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You can travel 1 hex by foot, camp search it the following day, rest. In the open hexes

You can spend 2 days walking on forested squares. Search it for a day. Or 3 days to explore that hex, if by foot.

By horse, basically cut everything in half because of the horses base speed.

Does all this seem correct? Which means random encounters are all but guaranteed due to the diminishing DC as rolls are missed. I’m not sure what the true average of random encounters a day would be let’s just say 1-2 for arguments sake. Now let’s say each hex awards between 40-100xp (70 average). This is for random encounters alone. Does that seem normal/correct for this AP?

Just because a mist stalker has a climb speed doesn't mean it can strike while hanging on a wall, correct?

Bonus question a mist stalker has a single strike tentacle and grabs an opponent, does that mean the creature can no longer make attacks on other PC's or just an alternate tentacle can make the strike?

I know you need magical crafting to put a rune onto a runestone but can anyone etch the rune off the runestone onto their armor/weapon/whatever?

Bless counters bane and the reverse it true. Does this mean that when an enemies bane spell emanation touches the player bless spell emanation that both stop functioning or does this begin the counteracting rolls? If it’s the latter then who rolls the D20 and who uses their DC?

I play a lot online with FoundryVTT, through the forge. I see that piazo has a pathfinder bestiary tokens available. I was wondering if there is any chance of official top down tokens making there way to the VTT space. I just love the forgotten adventures top down tokens and use them almost exclusively, unfortunately the monster tokens are mostly (all?) srd DnD monster tokens.

Recently acquiring a ring of the ram it says the target is moved 5 feet, per action used, on a failed save. Half the distance on a successful save.

Now if you push a creature 10 feet, into creatures standing behind it what's the result? Can you be pushed through a square that occupied? If you hit a wall before reaching the total pushed distance, what's the result?

I suppose this question is also true of the shave action.

Does armor have to be at least +1 in order to add slick rune to it? For that matter any any rune. The question is does the armor have to be magic to add a rune that gives a special property? If yes can someone drop the page number in the CRB.

It appears that once again I've mixed PF1 rules in with PF2. Let me know if this correct.

A) Tumbling in no way avoids AoO. IE, you can't tumble out of space to anther to avoid an AoO.

B) Tumbling is NOt its own action it is part of the stride action.

C) Tumbling is (with a success) difficult terrain when counting movement.

All of these are true?

As stated if you are blind in combat you are flat-footed, as long as that's your precise sense. If that's true why isn't it just in condition it's self? Now I do believe it's true but wanted to double check.

The other question is non-lethal damage still comes off your hit points as normal? If the creature had say 30 hit points and the bard punches the creature for d4 + Str, lets say 3 was the total, the creature is now as 27hp's with 3 being non-lethal or it wasn't enough to knock the creature out so it doesn't lose HP's. Or or it has has 30HP's and 27 non-lethal HP's. Again I believe it's the first option but I've been known to be wrong from time to time.

In the example on page 477 of the Core Rulebook. Would (Could) Merisiel strike at the ogre (with cover as stated on that example +2 to the ogres AC). On the second action hide, because she has cover. On the third action strike again being, hidden, (lets assume she succeeded in her hide check) and receive the flat-footed condition on the ogre because she was hidden?

I guess what I'm asking is if you have cover in melee you can take the hide action, correct?

Ok new to pathfinder 2e, so this may seem very basic but I'm going to ask anyway. If you use Stride, move lets say 10 feet, come to a cliff and have to Climb up 10 feet. Is that one action or two? The reason I'm asking is yes changing movement types has to be a new action but what I didn't see is a climb action. I saw fly and burrow. I might of just missed it totally possible but can someone direct me to the climb action page if it is a new action to do so.

Xp is awarded to everyone not divided out, correct? IE. 30 xp is what each group member receives.
Sub thought to this. I fully admit I have haven't finished the whole core book yet but is there a different XP break down if everyone isn't the same level as the rest of the party?

Flanking, oh my old friend flanking, in pathfinder 1 an AoO would force people to move slowly around a creature or tumble. The rules the way are now you can simply move around MOST monsters and flank without worry of AoO?

Last and not least we just messed with the free adventure Torment and Legacy. The ogre had a trip as an action which means, in place of an attack you could attempt a trip or on a hit you get you get to attempt a trip as part of the attack?

Thanks for the clarifications in advance!

When you purchase a physical book form the Paizo website is the PDF tossed in as well or do you have to purchase both?

Does soft cover stop a large creature from making AoO against creatures moving through what would be a threatened square? I see that is says cover against ranged attacks, and I know that you can't AoO through cover. The question is a large or larger creature with natural reach is a melee attack. I guess I see it differently than a medium creature using a reach weapon, cause well they aren't using a reach weapon, they are using their normal reach.
Likewise, a tiny creature provokes an AoO for entering your square. Lets say 2 tiny creatures enter your square would you get to AoO them both (assuming you have 2 AoO) even though they came from the same direction one behind the other?

More and more people are playing online now a days. Paizo has given out the right to a few of these companies to carry products. My question is why not just make an online line gaming system yourselves, and I'm not talking about an MMO. Now I'm not saying that Roll20, D20pro, and fantasy grounds don't all do a fine job being compatible to games like Pathfinder and Starfinder but I feel like it's a golden opportunity here to charge a small fee or monthly fee, whatever, to connect all the Paizo gamers in a single spot. I can't speak for everyone but I for one know that I'd use such a service it if were made available through Paizo.

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I've looked over the stealth rules and either I don't understand stealth or they are just way messed up. Let's run out this out. The party is ambushed by 3 hobgoblins in the woods. One is rogue the other 2 rangers (that's more a filler and has little to do with my question). One of the players run past few tree's then says I want to stealth behind the tree. Now the hob's saw him run there and not past it. I allowed this although I don't think I should have done that. I mean he was observed running to the location even if they couldn't fully see, even though cover allows a stealth. It allowed him to step out toss a javelin and do sneak damage. He then ran to another tree and repeated this all battle. I had my doubts but let it happen to keep the game moving. I later looked at stealth and read down to sniping and it takes a -20 to stay stealthed and you aren't moving into view at all. So what's the rule on this?

Does pinning an opponent basically equal, the party wins? Most boss fights aren't a room filled of bad guys. It's a single creature, maybe one bodyguard. It seems to me that if you grapple then pin the boss its over. Now most people don't have a grappler running around with them granted but you should they can be as valuable as a healer! I've run down the numbers because one of the players in an adventure path I'm DMing made Brutal Pugilist. At first level he had CMB +7 and a CMD 18. He would run up grapple creature (needing to roll roughly a 9), allow his party to run around it, stab, stab dead. I mean good tactic bravo and all that but it got me to thinking down the road.
The first "boss" they fought to end the first section of adventure one had a CMD 17, so he needed a 10 start the grapple. He grabs on the party moves up and attacks. The monster doesn't really get to hurt that round but here is the rub. Now boss can attack and try to break out. breaking free requires a roll of 13 or attacking required a roll of 12. In this case I opted to attack hit the grappler and knocked him down 8HP. A fine hit and damage, and yes that's with the minuses due to grappled condition. The grappler then get +5 to maintain his grapple and then tries to pin, which he succeeds. party stabby, stabby the boss. Now I can only try to break out which I try and fail. The grapple remains at +5 (that's +12CMB for a first level guy total FYI, although I think he was raging making it a 13.) Stabby stabby dead. So this got me to thinking what going to stop someone with grapple fights from simply removing the be creature from almost every fight? Grappled I can deal with even understand -4Dex and -2 to hit due to condition. Pin now that another story, I know they aren't on top of the monster pinning them to the ground cause the creature isn't prone and doesn't suffer prone conditions. Not to mention that in pathfinder you don't take the square of the monster you're grappling so why does pin not allow an attack, I have no idea, but that besides the fact.
Once a grappler pins a monster the fight is all over except for a few dice rolls, not sure how that makes sense or is fun for anyone. DOn't even think of using a caster as a boss type cause you will be sad when you see their CMD. thias isn't a rules question cause I get how they work, call it a rant or a plea to change pins wording at least let the things fight on not just try to break a grapple to most likely just be regrappled a round later!
Don't even get me started on greater grapple where grapplers can now start and pin in a single round, taking away that one attack a monster might get off. I also don't want to hear about just make all your large/huge ect. Having to alter entire modules because of a flawed pin condition seems like more work than I'm willing to put into a game. Thanks for allowing this rant feel free to ignore it, or agree, or blast me for not being a l33t DM.

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Grappling on FAQ says:

Grapple: There are some contradictions between the various rules on grappling. What is correct?
To sum up the correct rules:
1) Grappling does not deny you your Dex bonus to AC, whether you are the grappler or the target.
2) A grappled creature can still make a full attack.
3) Being pinned does not make you flat-footed, but you are denied your Dex bonus.
Update: Page 195—In Table 8–6: Armor Class Modifiers, in the entry for Grappling, delete the superscript “1” after the +0 in the Melee and Ranged columns. In the third footnote, change “flat-footed and cannot add his Dexterity bonus” to “denied its Dexterity bonus”
Update: Page 201—In the If You Are Grappled section, in the fourth sentence, change “any action that requires only one hand to perform” to “any action that doesn’t require two hands to perform.” In the fourth sentence, change “make an attack with a light or one-handed weapon” to “make an attack or full attack with a light or one-handed weapon”
Update: Page 568—In the Pinned condition, in the second sentence, change “flat-footed” to “denied its Dexterity bonus.”

Ok got it! Well actually I don't. The grappled Condition says:

Grappled: A grappled creature is restrained by a creature, trap, or effect. Grappled creatures cannot move and take a –4 penalty to Dexterity. A grappled creature takes a –2 penalty on all attack rolls and combat maneuver checks, except those made to grapple or escape a grapple. In addition, grappled creatures can take no action that requires two hands to perform. A grappled character who attempts to cast a spell or use a spell-like ability must make a concentration check (DC 10 + grappler's CMB + spell level), or lose the spell. Grappled creatures cannot make attacks of opportunity.

So break it down for me. It's changed to say Dexterity isn't affected but clearly it is under the grappled condition. I'd love an example that sets it all straight in my brain. Lets say 2 party members are attacking, oh I don't know...lets say a bugbear. Player one (ready player one, a great book FYI) starts a grapple with said bugbear and has the feats not to be AoO (improved unarmed strike and improved grapple.)
The second player makes a melee attack on the bugbear. The bugbear decides to attack with his TWF feat (If he can cause one free hand seems a bit iffy that he could he could even use that off hand for an attack. I realize he couldn't use a two-hander for sure though.)

All that said what are the pluses/minuses and adjustment to each creature in this senerio? If someone with a better grasp than I have can push this out for say the first 3 rounds of battle as an example I'd really appreciate it!

I've started using maps straight from AP's or Modules and noticed that a lot of the objects (tables, chairs, whatever) often are drawn into 2 or more squares. If one of my PC's ends his turn next to a table that is between 1/4 to 1/2 of the square is he considered squeezing as the square isn't a full 5'?
If you are sitting in a chair and stand up, meaning you are still in the square with a chair that covers over 50% of the square, as drawn, are you in an illegal space? Squeezing? or is it as simple as being in an object square costing double movement?
I'm looking for what the penalties would be for said squares on both a movement cost, AC cost and Attack penalties.

Its been pending since Feb. 5th. I just wanted to make sure it was still being sent or should I resubmit my order?

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So I know that awesome blow does damage and sends an enemy flying "back" 10' but if that enemy is mounted what's the protocol here?
Is he dismounted and knocked back?
If you awesome blow the mount are they both knocked back and prone?
If yes to above is the player placed in a square next to the prone mount or are they piled on top of each other?
Is there a ride check here anywhere that overcomes a feat?

Ok so if you had a 4 classes you could take into an arena style battle what 4 classes would you choose, please be specific with archtypes as well. Lets assume for the purposes of this event that the character are made based off of the fifteen point (average)system for stats. Lets have this for 1st, 6th, 13th, and 20th level designs. Yes it's based off more pure combat most likely making skills a back sit but I'm more curious as a single battle of 4 on 4 in a controlled environment than anything else. Myself I'll have to think about the classes before giving my answers just wondering what other think would work best together, be the most lethal combo so on and so forth.

Druids get natures bond which can and usually is used to receive an Animal Companion. If the druid takes Spirit's Gift he can then infuse his companion to use the Spirit Ability from the Shaman's class in the ACG, or that's what I'm assuming at this time. Now under the Spirits Ability it says A shaman can use this ability 3+ charisma modifier. Some say 1/2 the Shamans level so on and so forth. Would it change to druid levels and wisdom if this feat was taken by a druid or would it remain charisma based?

long story short if any class other than a shaman took the feat (can they even?) what's the resulting changes the how animal spirit abilities read (or are there none don't have a shaman level go pound salt kid.)

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I've seen several thread about what is a regular move and what isn't but now official answer on it. Is a Regular move your character actually moving from on square to another or is the act of say standing-up a regular move?
Few interesting and seemingly harmless things happened into tonight's gaming session.
Can you Sheath a weapon and draw a weapon while stepping up 5' as one movement? The thought being sheathing and drawing are both parts of a move action while the 5' is the actual movement? (Yes the character had at least a BAB+1).

The second interesting fact is paladin wanted to hold his 2-handed sword in one hand and draw a mace in the other, using the mace to fight without having to sheath the weapon or drop to avoid AoO in future rounds. There aren't any rules saying this legal but there aren't rules that say it isn't legal either. I know there is a FAQ about multiple attacks but senses its a greatsword being held in the off-hand used or not, I'd personally think some minuses would have to happen holding that massive weapon in hand unbalancing the player some.

So here we go. People are prepping up for giantslayer! The first question I am asked is about the recommended classes for the campaign. Goliath Druid out of the Pathfinder Player Companion: Giant Hunter's Handbook. It states that at 4th level they can wildshape into dinosaurs or megafauna. The very first thing I'm asked is if I turn into a Arsinoitherium (megafuana) at 4th level my damage is 4d8! I think to myself hmm that can't be right. Where as the creatures base damage in the book is 4d8+13 that equal to a colossal gore. However under that in bestiary it shows the arsinoitherium companions damage (medium this time) as 1d8 which is equal to a large gore. The large companions damage is 2d8 staying in the basically line of the medium companion.

Ok all that knowledge out there. At 4th level the druid, I feel, should be small or medium (1d6 or 1d8 damage). Why medium or Small you ask? Well because beast shape I says small or medium. I can totally see the argument to the contrary but it doesn't mean I agree with it! So what is the feeling that most people feel is correct? Yes it could lay somewhere in between I suppose.

If you take favored terrain urban (buildings). I'm assuming that means cities mainly but would it also include other man made structures like the house found in the woods, and long forgotten temple complex as well? It seems that if you take the "building" portion of it that would be true. I mean if you went into any "man made" structure are talking about urban favored terrain?

if you wish to use a domain (SP) ability in melee you suffer an AoO because it's spell-like but can you combat cast that ability and if so what the DC? In the charm domain you can cast dazing touch (nice little trick) can you cast on the defensive and if so is the DC 17 because that's the level you receive the ability?

The line I pick out here in the core book under special abilities, spell-like is as follows

If a character class grants a spell-like ability that is not based on an actual spell, the ability's effective spell level is equal to the highest-level class spell the character can cast, and is cast at the class level the ability is granted.

Is my thinking here correct?

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So cover, pretty standard thing to happen in any gaming session. So an ogre fighting in a ten foot hallway the fighter standing toe to toe with the beast. The archer type and mage blasting spells from behind the fighter.

A) The archer standing on the side of the ogre that fighter isn't on, is that partial soft cover still (+2 to AC)or is that cover because you can't draw a line to the 4 corner of the large base (+4). Some will point out that Big Creature and Cover but that states melee so lets say that is out. In this scenario is the AC bonus +2 or +4

B) Same set up but now 2 melee's fill hall so no matter what the ranged are firing through soft cover but wait, It's a large monster does that make it partial cover because you can see the top half of the monster? Or is low obstacles and cover to the ranged making it still +4 to AC?

C) The fighter need a heal so the brave cleric steps up to heal the fighter suffering an AoO because Ogre's have reach 10'...or does it? Now you can't AoO through cover and that fighter is soft cover so can the cleric just blast off heals standing right behind the fighter?

It's a pretty common thing and honestly I never put much thought into the RAW I've been making it a +2 AC thing due to the size difference and allowing monster to AoO anything in there reach but really I'm not to sure that's correct RAW.

So I was just sitting here thinking about all the classes of Pathfinder and whatever happened to the basic 4, Fighter, Cleric, Wizard and Thief (That's right I said Thief!) With all these new and exciting classes that cover much of the basic 4 plus more its hard to justify your standard classes. That's not to say many people don't play them and you can OP this class or that one. I'm not knocking anyone's style of play or choices or the new school or old.

I just think that archtypes could be integrated more into the basics. I used to think man why not just make more feats if someone wants to be a polearm wielding fighter just give him the feats that's a polearm master gets. It kind of made sense to me and still does in many cases but then like a bolt of lightning (just the 5d6 kind I'm not that good yet.) Why don't they still have the basic 4 but then allow players to pick class abilities that would allow them to replace things which is all most archtypes do anyway, remove ability A and add ability B. Rather then give it set name and the choices picked for the players if all abilities are equal or close to (you can still combo pack weaker class abilities) just give a tree type system to the classes allowing you to design your class. I know it has holes this is just a rant of random thought in my head at this time.

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So I'm bought the hard copy of Rappan Athuk and plan on DMing it to my players very soon, although there is a lot to read to read trough to make sure I get it all straight. We are a very experienced group of players (having played together since middle school, most of us are in our 40's now.) The old school dungeon like Against the giants, Temple of elemental evil are the foundations of our playing experiences.

That's said it looks like you start this dungeon campaign on about page 85 or so in Zelkors Ferry maneuver the player towards the Mouth of Doom. We have a large group of players ranging from 5-8 players in any given session. So I know that CR is geared towards parties of 4 making newer modules harder to adjust to such a large party. It looks like this is just the thing for our style and size that said, I'm looking for advice on when to move the players from area to area. I don't see them hanging around the Ferry for long just not their style. heading out directly for the Mouth. So should I start them at level 1 or allowing them to pick a character maybe 2nd or even 3rd level?

To keep it short (to late I know.) How have others started their players out in this massive dungeon crawl? Once they get going things tend to unfold by the players the actions but I want to make sure the Ferry to the Mouth is the "best start" for the players.

Do large weapons used by a medium creature (PC) ever get reach if they weren't a reach weapon already in the description of said weapon? I'm going to assume not because the iconic barbarian that wields a large bastard sword doesn't have reach but it would seem to me that at some point the item itself has to get reach maybe at huge?
Second part of this if the item had reach already and was moved to large does it gain 5' more of reach? If yes then what's the reasoning there that wouldn't be for a non reach weapon? I'm assume if its no it's because of the same reasons a non reach weapons don't have reach.

So my question is and has been for a long time. Why do paladins have to be lawful good? I know in 3.5 they had the reverse of paladins with all the evil trimmings, but what of the gods inbetween? Why can't they have champions of thier cause?

I mean a paladin much like a cleric should have his abilties based on his alignment:
Good have all the powers that are found in the core rulebook.
Neutral must select which way they want their power to fall.
Evil have the oposing powers of the thier good counterparts.
Now they should have a code of conduct that they follow maybe a list of them to pick from something which they strictly adhear to?