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Hey all! I just picked the PDF of this volume up yesterday and I'm already in love. Potentially close to the same love I felt when I read through Hell's Rebels! This book is well worth the money, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the Adventure Path in the months to come. <3 <3 <3

That said, I haven't yet seen a player's guide for War for the Crown yet, and Crownfall is already referencing it. Will it be released soon? I'm actually surprised I haven't seen it by now. If I've missed something, please let me know. Thank you! ^_^()

KingOfAnything wrote:

A Duettist and her familiar can eventually maintain two performances at once.

The Prestige class is telling you that you cannot have both a bardic performance and another kind of performance active at the same time (unless you use a spell/ other power).

Thanks. I figured that out a little bit later after thinking about the wording a bit more. ^_^() I do appreciate all the responses!

I'd like to bring this question back to the forefront if I can. If there's been any rules updates that I'm missing in this post, please reply and let me know.

Right, I did see the spells mentioned in this forum already, but something is still confusing me about how many bardic performance types a bard can have going at one time. In the main rules for bardic performance, it states that "A bard cannot have more than one bardic performance in effect at one time." However, I'm looking at prestige classes like the Argent Dramaturge from the Adventurer's Guide which states that "An argent performance counts as a bardic performance when determining how many performances the argent dramaturge can have in effect at one time."

How can prestige classes like the Argent Dramaturge or the Sphere Singer say that they stack to determine how many performances a character can have in effect at one time if the regular bardic performance essentially doesn't allow a character to have multiple types of performances going at one time? ^_^()

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Ooh, I love this kind of discussion! For me, it would have to be either Desna or Shelyn if we're talking about the main pantheon. Desna's been my fave for a long time since I came to Pathfinder from 3.5 and other TTRPGs. I love her imagery of butterflies and the night sky, and I've been falling in love with some of her teachings, especially as presented in Inner Sea Gods. Along with that, I'm something of a world traveller and love learning about other cultures. Previously, I've mainly been attracted to moon-aspected deities like Sehanine back in the Greyhawk pantheon or Selune in Forgotten Realms, but Desna's the closest I've found in Pathfinder's main pantheon. And she's still quite awesome.

That being said, Shelyn's been starting to get my attention more, both because I consider myself an amateur artist and writer AND because I've been lucky in love recently (in a very happy and healthy long distance relationship for well over a year now). Along with that, Shelyn's story is extremely moving.

If we're counting the Empyreal Lords, I've really gotten to like a lot of them, but Ashava and Seramaydiel are my two faves. ^_^

My apologies! I didn't see your response until now. Currently thinking 10 levels. Have you seen the stats or heard of any of the PrCs I'm using as inspiration? I am thinking of requiring 1 or 2 bardic masterpieces for entry.

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I've been a fan of Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 for a long time, and I'm now starting to fall further in love with the Bard, particularly with some of the options given for the Bard in Pathfinder like the various archetypes and bardic masterpieces. With this in mind, I've been a bit sad that (at least from what I've seen) there haven't been many prestige classes designed with the Bard in mind and decided it might be fun to make one of my own. To that end, I've found some inspiration in both the Seeker of the Song from 3.5's Complete Arcane and the World Singer from the d20 supplement Quintessential Bard (along with other features in that book). The concept involves mastering performances capable of various magical effects, and one of the prerequisites would likely be taking one or two Bardic Masterpieces.

That being said, I'm at a loss for how to make the Arcane Songspinner (working title) a well-balanced and engaging prestige class. The two main inspirations I have seem quite under-powered. The Seeker of the Song grants no spellcasting bonus (i.e. no new spells per day or spell known), and the World Singer only gives it every two levels. Along with that, I'm not exactly sure what else to add for class features aside from the new songs (essentially new bardic performance types). I could really use the help in developing this! ^_^()

Drejk wrote:

A bit different take on Witcher-as-Ranger archetype, designed while bathing yesterday after I posted. Now I see that I should post it immediately after designing it as now I have to compete with Stereofm work ;)

Witcher (Ranger Archetype)

Skills: Add Acrobatics (Dex) and Knowledge [arcane]. Remove Handle Animal (Cha) and all Crafts and Professions except Craft [alchemy] (Int) and Profession [herbalism] (Wis).
Weapon And Armor Proficiency: Witchers do not gain medium armor proficiency nor are they proficient with shields.
Dodge: Witchers gain Dodge as a bonus feat on first level. This ability replaces Wild Empthy feature.
Favored Enemy: Due to their focused training Witchers have to select Aberrations, Magical Beasts, Ooze, Plant, Undead or Vermin as their first favored enemy.
Monster Knowledge: Witchers add half their level to all Knowledge checks made to recognize monsters and identify their abilities and weaknesses (minimum bonus of +1). Witchers can make such Knowledge checks untrained and may take 10 on such checks even when distracted or hurried. This ability replaces Track.
Combat Style: Witchers are usually trained in Two Weapon Fighting or Two Handed Weapon style. Witchers cannot use their Combat Style feats while wearing medium or heavy armor.
Iron Will: Witchers gain Iron Will as a bonus feat after reaching third level. This ability replaces Endurance.
Mutation: Witchers gain low-light vision (or ability to see three times as normal in dim light if they already have low-light vision) and immunity to normal disease after reaching third level. They gain one additional mutation on 8th level and every five levels thereafter selected from the list below:
Darkvision with 60 feet range or 60 feet increase to range of existing darkvision.
Heartless: +4 bonus to saving throws against mind-affecting effects.
Immutable: +4 bonus to saving throws against petrification, polymorphy and other transmutation...

This is probably one of the best witcher archetypes I've seen so far! As much as I can see why folks would want to go for inquisitor or alchemist, Geralt and other witchers tend to rely much more on physical fighting and their mutations, so it makes sense to me that ranger would be the base. Especially when you consider how Geralt tracks the monsters (and other things) in Witcher 3. My only suggestion is that the base signs could possibly be a little bit stronger to match what we see in the game. Still, I'm guessing that's what the augment sign extracts are for and we wouldn't want it to be too OP. Still! Love it! ^_^

Dragon78 wrote:
Maybe we will finally get the fey version of polymorph spells.

Oh man, I hope so. I really, really, really, REALLY want those spells. Plus they'd be perfect for this new base class idea I've got... ^_^

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

1-11-13 update: New Spell

** spoiler omitted **

The rumors say this spell was developed by a light green unicorn Maestro Sorceress with an unusual obsession.

Haha, I think Pinkie Pie might have you beat there in the canon. Or at least one of her clones did. Anypony remember this? ^_^

BTW: Love the ideas for Solaria, Selena and Pandemonius. I've actually been braintstorming humanized versions of the mane 6, Spike and the CMC for a regular Pathfinder game, complete with new names. Though Pinkie Pie as a character concept keeps jumping back and forth between a gypsy, a pirate and a tavern-owner. ^_^()

Sorry if that seemed a bit random, but I just read through this thread and was wow'd by all the awesomeness, so I had to dot it.

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Sketchpad wrote:
Like Ultimate Campaign, my bookshelf awaits this book eagerly.

And there's the connection to make.

Ultimate Campaign is going to be filled with TONS of awesome new character options. This book brings those options to players and characters campaigning in Golarion.

As folks get more insight into Ultimate Campaign I think the role of and placement for this book will become increasingly apparent.

Oh wow, this next year is gonna be awesome!! ^_^ Just out of curiosity. I know caravan rules probably won't find themselves in Ultimate Campaigns, but do you think they'll be in this Player Companion? Given how much Varisian caravans are discussed in Pathfinder setting material, I'd think they'd make a small appearance and maybe get some expansion. If not, that's okay: caravan rules are already available in the Jade Regent Player's Guide, and this book will probably find its way into my PDF library anyways ^_^

Ellestil wrote:
I really would like to see the ship combat rules added in a chapter for this book if possible. Those rules always are handy to have.

Ooh! All for that! I've been in a bit of a pirate obsession lately (though I've not been able to get Skulls and Shackles stuff yet due to budget concerns), so it'd be nice to see ship combat stuff. I'm a little sad caravan stuff won't be in, but it's included in the free Jade Regent player's guide, so I doubt that'll be much of a problem. ^_-

Also interested in the story feats ^_^

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Ooh! Yay! My favorite Pathfinder goddess ^_^

Pretty much everything Martiln and Mikaze have said already holds true for any cleric or worshiper of Desna, whether or not they're traveling in Ustalav. There is at least one thing I'd like to add though, particularly given the nature of the Carrion Crown adventure path (I've looked through a few of the installments, though I will refrain from saying anything about them so as not to spoil anything for you ^_-). In Ustalav, horror is basically part of life. There's a lot of superstition and fear regarding the country's past, and when you look at it, it's pretty clear why. However, I did find one thing in Faiths of Purity that's definitely worth mentioning, and I believe it will definitely apply to what you'll probably encounter in this campaign (provided you don't do what my normal gaming crew does and screw over the plot for a few hours of amazing and glorious chaos and hilarity ^_^).

The line reads, "You do not seek out pain or horror specifically, but you are able to place such things in their proper context without being forever scarred." Basically, you roll with whatever punches life throws your way and work through the situations to reach a good end. And, when all's said and done, you're able to deal with what happened and not let the consequences ruin your life. Even as an eternal optimist, you know there's still some pain in life, but you deal with it the best you can and keep moving towards the hope and joy you're seeking. And in most of these scenarios (assuming things unfold this way), remember this: if nothing else, you guys made it out alive and hopefully in one piece. There's some joy to be found in that. ^_^

If you don't have Faiths of Purity already, at least grab the PDF version. It's influenced a lot of my characters (most if not all of whom worship Desna), and I personally enjoy it as a resource. ^_- The old Gods and Magic supplement still provides some good insight, and the second Rise of the Runelords adventure path installment featured Desna. Both of those could be worth a look as well. Good luck!! ^_-

Had no idea you were in Britain, Marc. Kinda jealous ^_^

Anyone seen our fearless DM recently?

Eh, not that I've really seen, to be honest. Illusionists just don't really seem to get a lot of love from either Pathfinder or 3.5, at least from what I've seen. I could see some of the Varisian Wanderers or scholars from one of the arcane colleges around Golarion or from White Grotto in Absalom, but nothing aside from that. But it's all cool. I make do with what I have, and I can still pull off a very effective illusionist. ^_^ Still, it would be nice to see Paizo give the illusionist some more options. Just saying ^_-

Yay, yay, yay, yay, YAY!!!! ^_^ I am so looking forward to this book (and, like many who already posted, August in general, despite the strain it'll put on my broke college graduate wallet). One quick question, and this is just a yes/no question that doesn't require anyone to reveal any major content of this book: are there any good PrCs for illusionists? I love playing illusionist wizards, and I always get a little sad that there aren't more options available for my illusionist characters.

Actually, I've now got my eye on a +1 Frost rapier. Borum? That gonna be okay or should I keep looking? I'm fine either way ^_-

Hey, sorry I haven't been on in a while. Graduation was a b#$!+... that, and, to be honest, I'm not sure what I want for my loot. There's not much in any of the core books for under 2000 gold that's really catching my eye. Well, in general, I don't feel like there's a lot of Pathfinder stuff that really caters to illusionists, which sucks because they're so much fun to play, in my experience. ^_^ I'll keep looking and try to make a suggestion, but does anyone have any suggestions in the meantime?

Yeah, like I said, it's not perfect. But she has close to perfect hair for Serena and her face doesn't look half as ugly as the first one. ^_^

Character Profile updated for the level up ^_-

Also, if people are still down with adding another PC to the party, I've got a couple friends I could ask who would probably be interested. I'll talk to them and see if they'd be willing to come up with some character submission. ^_-

Serena actually has sleep already in her spellbook. She doesn't prepare it normally because enchantment is one of her opposition schools (she's not big on controlling the mind, though she saw usefulness in being able to make opponents fall asleep). Also, Haunted Fey Aspect is one of my fave cantrips in Ultimate Combat. ^_^

I'm also looking at various spell options, but I'm still not entirely decided (even without using supplements, I still have a hard time choosing spells for my characters-- one of the reasons I don't usually play characters with spells known, despite my great respect for them).

I'm totally up for continuing, with or without the new player. But let's wait and let our august GM make the final call ^_-

Creatures hit by Blinding Ray are blinded for 1 round. If they have more hit dice than Serena, they are instead Dazzled for 1 round. I forgot about Touch AC, so that's kinda sweet ^_^

Just to let you all know, I will be away from computer access this weekend (anime convention ^_^), so if you don't see me posting, please don't panic. ^_- I'll be back on Sunday. For right now, if Serena's turn comes up, she's still trying to tie Bors up or, if she succeeded, making sure he can't get loose.

Also, I'd be down for adding another PC, but it's up to our esteemed GM. I'm chill either way. ^_-

PS: Arjhann, I'll try to will you some of my dice karma to help with those stabilization checks. ^_^

Glad to have you back, Borum ^_^ I'm still excited about the campaign, and I can wait to see what's to come. ^_^

Hey, are people just getting really busy? Because no one's really posted in the gameplay forum in a while. And I haven't seen our DM post in a while. Borum, everything okay? o.O

Thanks DSX ^_^

Asian Studies and Studio Art double major with a China Studies concentration. Try saying that three times fast ^_^

Just realized thrush familiars, like raven familiars, can also speak one chosen language. I think I'm gonna have Lyrica speaking Sylvan. For some reason, I always like Sylvan the best. ^_^

Ooh. Thanks Ragathiel. I'm still a little new to all this. ^_^

Glad to have you, DSX! ^_^ On another note, Paizo's weirding out on me. Because I accidentally posted with my normal account alias then tried to edit it back to Serena's alias, the site now counts my regular alias as a character. Weirdness... @_@

@ Ragathiel:
Hahahahahahahaha!! ^_^ I can totally picture that. Yay for Monty Python!! ^_^

Whoo, so busy. Of course, that's what I get for taking two art classes and a seminar course this semester. ^_^ Okay...

Discussion Board Only:
DSX definitely gets a yes from me. Marc, his bard, has been one of my favorite new submissions, and a Songhealer could definitely prove useful. ^_^ If Galahad's rogue is still available for voting, I'm going to put forth a yes for him right now. This vote might be subject to change, as I haven't given it a thorough look-over, but I like what I've seen so far. In any case, I'm really glad more people are submitting character builds. ^_^

Will post in the gameplay thread very soon. ^_-

Discussion Board Only:

DSXMachina is the one I've been looking at and talking with the most on the recruitment board, and I like his Bard character quite a bit. As far as Galahad goes, I didn't really notice the stat-dumping, but his characters did seem kinda cool. And yeah, I haven't seen Waiph give any resubmissions, but I think he said in the recruitment forum that he's busy with other stuff right now. Hu5tru's characters looked cool too, but I haven't seen her posting too much, so I don't know.

I'm gonna look back over the submissions so far, but right now I'm undecided. I'll post again once I've got a good idea of how I feel about the submissions. In any case, most everyone looks pretty flexible as far as stats/builds go, which is good. We'll see what happens.

Wow I haven't posted in a while. So here's a few thoughts:

@ Galahad: If you're still interested in player a DEX oriented melee combatant, I did find a few things. There's a swashbuckler rogue archetype and a mobile fighter archetype (for fighters, obviously ^_^) in the APG. I actually used the mobile fighter archetype for my martial entry, and I really liked it. And with the swashbuckler archetype, you'd still get uncanny dodge, not to mention sneak attack and all the cool rogue talents. But yeah, I'd have a back-up martial build for Velik ready in the case that Borum doesn't allow the swashbuckler class from the Tome of Secrets.

@ DSX: I like the stats you've got for your characters, Marc in particular. I could see him as either a Dervish Dancer or a Songhealer. Salshar looked cool, but I find it weird that you could have a paladin of Pharasma. And Tal looks amazing, but Borum hasn't said anything more about barbarians in this campaign. May want to have a back-up build ready just in case. Other than that, I like everything you've got. ^_^

DSXMachina wrote:

Yep, that i did forget about the str bonus. I was thinking about at some point getting the 'Gory Finish' feat, so if (big if) he kills anyone then he gets a free intimidation check.

The dual wielding wouldn't be all the time, especially since he would mainly be a secondary combatant compared to the ranger & fighter. Thus could be setting up flanks, rather than going for the full-attack. Although the 2-weapon fighting feat should be purchased.

The alternate Archetype I was looking at for this PC was the Songhealer.

Ooh! A songhealer would be cool too. ^_^ The bard just has a ton of cool archetypes ^_^ Don't worry too much about taking two weapon fighting. I only mentioned it because your attack roll bonuses for both the scimitar and the kukri looked a little scary. But it's your character and your call. ^_-

Sweet! A dervish dancer bard! It's actually one of my favorite bard archetypes. ^_^

Just one question, though, DSX. Are you planning on dual-wielding the scimitar and kukri? If you are, you might want to consider (and this is just a suggestion; you don't have to do this) switch out one of your current feats for Two-Weapon fighting. The only other thing I can see is that you might've forgotten to add your strength bonus to the damage rolls for each weapon. Otherwise, I like the looks of Marc. ^_^

And don't worry too much that the battle dance abilities only affect you. I don't see that as much of a problem. ^_-

Ragathiel wrote:
Actually Lunar ^^ I think we three are supposed to post on the gameplay thread of us arriving at the village :) Seems like the perfect oppertunity for Serena to jump into, I have to do a bit more on this crap Fafsa but will have Arjhann's intro gameplay post up soon :)

I know, Ragathiel. I'll be posting that soon. ^_- I'm really busy too, what with Taiko drumming and working on stuff for my ceramics final, plus a 20 page seminar paper. College can be a $$#%* sometimes. ^_^ Good luck with the FAFSA.

Just looked back through the threads, and I don't see anything specifically saying barbarians aren't allowed in this campaign. Borum did seem on the fence about it in the discussion thread, so a back-up martial entry may be a good idea, DSX. But I liked Tal and Marc quite a bit. Salshar's entry confused me a little bit, but she seems cool too. Just one quite note: I think it's hedonite, not hedonist. Either way, I can't wait to see their stats. ^_^

Looking forward to seeing more characters!! (and getting pretty excited about Serena, my wizard character ^_^)

Discussion Board only!!:

Sorry I'm a little late with this, but I was going to change my vote to no as far as Benoit goes. He had good ideas, but yeah, he doesn't seem to either understand or accept the specifications. To be honest, I like Borum's ruling about archetypes. It doesn't make any sense to me to have two or more. I feel kinda bad, since I said in the other thread I'd vote in favor of him. But that's the way things go. I'd be happy to see him submit new ideas, though.

Borum, good luck with the job search!

@ Borum: Ruling accepted. Having two archetypes still doesn't make any sense to me, even if the rules (outside of this campaign, anyway) say it can.

@ Hu5tru: I like your characters a lot. I just have one question about Darshee, your arcane entry. Shouldn't Craft (music) be one of the perform skills? Or does she actually write music?

I'm assuming we're talking about Benoit? And thanks for the info, Borum. This really helps ^_^

I like both Banil and Ithalin, and I'd be happy to see either in the party. But I gotta admit that it did weird me out a little when I saw Ithalin with two archetypes. Didn't know that was even possible. He might need a little editing there, but in any case, you have my vote, Benoit. ^_^

@ Borum:

I'm sorry to hear about what happened last night. ='( Apart from your injuries, are you and your friend okay?

Hey Borum, real quick. Any notes on the pantheon for this world, or is it the same as in the CRB? Just wanted to check.

Also, let me know whenever the wizard academy stuff is up. I don't want to rush you, but I'm getting really excited. ^_^

Yeah, the wording is kinda confusing. One thing I can say for sure is that I did screw up calculating Tessara's attack bonus with the rapiers. Each one should've been +1 instead of +3.

If she had a dagger or other light weapon in her off hand instead of another rapier, it would've been +3. And I could easily see Tessara fighting florentine style ^_^ (florentine style= one handed weapon in primary hand, dagger in the off hand)

Raventhorn wrote:
Yeah actually you cant dual wield rapiers lunar they are martial one handed weapons :) can always go rapier and short-sword though :)

Huh, weird. I actually looked through the CRB last night, and I couldn't find anything that told me you can't dual-wield rapiers. Not to mention I've seen some movies and other stuff where characters are dual-wielding rapiers. But oh well. ^_^

Glad to be joining you guys! Like I said in the recruitment forum, I'm planning on playing Serena, my wizard character (been dying to play her for ages). I'll get her alias made and posted ASAP. ^_^

All right! I'm finished! Okay, here they are. And thanks again to those who pointed out my mistakes in calculating skills. I checked the CRB again and confirmed that the +3 bonus only applies to class skills the characters have put ranks in. I've adjusted Serena and Chandra accordingly and made sure I didn't make the same mistake with Tessara.

Serena Eventide:

-Female NG Imperial Human Wizard
-average height and build, black hair, light skin, deep blue or purple eyes, enjoys wearing blue and purple clothing, prefers silver jewelry, a few small cosmic-themed tattoos
*recently graduated from an arcane college or university
*is fascinated with astronomy, stars, planets, etc.
*also loves art, magic, travel and music
*somewhat more ignorant of the political intrigue (finds it too complex and often depressing)
*possibly worships a deity with a portfolio pertaining to the Moon and stars (originally Desna from the core pantheon)
-Favored Class: Wizard
-STR 12, DEX 14, CON 12, INT 17 (19 with racial bonus), WIS 14, CHA 15
-HP: 7 (6 on the d6 roll, +1 from her CON modifier)
-AC: 12 (touch 12, flat-footed 10)
-Fort Save: +1, Ref Save: +2, Will Save: +4
-Initiative: +2
-Speed: 30 ft
-Melee Attacks: rapier +2 (1d6+1, 18-20/x2)
(You said casting types get a proficiency in either the longsword, rapier or lance in an earlier post, so I chose the rapier for Serena)
-Feats: Spell Focus (Illusion), Weapon Finesse
-Skills: (Skill Ranks= 2+4 INT mod + 1 favored class + 1 human bonus rank)
*Appraise= +4 INT mod
*Craft(any)= +4 INT mod
*Diplomacy= +3 (2 CHA mod +1 from being an Imperial human)
*Fly= +2 DEX mod
*Knowledge (Arcana)= +8 (3+4 INT mod+1 rank)
*Knowledge (Geography)= +8 (3+4 INT mod+1 rank)
*Knowledge (History)= +8 (3+4 INT mod+1 rank)
*Knowledge (Local)= +8 (3+4 INT mod+1 rank)
*Knowledge (Nature)= +8 (3+4 INT mod+1 rank)
*Knowledge (Religion)= +8 (3+4 INT mod+1 rank)
*Linguistics= +4 INT mod
*Perform (Wind)= +3 (2 CHA mod+ 1 rank)
*Spellcraft= +8 (3+4 INT mod+1 rank)
*specialty: Illusion
*school powers: Extended Illusions, Blinding Ray 7/day (3+4 INT mod)
*opposition schools: Enchantment, Necromancy
*Cantrips: all from CRB except for Daze, Bleed, Disrupt Undead and Touch of Fatigue
*1st Level spells (3+4 from INT mod): Color Spray, Disguise Self, Magic Missile, Detect Secret Doors, Detect Undead, Shield, Sleep

Chandra Terpsichore:

-Female NG or CG Half-Elf Oracle of the Heavens
*Taking Ancestral Arms Alternate Racial Trait for half-elves, choosing the shortbow, replaces adaptability racial trait
-golden brown long wavy hair, green eyes, light skin, primarily dresses in hues of purple (along with silver and gold)
*originally intended to be a scholar by her parents
*parents eschewed religion while Chandra embraced it
*randomly developed divine abilities and magic
*fearing rejection from her parents, she ran away from home
*worships/pays respect to any deity associated with the Heavens mystery (originally Desna, Gozreh, Pharasma and Sarenrae as stated in the APG)
-STR 12, DEX 14, CON 14, INT 14 (with +2 racial bonus), WIS 15, CHA 17
-HP: 8 (6 on the d8 roll + 2 CON mod)
-AC: 12 (touch 12, flat-foot 10)
-Fort Save: +2, Ref Save: +2, Will Save: +4
-Initiative: +3 (2 DEX mod+1 from Warrior Priest Feat)
-Speed: 30 ft.
-Melee Attack: quarterstaff +1 (1d6+1, x2)
-Ranged Attack: shortbow +2 (1d6+1, x3) (Ancestral Arms racial trait)
-Feats: Warrior Priest (from UM)
-Skills (skill ranks=4+2 INT mod+1 favored class rank):
*Craft(any)= +2 INT mod
*Diplomacy= +7 (3+3 CHA mod+1 rank)
*Fly= +2 DEX mod
*Heal= +6 (3+2 WIS mod+1 rank)
*Knowledge(History)= +6 (3+2 INT mod+1 rank)
*Knowledge(Religion)= +6 (3+2 INT mod+1 rank)
*Perception= +6 (3+2 WIS mod+1 rank)
*Sense Motive= +6 (3+2 WIS mod+1 rank)
*Spellcraft= +6 (3+2 INT mod+1 rank)
*mystery: Heavens
*curse: Haunted (grants Mage Hand and Ghost Sound orisons at 1st level)
*orisons at will, 4 1st level spell slots/day
*orisons known: Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Spark (from APG), Stabilize
*1st level spells known: Cure Light Wounds (automatically added to spells known), Bless, Detect Undead

Tessara Zinnamorel:

-Female CG elf fighter (mobile fighter archetype, no special notes at first level)
-average height and build, orange-reddish hair worn up in a ponytail, light skin, yellow eyes, favors red and black clothing
*enjoys traveling, sparring, fighting monsters, swimming and spending time at local taverns
*focuses on grace and elegance in her fighting style
*prefers friendly sparring instead of duels to the death, but will not hesitate to kill if necessary
*tries to bathe whenever possible, spends a good bit on soap
-STR 15, DEX 19 (with +2 racial bonus), CON 12 (with -2 racial penalty), INT 12 (with +2 racial bonus), WIS 14, CHA 14
-HP:9 (6 on the d10 roll +1 CON mod)
-AC: 16 (touch 14, flat-foot 12) (+4 DEX mod, +2 from leather armor)
-Fort Save: +3, Ref Save: +4, Will Save: +2
-Initiative: +4
-Favored Class: Fighter
-Speed: 30ft
-Feats: Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse (fighter combat bonus feat)
-Melee attacks:
*primary hand rapier +3 (1d6+2, 18-20/x2)
*secondary hand rapier +3 (1d6+2, 18-20/x2)
*primary hand longsword +1 (1d8+2, 19-20/2)
(penalties for two-weapon fighting already factored in)
-Skills (ranks=2+2 INT mod+1 favored class rank):
*Acrobatics= +5 (4 DEX mod+1 rank)
*Climb= +2 STR mod
*Craft(any)= +1 INT mod
*Handle Animal= +2 CHA mod
*Intimidate= +6 (3+2 CHA mod+1 rank)
*Knowledge(dungeoneering)= +1 INT mod
*Knowledge(engineering)= +1 INT mod
*Perception= +2 WIS mod
*Ride= +8 (3+4 DEX mod+1 rank)
*Survival= +6 (3+2 WIS mod+1 rank)
*Swim= +6 (3+2 STR mod+1 rank)

Okay, I think they should be set. Serena's my first choice, but I wouldn't mind playing any one of these girls. I had fun making them ^_^

Raventhorn wrote:
Looking forawrd to getting this thing started hehe

Same here. ^_^ Tessara's almost finished. Thanks again for the help, Borum ^_- I'll post all three characters later tonight.

Thanks Borum, Thanks Arjhann. I'll edit Serena and Chandra, finish up Tessara, and post the finalized versions tonight. Glad you guys like them so far ^_^

@ Borum:

I was planning on having Tessara dual-wield rapiers or a longsword and rapier. Hope that's all right with you. And I'll take out Chandra's longsword attack. It'd probably make more sense for her to wield a quarterstaff in melee anyways. ^_^

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