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I am curious as to whether a dev ever saw this. Power Armor really needs all the help it can get, especially with a certain class option coming in COM and being focused on Power Armor.

So can I purchase, for instance, a level 7 Battle Harness or not? If so, at what price do I buy it?

Ok so what about from the other direction. If I spend a move action to grant my drone mount a standard action on its turn per the Master Control rules, my drone can still use its move action to move and the Standard I gave it to fire. Whereas in the other scenario it wouldn't be able to move and fire if I spent my move action moving.

So then is there a point to moving your (the drone's) speed on your turn when you can just ready an action to fire after the drone has moved?


I'm not sure if this is still the way this is done, but if it is, I'd like to cancel my subscription to the Starfinder Society Scenario subscription.

I am also curious as to why this is the way to do this, and why there is not instead just a way to cancel it through my profile (this seems to be the case, anyways; if I'm wrong I will take my lumps).

Thank you!

Hello! The Stellifera Hydrobody states that it gives the stellifera "the ability to wield weapons and wear clothing and armor as a Medium creature." However, the rules in the Core Rulebook pg 196 say of Armor Size: "Armor comes in different sizes for different creatures, and you might have to adjust a suit of armor to fit you if it wasn't made for your race." This implies that you could have a suit of armor made for a Stellifera's Diminutive body (at no extra cost, contrary to weaponry). So this means I can get a Diminutive set of armor, cool.

Now, is it too much to assume that because I am forming a Hydrobody *around* my Stellifera's corporeal form, that the my Stellifera can simply stay in his Diminutive suit of armor and still gain its armor bonus? I find it very hard to believe that, in a world where a telekinetic cuttlefish can surround itself with water to make itself larger, that the hydrobody has to be wearing the suit of armor. It is effectively the same thing either way; the armor covers the hydrobody and protects the stellifera, or the armor covers the Diminutive (and vital) form of the Stellifera and protects it that way.

That said, I can see how mechanically, it would be intended that a Stellifera's hydrobody has to have Medium-sized armor to gain any Armor Bonus in hydrobody form. I am just looking for clarification. Thank you!

Also my two cents for at least the issue that Shaudius mentioned with not being able give the Drone a Swift action unless you first give it a Move, would be to simply errata that you *can* give a drone your swift action on its own to give it a Swift action on its turn. That would make a good deal of the Hover Drone hovering issue go away.

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Was there any progress on this question? I'm building a Hover Drone Mechanic and am interested in a more in-depth exploration of the modifications (if any) that a hover Drone gets to existing Acrobatics systems for flying.

Also @Pithica, that note about Free Hands allowing you to Trick/Full attack with handcannons blew my mind and made me much more excited than I originally was. Seeing the Unwieldy tag seemed to doom my operative to not being able to using the hand cannons.

The opacity and shifting around of the shipment schedule for this book (as a subscriber) has convinced me to not subscribe next time. I'll just sit tight and order the PDF on release day instead of hoping that I arbitrarily get chosen to have my book shipped first. I understand why they are unable to drop all the Subscriber PDFs at once, but it doesn't make it any better seeing others already with their PDFs while I just twiddle my thumbs, having committed to paying the same amount of money as them.


Oh ok, I misunderstood then. So right now, I could GM 1-10 and earn a chronicle for my halfling that I made with the 1-10 boon? And then depending on the ruling, I could just apply the +2 to my halfling once it's ruled yes or no.


Wouldn't it though? If I made a halfling using the 1-10 boon, then GM-ed it and applied it to that same halfling for credits, xp, fame, and rep, and this decision was overturned, I would then no longer be able to count that entire chronicle sheet towards my halfling, correct? Since the ruling that would overturn this would be saying that you can't apply the chronicle to the character because it's already been applied throught he halfing admittance boon.


And as has been quoted as a point of concern before, it incentivizes GM-ing scenarios more often by then giving GMs a nice little buff to one of their legacy race characters.
Edit: I also think that Nefreet's situation is something that should take paramount consideration. They are certainly not the only one who has taken Thurston's words as gospel and developed a character on the idea that it's allowed. That second boon and its accompanying chronicle sheet are now part of the series of chronicle sheets attached to a character. If this ruling is overturned, it could be a nightmare for those players who have had new chronicle sheets afterwards to rearrange things, not to mention the loss of experience, credits, fame, and rep earned through the second sheet that won't be easy to take out of accounts in most cases. It will invalidate many characters created under one interpretation.


One could argue that with the rumored freeing of legacy races to be chosen for character creation sometime after Gencon, that all of these boons are going to heavily lose value in rapid order. If that is actually coming down the line, that is. And if it does, all the better for people who are able to get a little boost to their legacy race characters.

Also, thank you Thursty. I know you have a ton on your plate right now, and that you'll get to this when you can.


This is both disappointing to learn that there has been a recent contradiction of the original ruling, and frustrating to follow. I hope that it works out in the Yes direction, but I do honestly understand if Thursty ultimately says no. But since you're only applying the Boon, I think there's argument for it to be allowed to be applied the second time.

Agreed, thank you Owen.

I am very interested in this question as well. Similarly to dwarves, it says Vesk get specialization in their natural weapons at 3rd level. I'm multiclassing at level 2 into a different class, meaning I won't get specialization from my main class until level 4 (not the point of this post). So I'm wondering, would my natural weapon specialization meet the requirement of having the weapon specialization feat for versatile specialization? I think that it should, due to the similarity of the language in the racial trait description and each class' level 3 specialization feature.