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Sara Marie wrote:
"does not put backers' prospects of receiving miniatures from Ninja Division's kickstarter campaign at further risk. "

A fine sentiment but I'm not sure how our chances of receiving any figures can drop below 0%.

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And now I'm in the situation that, even if by some miracle I got my all-in pledge, I no longer want it.

The window in which I could have started a Starfinder campaign with my group has passed.

Frankly, I'm now so soured on a whole system for which I was originally really enthusiastic that I wouldn't run a campaign even if the opportunity arose.

If selling pre-painted miniatures raises funds to fulfil KS orders then I can't say that I mind. I suspect, however, that isn't the case and we're doomed never to receive anything.

I was holding off until I received the miniatures to start running a Starfinder campaign for my group. Now, I fear, the moment has passed.

I'm a UK backer, I went all in on the ND Starfinder Masterclass KS and now expect that I have lost my money.

I was really keen on Starfinder and bought just about every Paizo and 3rd party product for it. Now I've gone right off it and, although I know its only peripherally your fault, Paizo as well.

Also, why are there Starfinder Masterclass miniatures for sale on Paizo's Store??

I left my download running overnight (UK time) and, after 7 hours it had managed to download only 60.3MB and indicated that the download still had over a day to run(!)

Needless to say this is disappointing.