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12 posts. Alias of Jal Dorak.


Surrender your will to the collective. Resistance is futile.

All remnants of 3rd Edition shall be assimilated.

Primary Adjunct of paizomatix 0 wrote:
We create collectives.

And you have aliases sitting around just waiting for a collective to start.

Logic_Elmer wrote:
Is this a wogical kind of pwace?

You question is met with disdain. You display ignorance and will be assimilated. We will add your ignorance to our own.

We will add the poodle's uniqueness to our own.

My name is Locutus, and I approve of this message[board thread].

All drones report to the collective. I am your emissary, Locutus, you are to be counted before the final assimilation.

Resistance is futile.

All those who have been assimilated, report under your new identity and be recognized.

Resistance is futile.

Resistance to Paizo is futile. All customers will be assimilated into the Pathfinder.

Insert Neat Username Here wrote:
I've joined! You can't see the title because I'm using an alias, but check out my avatar border!

Resistance is futile!

Admiral Ackbar wrote:
Elder Elemental Eye wrote:
You don't know? Go to this link then, we could use you!
It's a trap!

Resistance is futile.

Resistance is futile.