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Preliminary post for 'dot'-ing.

Some years ago, Azrenar, a cleric of Maramaga, Scythe-mother and Queen of Rot, petitions the king of Maerh-Varza to build a great temple to the ancient goddess. In great fury, the king seeks to put the offensive cleric and his followers to the sword and nearly succeeds. His follower’s dead bodies line the roads to Maerh-Varza and the cleric Azrenar curses the king, declaring bloody vengeance.

Hi! Now that we have a common place for discussion, here are the proposed guidelines for character creation and a few of the "bigger" items that will impact gameplay.

Because I’m “efficient”, see GM Blood’s Rappan Athuk (link) application guidelines regarding races and racial/character build points. All classes are allowed, as is any alignment. I have two requirements, however:

  • Standard Action summoning summons a creature that is not bound to your will and is fully independent. Commanding the creature to aid you is an Immediate action that requires a Diplomacy or Handle Animal skill check against a starting attitude of Hostile. If you succeed, the creature acts as written in existing Pathfinder rules.
  • Evil/CN alignment characters need to have a reason to stick with and support the rest of the party at all times.

So if you really want to play a CE Summoner, go ahead – but don’t expect to do much.

Other than that, the door is wide open: two traits, 1000 gp, etc. Any Pathfinder or Pathfinder-Compatible character option published to is permitted. Hero Points will also be used; characters start with one, and may have up to two earned at times of Level Advancement. I reserve the discretion to award a bonus Hero Point for truly heroic actions. Since the "best" use of Hero Points is to avoid death, expenditure of one Point leaves the character in negative Hit Points but stable - but with a Debilitating Blow in a location to be rolled on the Called Shots variant ruleset in Ultimate Combat (lethal results will be re-rolled). Two Hero Points will avert death without permanent effects. Other than that, I’m open to suggestions for what you guys have to say. I anticipate changes will have to be made (particularly if my proposed house rules are unpopular), in which case I will use the Campaign Info tab to keep only the current information.

A paragraph or two of character background will also be ueful, if only to aid me in how the NPCs will react to your characters.

It is my intent to allow you a week to plan and synergize your characters and their class features and abilities, and hopefull begin gameplay next weekend (October 18-20). This adventure is heavy with undead with elements of exploration and investigation, so plan accordingly.