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Player perspective: simply awful

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I played last night in the 1-2 tier, and was so either bored or alternately frustrated that I'm taking the time to write a review. I originally typed a lengthy review which got "eaten", so I'll settle for this adventure is god-awful terrible for most players.

It's boring, gimmicky, and has very little to find in what's supposedly an "investigation" sandbox adventure. We all survived - which apparently is an abnormality, because unless you have a paladin in your party or are able to somehow solve one of the particular mysteries (see: gimmicky) the BBG is pretty much impossible to kill at this tier. The only saving grace to this is that you don't actually have to do so to complete the mission, but many players won't be able to complete their Faction mission.

The GM of my table, and all the other GMs, were continually exclaiming how wonderful the scenario is and how much they love it and it's the best scenario for PFS ever. If that's the case I'm done with PFS because I absolutely couldn't stand it and the only reason I didn't walk out on the table after three hours was because I didn't want leave the other players with even less of a chance of successfully completing it.