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Hullo! Bit behind here, I saw the goblin desks and I really love goblins so I'd like to pick up whatever would help make them playable. That is, the latest base set or whatever basic set is required.

However, I'm finding it a bit confusing so I figured I'd ask for advice!

What do I need to play with the cute Goblin decks, and the game, in general?

Appreciate the help!

Apologies for the thread necro, but this was the most relevant thread I found as I am also wondering about these.

I could have sworn I saw a pawn collection for the Emerald Spire. But maybe I'm mistaken.

In any case, is there any way or place that these are available?

You guys rock! ^_^

Got my maps, just in time for our Thursday night RPG night. Kids love em, I love em. No more trying to read the map on the side of the last cat who sat on my dry erase markered map :P

Ah I see, I totally missed that part! sorry =/

Can you put the goblin commando in the sidecart (for later) then and ship the rest?

Thanks very much for your help!

hullo! My order's been sitting in pending since I placed it on Monday, if there is anyway to at least get the Emerald Spire maps shipped, I'd appreciate it! Otherwise please let me know what's up - thanks! :)

would really like a view of the inside/pouches etc before I try to order a $50 bag (when it's off backorder)

Trying to get a handle on the particulars for this AP series as we're fixing to run it after we finish Mummy's mask.

I didn't see anything in a search of the forums about the making of arrowheads or bolts out of Inubrix - that is, a) would it be allowed by the mechanics and b) more importantly, how would you deal with it?

I read it in this way, that one can make, essentially, make armor piercing arrows with it. That is, they would ignore armor of all kinds (I'm assuming here, I didn't read of a counter to the phase shifting of Inubrix). Of course, then I'm thinking - what would actually stop them? Or would you just assume some random damage based on how long they likely were in the target? Because I doubt the arrow would stop in the target... unless the wood of the shaft had something to do with that.

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just wanted to give a minor note about the new thumbnail pics of items on our orders, in the list - I really like it :) Thank you for adding them, it helps me remember what I've bought/am buying.

Lisa Stevens wrote:
John Kretzer wrote:
Ah...I thought hardcover were a little more expensive to make due the materials used in the cover and differrent bindings...but I will bow to your superior knowledge in this.

To be perfectly fair, it does cost a little bit more to make a hardcover, but only a few cents per book. Not enough to really materially affect the price, which is of course what most people want to change when they request a softcover over a hardcover. At best, you might see a lower price of a buck. And what is the difference between $29.99 vs. $28.99?

The only way to get this book cheaper is to make it a smaller number of pages, and that would defeat the purpose of the book by not allowing us to provide the content that is needed. We made it as small as we could to keep the price as low as we can.


Really looking forward to this book - and as someone who tends to collect a LOT of RPG books, I much much prefer the hardcovers and do pay more for them. They simply last longer.

It does seem strange that the price difference isn't more pronounced between softcover and hardcover, not due so much to the cover but the binding itself imo. Pages in well worn softcover books tend to pull loose from the glue used to secure them. And while I know not very many publishers use the older binding methods for hardcovers (referring to the use of string or twine), still, the pages stay more secure even in a glue bound hardcover.

Ahhh I didn't get the whole attended thing (obviously) thanks for clearing that up!

Appreciate all the advice!

we're all new to pathfinder (obviously) so I'm just wanting more experienced GMs advice on the situation below.

little background: basically our sorceror thought he would use mage hand to control the shortbow of a goblin, ie - make it impossible for the goblin to use it hit the party. The goblin was within line of sight and close enough that I figured ok it'd work... but he would need to continue making concentration checks for the sustained effort, if he chose to continue controlling it. Is that about what you would do or is there another way or actual rules for use in such a situation?

I should note the goblin, quite rightly, decided to drop the bow and charge into melee range.

Anyway, feedback is appreciated, I'm still figuring this all out =)

I haven't gotten any of the materials yet, so I apologize if this is already covered/answered or is otherwise a dumb question ;)

The thing in particular I'm wondering about is the relationship between technology and magic (as used in the AP)?

My thought is like this - if anyone recalls, some time ago, there was a very good PC game called Arcanum which, very steampunky, involved both technology and magic in a kind of diametrically opposed relationship. That is, they didn't simply cancel each other out - they actively messed each other up. It's a bit like the Harry Dresden novels where the magic of the wizard ruins technology when he's around it.

Anyway, it made for some very interesting times, depending what path you took.

I don't expect, from what I've read of the descriptions thus far, for that to be quite the same case as Pathfinder seems more all inclusive (hence its beauty) but I was wondering if Iron Gods included anything similar to the above.

MagusJanus wrote:

We were playing Call of Cthulhu, and it was set in the city of Sarajevo. The current in-game date was June 28, 1914. To make it accurate for the location, all of the players were playing Serbs. And we were helping a guy named Gavrilo Princip hunt down a Mythos cult and had just uncovered evidence that a certain guy and his wife who liked really, really fancy clothes that we saw around a lot were behind the cult. What we didn't know was that the info was wrong.

Anyone familiar with that date, that city, or the guy we were helping can probably see where this is going.

So, rather than give the info to Gavrilo, we decided to handle it ourselves. Plus, we were kinda tired of him doing all of the important work and wanted to do it ourselves for once. Well, it turns out there was a good reason he was doing all of the important work...

Anyway, we used our credentials as being special investigators hired by the Austrian-Hungrian ruler to get access to the guy and his wife in private. Knowing how dangerous Mythos threats were and having talked our way out of trouble, we burst into the guy's bedroom and gunned down him and his wife.

The GM calmly informed us that we just assassinated Archduke Ferdinand and started World War 1.

Then the GM rolled initiative for the guards...

really think this takes the cake for the most epic twist ever lol

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I surely wouldn't mind more framework for RP elements in the AP. Things like more alternative ways to do things, aside from combat. I'm speaking of things like going through a trapped area, to sneak around a patrol - or what have you. I don't know how else to describe it, there are mechanics I set up in my home campaigns that rely on puzzle solving, with information to be had from various formats, including speaking with NPCs and such.

But anyway, just personally some things that would help me a bit, as a GM, in the AP would be possible a short hand description of the character of the variety of NPCs the party meets. In trying to keep the game within the framework of the background to Pathfinder's world I sometimes wonder if I am making the right decisions. A few more details on incorporated stories would help (the rumors for instance)

But I realize the onus is on the GM and obviously there's only so much room in the AP, and there are guides/helps like the campaign setting information.

Our group is fairly new to pathfinder and I'm still trying to learn the background and incorporate the 'world' that Pathfinder uses, I think a lot of my questions would be moot if I knew it better. And possibly, I'd be able to guide our group into more RP encounters and fewer combat encounters.

Perhaps it's simplistic, but since my group is made up of younger players (the oldest is 17), I tend to gloss over such things as wandering monsters - unless they've spent just an inordinately long time in one area or made their presence impossible to ignore. The combat encounters are just too long as it is, played out in our group particularly. (I don't mean that's a game fault, it's the maturity of the group.)

I wish I had some more concrete ideas for RP elements that would help in an AP setting. I guess it bears some more thought. I like the APs very much, thus far (we've played through one and a half). It's always good to improve things while recognizing their limits. I love the society/community of the Pathfinder forums because they are so obviously passionate about improving the game.

These are beautiful, artistically. I am wondering what they're made out of? I should find out soon as I ordered the folio but in the mean time I'm curious :) Anyone also know how well they last? ie - are they pretty tough or do we need to be fairly gentle with them?

We're still settling on how to do things, I think, especially as we have a group of kid players. I love the ideas in this thread, given me a lot to think about.

I tend to hate tracking XP, for one thing I'm not that fast at math, but I do also like to give small amounts for thinking outside the box, cooperating, good RPing - whatever helps advance the game because the guys are still learning.

I find giving out xp ingame tends to distract my players, and they get into omg kill that thing get more xp mode, much much easier.

I really like the idea of setting leveling points, assuming the party accomplished certain set goals. I may well run with that, at least for the majority and simply add minor xp awards along the way.

The one (not so) innovative thing I've done with my guys that they quite liked was awarding titles at the end of an adventure. As a kind of a remembrance of the adventure. My oldest for instance, playing a Rogue, must have checked dang near every ten feet for a trap ("Because I know you mom!" he said... lol) So I gave him the title 'Paranoid much?'

I do think I will work out a more formal way of doing this more often. I can see it can be worked into the game in a more RP fashion as well. It definitely tickled the players and served as a great reminder of their past.

I have to say regarding the Emerald Spire...



all of my guys were very excited when we got this and tried to steal the book right away. It was very endearing to see the gleam in their eyes when they realized what was in the box ^_^

@ Jester & Sword Emperor: you both have really great advice and ideas, I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" some ;) I can completely see my boys deciding they want to, for instance, mine the Emerald Spire lol

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plenty of great ideas in this, just to add my two cp...

I'd love to see a decent index. A comprehensive, index in each book - or maybe a standalone PDF since they're already printed.

Every gaming book I've seen has a very general index, it rarely covers more than the basics and certainly isn't good enough for specifics.

It's great that paizo has the PRD online, I appreciate it a LOT. But still, if I'm going to buy a hardcover rule book, please for the love of all things holy, fully index it.

Anyway, that's my personal pet peeve - so maybe not a great "expansion" but bookworms will love it :P

This sounds very very interesting and I know a player who'd be dying to play this :)

Pan wrote:
I usually lead my players by example when I GM. I have the world and NPCs react the way I'd like the players to. Its tough but if you can show an NPC doing something clever and creatively, maybe you can have the players latch onto that and try it themselves.

Thank you for the suggestion! That worked out pretty well in our last session, so here's hoping that going forward everyone will continue to enjoy and grow their characters!

I've seen a few threads, pretty old, so I didn't want to just necro one and ask my questions :)

basically this is @ anyone who is running a game for/with kids. My family and a friend's family play together, usually once a week, sometimes more (especially in the summer) and we're trying to introduce our kids to the time honored tradition of RPG'ing.

I'm looking for any advice regarding trying to get them to role play more and become better gamers. Right now they're basically just treating the game like an MMO or computer game. I'm running the Mummy's Mask right now with them and the boys are between 13 and 17.

To describe some of the problems we're encountering - we have one boy who's the rules lawyer type. I solved his interference by adding him as assistant GM (and he is actually a huge help, being as how he has a good portion of the core rulebook memorized).

Then we have the loner - he prefers to go off and do his own thing. His actions usually consist of running away from any fights and letting his "friends" take care of it, even when they're clearly winning. So far we've tried to coax him into being a bit more of a team player to keep the whole game advancing, while giving him a less xp for encounters he didn't do anything about. Maybe if he fails to advance he'll find incentive to help the group?

We have two boys who're essentially playing the same way - they're trying to RP sortof... but not really separating what their character thinks from what they, the player, think. They seem to get very frustrated easily with the game and I end up giving them a LOT of direction as to what to look for.

The remaining boy is having trouble in general engaging with the game - he's playing a wizard and either picked the wrong spells, or can't decide how to get them into play. He's resistant to changing his character, and I'm not sure it's really helpful for him to do so.

I know a lot of this is on me, I need to help shepherd them better, but it's a far different scenario from a traditional, adult group of players and I really wasn't ready for the couching involved in this group.

We want the boys to just have fun with it, and to be able to advance through the scenario - we've had four sessions (typically three to four hours) and only gotten through the very first tomb of Akhentepi! Even though we don't mind the slow pace I think everyone wants to see *some* progress lol

Anyway, any hints or clues or "this is how I did it" ideas are welcome =) We love the pathfinder system and especially the mummy's mask adventure :)

Thanks in advance =)

I'm wondering if any other mini lover out there has found any minis to work with the Mummy's mask setting? Principally some of the monster types but also some more egyptian style oriented adventurers. I've looked for a bit but not really seen anything specifically so I thought I'd ask y'all. I've not played a more egyptian oriented campaign before and I really have nothing in my hordes that suits.

If I do find anything, I'll update this too :)

Thanks for any help!

Ok, so this may not be a popular opinion, but while I love the map packs and find they're really great for those quick in between campaign mini-adventures, at the same time, it's easier just to use a reuseable, blank campaign map you draw on. Blank meaning but with the gridlines that is. A couple dry erasers and a decent mat (or flip map) and you're good to go. <shrugs> It might be more economical over time for you, the good mats aren't that cheap. But anyway just an option :)

One of the things that's stopped me from buying the pawns is ease of access and storage. Those are some really good ideas, I think I might take the stuff I got with the beginner box and try the folder/binder idea. I hate having to try to find the monster in question, but the kids really enjoy having the pawns to "kill" lol

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These are all awesome hehe

My group went with The Sand Worms (or maybe Wyrms, not sure) They're all my friend's and mine's kids, 12, 13, 14, and 16 so I thought they did pretty good coming up with that.

I like a lot of the points made here. Rogues overall do tend to seem weaker in Pathfinder from what I've seen (not played very long yet though)

I've always enjoyed playing and running (as a GM) rogues because we tend towards trap-heavy games (anyone remember Grimtooth's Traps? ok our's aren't quite that bad but still ;)).

Whether pathfinder, d&d or just our house RPG rules. We tend to prefer scenarios where you get away with less, have to think more and tend to try other options before combat. So I think a lot of people's problem is with playstyle.

Anyway, just my two cents :)