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Great detailed mini


This mini went together really well - arm was separate; it's quite detailed as well and very sturdy, well worth the money

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beautiful mini


this is really great mini, it was pretty easy to paint and well designed. You will need to be a bit careful with the staff, as like many metal minis, it's a little bendable.

The stance is well done and the clothing was a real joy to paint. Two thumbs up I love it!

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Very very cool


Or maybe I should say very very dangerous! We are enjoying it very much.

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Quest cards are of the most use


This may be more related to how we game, but we found the face cards not very useful. They don't add anything to the game, really. An exception might be the harder to describe NPCs.

The Item cards are pretty generic really, so you could use them in any campaign and supplement them with the other generic adventure cards if you wished.

The Quest cards are really cool and the main reason I bought these cards - they offer a physical reminder of what quest the party is on, with a short blurb about what its about and space on the back for notes.

To improve the cards, imo, I would have liked more item cards, fewer face cards.

As a minor note, aesthetically, the quest cards are very nicely done. I find all the other cards a little "cartoony" and not as well drawn. But everyone has their individual tastes and it may be these are just not to mine.

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Good details


I liked this mini very much, it has some great details and the pose is suitably heroic without being overly dramatic. My only problem was also the sword arm, it was quite difficult to attach. I ended up cutting a good bit of metal off to get the pieces to mesh and the angle of the blade was very awkward to attach (even though it looks great! what price art, eh?)

So it's worth it, but expect a bit of fuss.

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Very Well done


Really enjoyed the story and the voice acting was excellent. My only quibble might be in a few places the background was a little loud but all in all it was a very good bit of entertainment.