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Barb Wilkins wrote:
Allen and I just arrived, and have some bad news. We need to cancel the game Allen is to run at 8am, in order to avoid spreading Con Krud. Allen's voice is gone and he is feeling poorly. Goal is to let him rest Thursday and hope he bounces back fast.

All of our immune systems thank you. Hydrate and sleep, both of you! One cancelled game is a small price to pay for a long weekend of healthy gaming. Get well soon, Allen!

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Michael, I appreciate your efforts on this. I know it's not ultimately your call to make or role to play to organize all this, but I am glad you're communicating with us at least.

Michael Sayre wrote:
if they aren't scheduled at another game

I think the frustration a lot of us are having is that we got scheduled in games that ended up being the wrong tier/difficulty. I would assume the "additional on-site coordination" will be substantial as people abandon their scheduled slots and try to get into others.

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Michael Sayre wrote:
I've seen people talking about this and I kicked the question up to Tonya earlier today. That is all the information I have at this time, but we hear you all and we're working to see how we can accommodate as many people as possible.

The time is nigh! Any updates?

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Michael Sayre wrote:
I've seen people talking about this and I kicked the question up to Tonya earlier today. That is all the information I have at this time, but we hear you all and we're working to see how we can accommodate as many people as possible.

Excellent, thank you for the update!

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GreyYeti wrote:

I am still hoping that they open up some additional 10-11 soldier which seems to be the tier everybody is looking for.

Being forced to either play in another subtier (and another character) or playing champion although i am not interested in that hardmode bs makes me really unhappy.

In case they haven't seen this conversation, I started a new thread to highlight this request. I encourage everyone who wants to see more 10-11 Soldier tables (or a re-balancing of Special tables in general) to post there.

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There were some requests for this in other threads, but as far as I know we haven't heard anything from staff so I figured I'd highlight the question in its own thread.

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Anyone willing to trade this session for 5-6 Soldier? My Buddy (Manwitch) and I have both listed trades for it in the Event Trading tool.

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Majuba wrote:

I added "Looking for Game" to Thursday night. Numbat, if you just pick one to run, I can add it.

Thursday LINK

Thanks! Would you mind doing something similar for the time slot of the banquet and for Monday afternoon?

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Mrsjonesy917 wrote:

My husband and I, along with our friend, will be attending PaizoCon from Indianapolis this year. I bought 3 badges on my account and didn't realize we had to transfer a badge to each person in order to sign up for games. So last week I contacted customer service and was told how to do so.

I managed to transfer one badge, but the other badge will not transfer. When I click on the transfer button it keeps coming up with the same person the first badge was transferred to.

Repreated attempts at emailing customer service have been ignored. We've now missed any lottery chance signups since it's now closed and we are afraid we are being ignored (probably due to being busy, but this is timely) and will miss out on the other games we'd like to be a part of. Coming from Indy isn't cheap, and we've been looking forward to this since November.

Any help? Don't know who else to turn to.

Keep repeating the transfer attempt. I had to try it 7 times in a row before it worked.

Also, try not to despair. You will find plenty of pickup games (I've run into similar frustrations every year for the past 4 and have still always found games and had a great time).

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Khelreddin wrote:

So, just as I feared, my son and I, and a friend flying in to play with us, are all at different tiers for the special, and only one of us in the tier we had hoped to play. I know I can attempt to trade, and will try to do so, but I do wonder if Paizo can rearrange the table distribution given what the demand seems to be. It looks like there are empty seats at higher and lower tiers, that could be assigned to the more popular tiers - which definitely looks like 10-11. As I write this, there 42 empty seats at the 5-6 tier, and 47 at the 12+ tiers. I expect that a handful of those are being saved for walk-ins (which is a whole 'nother issue, and a separate thread), but that is still a lot of empty seats.

I still don't get why the lottery for the special was done by tier, and am pretty frustrated with the way it has played out.

Agreed - I'm glad I didn't try to coordinate a group like I did last year.

As for the reason, the main benefit I can think of for breaking out tiers before muster time would be to make it easier for GMs to prepare. Shifting the # of tables based on demand could have been done before lottery results were released, though, and still accomplished this goal.

I'm also trying to trade into the most popular tier. So I'll second your request to re-distribute the tables now, if possible!

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I can't comment on the effect of the table size restrictions, but in the past I have been very much able to find pick-up games. In theory you should be able to get some of the newly available "drop in" spots, but in practice it may end up being a chaotic mess.

I much prefer structured signups. It's stressful having to worry about whether you'll be the right level for your Monday game.

Ad-hoc organizing seems to happen on these boards and the Warhorn site (which is yet to be updated for this year).

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Posting here in the hopes that people who don't care what level they play the special might be willing to trade! We're hopping to both get swapped into the 10-11 tier. Tickets are listed in the Event Trading tool.

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@Majuba: the link you provided doesn't have anything for this year's con (just 2014-2018). Is that because no one has asked that anything specific be added yet?

If there's anyone around who would be interested in DMing a PFS scenario, my partner and I are looking for games in the following time slots:

Thursday PM
Saturday PM
Monday PM

We prefer the following scenarios, but are fairly flexible if you want to run something else (provided we haven't run it before):

#10-12 Breath of the Dragonskull
#10-14 Debt to the Quah
#10-18 The Daughters' Due
#10-19 Corpses in Karlsgard
#10-21 Slaver's End

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Dracomicron wrote:
Grim Ranger wrote:
I was hoping that with an extra day in-between the end of the lottery and the general sign up that we'd find out lottery results a day early, so we can pick out which other events we want to sign up for (especially for those of us that have to coordinate with another person) and be ready to go at 11 on Wednesday.
Yeah, it does seem like opening event registration at the same time as lottery results are posted will result in a mad registration rush before people can fully figure out their schedule.

Indeed, this is less than ideal. We were hoping to be able to plan our picks ahead of time, but without knowing what lottery events we got into we can't.

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MasterfulMoose wrote:
I'm running into this issue as well. I bought PaizoCon badges for my 2 brothers and I, but it won't let me transfer to a 2nd Paizo account. Not sure why this is a thing, anyone have recommendations??

I found your thread in the customer service forum so I'm linking it here for anyone else who may be having this issue. The relevant part:

Hitting "Transfer" and "Cancel" a few times in a row usually shakes it loose

For me, "a few times" = 7 in a row (and a bunch more before that but that was while clicking other things, clearing cookies, etc.).

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I am also having this problem. Any tips on how to resolve it?

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@Sara Marie, any chance we could get the Qs and As transcribed into a thread here or added to the FAQ page for those of us that don't do as well with audio?

My Q: When will the event lottery start, and will we get email reminders about it beforehand? After last year I'm afraid I'll miss it!

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Unexpectedly free this weekend? Have a friend who needs to experience the glory of 4 straight days of gaming? You're in luck! I ended up with an extra ticket because one of my party members had to cancel. Send me a PM and we can arrange the transfer.

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I'm assuming this is the infamous S.W.A.T. group that I've heard about?
Nope. SWAT will not be making an appearance this year.

If Morttimer was the one who was telling the tales, and it was fairly recently, then yes we're probably the group in question. We're not the SWAT group that graced previous cons, however.

Our characters are based on the TV show Brooklyn 99:

Jesse Geralta: half-elf Mysterious Avenger Swashbuckler 3/Scout Rogue 2
Chip Doyle: halfling Cleric of Chaldira 1/Mouser Swashbuckler 1/Sleuth Investigator 3
Jerry Teffords: human Titan Fighter 3/Brawler 1/Barbarian 1
Captain Holt: half-orc Holy Tactician Paladin 5
Amy Santiago: (this character might not be high enough level to join, so the player may be doing a magus instead) human Wizard 5

And we had a Lina Ginetti half-elf Brazen Deceiver Bard, but she had to drop out, sadly.

We all hope to be level 6 in time for the convention, but I'm not sure which classes everyone will be taking for that level.

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Awww, thanks, man! You had a lot to do with how well that session, went, too. It was a blast!

An update on scheduling:

We now only need someone for Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon. We'll be level 6 on Friday and either 6 or 7 (depending on how many games we can get in and what timeslot you run) on Saturday.

Hooray for 4 days straight of PFS!

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Found someone for Sunday! Still looking for someone for any time Saturday or Friday afternoon.

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Do you like GMing for tables full of friends with characters designed to work together? Do you enjoy ridiculous hijinks and (mildly) adult language? Are you a fan of the TV show Brooklyn 99? Do you want me to buy you a beer/coffee/other beverage of your choice? Then have I got an opportunity for you!

We have a group of 5 players who didn't find out signups were open in time to all get tables together. We're looking for someone to run for us in the following time slots:

Friday afternoon
Any time Saturday
Sunday afternoon

Our characters will be around level 5-7, depending on how many games we can get in before/during the con. Post here with the time(s) you're available and we'll schedule some tomfoolery!

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Thank you muchly for the response! I'll reply here to let you know whether I get tomorrow's email (I am now signed up for marketing emails).

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GM Eazy-Earl wrote:
it's possible your privacy settings could have prevented that email from being sent to you.

Good thought, from a troubleshooting standpoint, but if that's what caused it then they need to do a better job categorizing their emails. Opting out of marketing emails shouldn't stop me from receiving information regarding my purchases.

I suppose I'll sign up for marketing emails just to see if I get anything PaizoCon-related in the next few weeks.

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Ninjamancer wrote:
I got my Email letting me know signups were open on May 3rd. Sure, it's a weekend after they opened technically, but for the lottery thats fine.

Interesting! Sounds like they at least tried to send emails but ran into some problems. No one in my group got one, and you got yours late (and yes I've already checked to make sure mine didn't get filtered).

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My whole group missed the lottery and the first part of the open signup period because we didn't know they were happening. You have the email addresses of everyone with a convention ticket. Could you please send an email letting us know when lottery & open signups are happening?

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Yeah I think it's FAQ-worthy since lots of people seem to agree that it's clear, but in opposite ways.

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Anyone know if this was ever given a firm answer?

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I'm necroing this thread because even though it says "Answered in FAQ" at the top, I don't see an answer.

According to The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It:


What happens when the design team answers a question in the FAQ queue?

Normal procedure is for the design team to research the question, discuss the possible options, and come to an agreement on the answer. Then a new FAQ is created, and a post is made to the thread with the discussion to alert everyone that a FAQ answer is available. The FAQ-flagged post is then cleared from the queue; when this happens, new text will appear in the upper right corner of the FAQ-flagged post (next to “## people marked this as a FAQ candidate”), saying “Answered in the FAQ.”

I see no such post in this thread. No link, either. And couldn't find anything by manually searching through FAQs. I also tried googling it (since as far as I can tell Paizo for some reason doesn't have a way to search all FAQs), but the consensus seems to be that there is still no answer.

So, if this has indeed been "Answered in the FAQ," could someone please link it? Thanks!

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In case anyone else was wondering, yes the evergreen rooms (and cascade rooms) are still open! We're currently looking for more people for a pickup game in evergreen 4.

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Alanya wrote:
The banquet takes place in the Grand Ballroom, thus open gaming needs to be done by 6 so they can set up. Pick up games can still happen, they just need to find another place to play. Try looking for a group of like-minded people right before they close the room; I'm sure there will be a few hanging around!

Except open gaming was in the Evergreen rooms, not the grand ballroom. We're getting ready to head down and see what we can rustle up, though. Good luck, all!

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I too was disappointed with the lack of Saturday night events, but I kinda understand since a lot of people will be in the banquet. That said, according to the schedule book, Open Gaming will be closed after 6:00pm. Anyone know if it will actually be open and just not staffed? Or where else one should look for pick-up games (preferably Society)? I already checked Warhorn and didn't see anything for Saturday night there. If all else fails I suppose we could hang out in the bar, but I can drink any time! I want to gaaaaaame!

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Chris Lambertz wrote:
Mine all mine...don't touch wrote:
Will the pin grant a reroll?
Nope. The PFS team will be following up on this after the show.

This is the exact opposite of what I was told when I was encouraged by multiple Paizo staff members to purchase them today at the convention (I bought two specifically because these staff members told me they would grant rerolls). The staff members told me there was a post confirming the reroll and that it was approved by the head of PFS. I can't find any such post, just this one, so I'm a little confused. It would be great if you guys could clarify *before* the end of the con, since people may be buying these with the intention to use them this way.

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I'm still not seeing any PFS games other than morning sessions, for the most part. Will there be pick-up Society games at the convention?

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I'm signing up for myself and my buddy (he's at work) and I'm still seeing this on his account:

Open event signup will begin 07:00 pm

Should I be worried?

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I'm trying to do my schedule and I'm wondering if I missed something. Are there truly no Society events except in the morning?

Also, is it safe to assume that the only events that give Society credit are those with chronicle numbers, with the exception of "Out of Retirement," or is there some other way I should be searching?

This whole system is pretty confusing, and I'm worried I won't be able to get in the amount of Society play I anticipated.