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Like totally lumptastic!

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Like, that's so bogus. Watch me!


Oh my glob! Dramabomb!

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I came downstairs this morning to find Charlie engrossed in some old Loony Toons rerun - Bugs Bunny versus Tasmainian Devil. I think he liked it.

I was so proud.

"Why for you bury me in the cold cold ground? Yrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh!!!"

I should make builds based on cartoon characters.

Oh, wait, my DM will just ban them.

You know you want to see the Adventure Time/Gravity Falls party.
Needs more bedazzling.

Don't. Talk to me. Like that. Chhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiillllld!

Three hours! Dungeon! Now!

Oh. My. Glob