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Certain rogue talents also give you the possibility to apply more poisons to a weapon.

Thanks! Hadn't thought of looking there!

What would the speed of a Sverfneblin character be?

There is no speed entry in the advanced race guide and the prd also has no speed listed for these creatures.

I suppose it would be 20feet/round, just like another gnome.

On the other hand 30feet might as just as wel be possible.

The entry to the racial traits says that "Svirfneblin are fast and observant..."
Both the Goblin and Kobold entrys say that "Goblins are fast ..." and they have 30ft speed. So it might be argued that based on that entry, Svirfneblins also have 30feet speed?

And also 30ft is 'normal speed'. You might reason that since their is no explicit speed entry, that the Svirfneblin has a normal speed.

your thoughts?

Depending on what type of undead he created with the animate dead, the wolf should now be a dire wolf zombie, or a dire wolf skeleton.

No way that it can be an animal companion any more.

You should eiter find a way to bring it back to life, or find a new animal companion.

would the quick draw feat allow you to fix a bayonet as a free action in stead of a move action?

blaphers: indeed, it has been a long time ago that i've send my player on a quest to find the "essence of space", merely to make a descent bag of holding.

Thanks Jay!

The craft skills are most usefull when there is plenty of downtime for the players.
However, when you are the only player that want (requires) downtime, the craft skill can seem to be a bit useless.

but still keep in mind: while all the other player are having a great time, patying and drinking,during the downtime phase, the hardworking crafter gets the prime magic itzms at half price!!

I'm kind of new to this forum, so what is meant when someone says RAW?

On topic: flanking explicitly states melee, so rangend attacker does npt get flanking bonus.

I don't see a problem with this, same reason as robert said above.

if you are going to play a gnome sorcerer, also check out the pyromaniac racial trait, it gives you a bonus on fire spells.

Inquisitions are imo better suitet for the class. domains are better suited for the cleric class.

I also believe they stack, but it took some time to convince my gm of this.