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Area B2 of the sootscale caverns, it says medium creatures must squeeze through this area. Squeeze is trained acrobatics, so if a PC isn't trained they have to wait there or can't enter the caverns further. Is that intentional? On a side note if the kobolds are fighting the PC's and they wait for them to start squeezing (as it's normally 5 feet for every minute of squeezing) what's the conditions applied for the creature that is squeezing?

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Bloat is real, it’s happening. I feel like I’m talking about climate change! No I don’t want to get into that discussion on these boards though. They could streamline a lot of this stuff but it most likely would not involve a new edition which many people are against (I’m not one them). I’d love to see a tweaked Combat Maneuvere system. Spells that overlap maybe being cleaned up (flavor is nice but I can do that all on my own). Archtype system over hauled to simpler chains. Feats and chain feats cleaned up. The forums are filled with great ideas even if I don’t agree with them all.

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Look they aren't taking about in the heat of battle. Yes you can stealth with any cover/concealment. IE hiding in a dark ally waiting to ambush the poor sap leaving the bar.

No you can't attack from that darkened ally, round after round using a stealth check after you shoot him. You shot him now you can snipe or be out of stealth, he see's you, you are observed even with the 20% concealment you can't stealth because you are being observed.

You could however round a corner out of sight and restealth in combat because you can't be observed around a corner. If you want to restealth in combat, id like to keep on point with that fact of the thread. You'd have to either bluff (distract) them or use the snipe skill so as that they never saw you in the first place. I mean Aware of location, they saw you shot or stab them, they are aware of your location.

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I've looked over the stealth rules and either I don't understand stealth or they are just way messed up. Let's run out this out. The party is ambushed by 3 hobgoblins in the woods. One is rogue the other 2 rangers (that's more a filler and has little to do with my question). One of the players run past few tree's then says I want to stealth behind the tree. Now the hob's saw him run there and not past it. I allowed this although I don't think I should have done that. I mean he was observed running to the location even if they couldn't fully see, even though cover allows a stealth. It allowed him to step out toss a javelin and do sneak damage. He then ran to another tree and repeated this all battle. I had my doubts but let it happen to keep the game moving. I later looked at stealth and read down to sniping and it takes a -20 to stay stealthed and you aren't moving into view at all. So what's the rule on this?

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So I'm bought the hard copy of Rappan Athuk and plan on DMing it to my players very soon, although there is a lot to read to read trough to make sure I get it all straight. We are a very experienced group of players (having played together since middle school, most of us are in our 40's now.) The old school dungeon like Against the giants, Temple of elemental evil are the foundations of our playing experiences.

That's said it looks like you start this dungeon campaign on about page 85 or so in Zelkors Ferry maneuver the player towards the Mouth of Doom. We have a large group of players ranging from 5-8 players in any given session. So I know that CR is geared towards parties of 4 making newer modules harder to adjust to such a large party. It looks like this is just the thing for our style and size that said, I'm looking for advice on when to move the players from area to area. I don't see them hanging around the Ferry for long just not their style. heading out directly for the Mouth. So should I start them at level 1 or allowing them to pick a character maybe 2nd or even 3rd level?

To keep it short (to late I know.) How have others started their players out in this massive dungeon crawl? Once they get going things tend to unfold by the players the actions but I want to make sure the Ferry to the Mouth is the "best start" for the players.

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I admit I didn't read all of the post but it's not like you can "glue" spikes onto a shield. The shield is either made with or without spikes from start. That's why I believe that Spiked Shield of Bashing would multi differently than a Shield of Bashing. The spikes are part of said shield.