmutation; CL3rd
Slot eyes; Price12,000 gp; Weight —
Crafted from a dark-colored crystalline material and infused with magical darkness, these lenses fit over the wearer’s eyes. When worn by a reature with light sensitivity or light blindness, these lenses protect the earer against the effect ofsunlight, the daylightspell, or similar light effects. Both lenses must be worn for the magic to be effective.
Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, darkness; Cost6,000 gp

Page 101

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Advanced Race Guide introduces a magic item that goes over eyes slot, but it costs 12000 for whatever reason.

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So after getting Advanced Race Guide and looking at the blood drinking feats I want to make a character around just destroying one target.
My dhampir is in Serpent Skull and level 8 currently. Our GM is letting us rebuild since several hardbacks have came out since we last played. He is currently an evil Inquisitor with the Zeal Inquisition. I was thinking staying capping at 8 for the "Scourge of my enemy" ability and them taking at least 4 levels in monk (tetori). The other idea I had was take up Magus (Kensai) and Tetori, then use a monk sword and run around unarmored.

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Generic Villain wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:

7 new monsters!

Nice art but I was hoping for at least one AP that has no evil outsiders but that creature in the art makes me think otherwise.

** spoiler omitted **

Reading the Lore and the title I also immediately thought of Cheliax. Or what would be real interesting is if inside the eye is some sort of worldwound type event.
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Also you will have plenty of time in game to be making potions and other knickknacks that an Alchemist should be crafting.

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For any range problems as an Alchemist I HIGHLY recommend:
Explosive Missile
Prerequisite: Alchemist 4
Benefit: As a standard action, the alchemist can infuse a single arrow, crossbow bolt, or one-handed firearm bullet with the power of his bomb, load the ammunition, and shoot the ranged weapon. He must be proficient with the weapon in order to accomplish this. When the infused ammunition hits its target, it deals damage normally and detonates as if the alchemist had thrown the bomb at the target. If the explosive missile misses, it does not detonate.

Focused Shot (Combat)
Your anatomical insight adds deadliness to your shots.
Prerequisites: Int 13, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot.
Benefit: As a standard action, you may make an attack with a bow or crossbow and add your Intelligence modifier on the damage roll. You must be within 30 feet of your target to deal this extra damage. Creatures immune to critical hits and sneak attacks are immune to this extra damage.
Special: Starting at 2nd level, a ranger with the archery combat style may select Focused Shot as a combat style feat.

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June?! NOOOOOOOOOO! oh well.

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The package actually arrived today haha. Thank you for your assistance.

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The tracking number says it has no further tracking information and the last place it was in 1 hour away from where it should be delivered. That was 1 week ago and I have still not received my package.

I am unsure of how long before the package is considered lost or of what step to take next.

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Sounds interesting :D

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Consumption: A kingdom’s prosperity is measured by the Build Points (abbreviated BP) in its treasury, and its Consumption indicates how many BP it costs to keep the kingdom functioning. If a kingdom is unable to pay its Consumption, its Unrest increases by 2. A kingdom’s Consumption is equal to its size plus the number of city districts it contains plus adjustments for Edicts minus 2 per farmland.

So really the reason to expand is to make farms to reduce your Consumption. You claim a hex and build a farmland. You thus has one free hex or city grid in regards to consumption.

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So my players want to do a dungeon delve after messing around with politics and other not fightery things.
Dizzy Dragon had an amazing map generator, but the monsters are totally random and there are no treasure tables.
I foreshadowed that there were reports of an abandoned dwarf base where there were THINGS crawling about, but other than that I gave them no details.

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Megan A wrote:
Maestr0 wrote:
So after getting the PDFs I never really even touched my book when it arrived and today while paging though it I noticed I am missing about ~16 pages of the book. Pages 9-24 are just not there.
I have put a replacement in your sidecart to be shipped with your next subscription shipment. Go ahead and keep your current copy but we do ask that you take it out of circulation.

Thank you and will do.

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So after getting the PDFs I never really even touched my book when it arrived and today while paging though it I noticed I am missing about ~16 pages of the book. Pages 9-24 are just not there.

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So one of my players is moving about 6 hours away and wants to keep playing games with us. Using Skype for voice and video, what would be the best way for dice? Keeping a camera on his dice seems a little silly.

Also does anybody know of a good way to do Kingdom building online so my players can do it online and it not bog down normal play?

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AWWW YEAH! Probably going to get this in time for my birthday!

But depending on how detailed the Hero Book is, it would be nice to retire the Core book unless need be, my first copy's binding just kinda deteriorated from all the use, especially around level up time.

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I am a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Adventure Path Subscriber and the past few days I have seen some weird authorizations on my card, vanish, reappear, shrink, multiply, and grow all from Paizo.
I was just wondering; what is the deal?

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I am so excited D: I can hardly wait to delve through this and see how awesome the Ragechemist is lolol.

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Stebehil wrote:
EDIT: A shop owner complains about WotCs policy of not announcing the cancellation of the minis line and some books more directly, but rather burying the news in a lenghty article on their website. Announcing more digital products does nothing to help endearing WotC to this guy, and as a final statement, he is not looking forward to 2011. link. While all of this is just one more or less ranfom opinion, I think it is interesting to read. The less-than-stellar communication from WotC sounds awfully familiar, btw.

LMAO that is my FLGS

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KilroySummoner wrote:

Considering one of the top DPR classes situationally can do 5d6+3d4+64 non-crit damage in one round at level 5 (all full round attack hits hasted etc), situational damage of +10d6 at level 20 is a joke. This game is all about BAB, and rogue is the poorest of the damaging classes.

Situational damage is very unreliable, I probably average about 1/3 to 1/4 of my potential damage in a round (which still way outdamages a rogue). Melees are often screwed by the single vs full attack discrepancies.

How do you get that much damage at level 5?!

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
Hit Die is tied to BAB in Pathfinder. To keep a d6 HD, the Rogue would have to be downgraded to 1/2 BAB.

1d12 HDs

3d10 HDs
5d08 HDs
2d06 HDs

1 8+Skill
2 6+Skill
3 4+Skill
5 2+Skill

Seems a little skewed in my opinion. =\

In this aspect the Ranger who gets a Full BAB gets 6+ and a Barbarian who gets a d12 and 4+ and a full BAB got the lucky end of that stick.

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
So my ogre fighters have to have gone to college?


Well the archtypical fighter went to fightery school and a barbarian grew up in a barbarian tribe.

You would think being a learned person they would get more skills, but the barbarians get more.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

With anyone able to find traps, and all skills open to all characters its the rogue, not the fighter, that seems to have lost there way. There used to be something special about being able to max out your ranks in spot, tumble, bluff and the "cool" skills, now anyone can do it.

Fighters can max out 2 of those skills, whereas the rogue still gets to max out all of those and more and get a +3 to all of them.

Rogues get 1/2 level on trap finding and disabling so i wouldn't say that they are marginalized.

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Torinath wrote:
Maestr0 wrote:

The only thing the poor fighter gets is Full Plate, Shields, d2 more HP, and 5 more BAB.
How does this qualify as a rules question?

Why does the rogue getting a bigger Hit Die fair for the fighter. He already has plenty of other good perks, why did he need a bigger Hit Die.

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Kierato wrote:
Huh, so did I. What am I thinking of? Maybe the swashbuckler...

Complete Warrior? Those had d10.

Completely looked them over in the APG, I thought the SRD would have had them listed I was wrong. Nor did I notice that the gloves give a +2 on the weapon training. Cool item.

But it isn't JUST the ability to hit stuff. If he is supposed to be the master of learned fighting then why does he only have 2 skill points. If you give him more INT to get more he has to lose some stats somewhere.
Granted both have a decent chance of failing Will saves, but the rogue gets a few talents to help out of some sticky situations.

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Kierato wrote:
Rangers have been a d10 HD since 3.5 at least, maybe even 3.0.

Nope I just looked it up and they have d8

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Where are these gloves of the duelist you speak of.

I personally love fighters and it just annoys me that rogues just step on fighters toes all the time.
Really the fact that that Rangers and Rogues got a step up in HD and that they both have loads more skills than fighters just makes me sad for fighters.

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But at the same token the rogue gains an additional 10d6 damage and a save or die effect on sneak attacks.

The Fighter gets DR 5/- at 19th level, a paltry amount at that late in the game IMO.

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Kierato wrote:

"5 more BAB"= 1 more attack a round

They receive a rogue talent every even level, they are more specific than feats, feats in many cases are better.
The damage bonus can't always be applied and cannot be applied to everything, as opposed to the fighter bonus.
Fighters get reduced penalties for fighting in medium/heavy armor

I guess my problem is that Fighters really didn't get the boost some other classes did and the rogue is just encroaching more and more on the fighters melee combat shtick.

Also the chance for that last attack to actually hit are usually pretty slim =\

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So I just now noticed that Rogue receive d8 Hit Die, isn't that a little absurd.
They receive a Rogue Talent almost every even level which are almost equal or in some cases ARE feats.
Receive 6 more Skill Points per level.
Get an additional d6 damage every even level compared to the +1 to hit and damage the fighter gets every 4ish levels.

The only thing the poor fighter gets is Full Plate, Shields, d2 more HP, and 5 more BAB.

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So I looked it up and Pathfinder debuted at Position 2 in Q3 2009 and has stayed there until they tied in q3 2010 where they tied up with D&D.

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OHHHHH I understand.

So each printing has it's own errata that is are all updated to bring it up to the most recent printing I got ya.

Turns out I have a First Printing.

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RunebladeX wrote:
And if some players worship NO god then why would any random god bring there soul back, they wouldn't.

I see no reason that there wouldn't be some god out there who would not see the possibility of greatness in an individual bring them back after having them talk to an avatar or some such; making them suddenly believe very strongly about the god that saved them.

Could make for an interesting RPG of the character becoming very strongly religious after his near death experience
Or of course a god could just extend the coma and visit them during such and cause the same sort of reaction.

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Unless you want to give the non magic casters artifact weapons, out right replacing stat increase items is a problem.
The Magic Casters can just use spells to up their stats whereas the non are left out to dry.
The amulet of Mighty Fists is for unarmed attacks and natural weapons; Unless you change that as well.
I just think that in the long run the weapon based classes always suffer the most when it comes to not letting classes have items, but that is just me.

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I have a print copy that I bought from a FLGS some time ago and realized that I saw what I thought was an error so to use errata I need to know my print edition and I have no idea what printing it is. How do I tell?
Also do I use all the erratas that come after my printing or only the most recent one?

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