Will more PFS games open between now and the Con?

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Will more PFS games open between now and the Con?

Historically, no. Tho theres usually a lot of ad-hoc stuff going on in freeplay/etc.

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Normally there isn't much of a shortage issue, but restricting PFS tables to 4 players kind of made spots disappear rapidly.

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I can't comment on the effect of the table size restrictions, but in the past I have been very much able to find pick-up games. In theory you should be able to get some of the newly available "drop in" spots, but in practice it may end up being a chaotic mess.

I much prefer structured signups. It's stressful having to worry about whether you'll be the right level for your Monday game.

Ad-hoc organizing seems to happen on these boards and the Warhorn site (which is yet to be updated for this year).

I'm a bit disappointed in the way the event registrations take place. I'm so use to GenCon's system I've got that down pat. Add to that many games have only 4 players max and I can see some really disappointed people.

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It was said in another thread they were holding seats open
as last year they had a lot of walk ins that were told their was no open seats anywhere.

This year they are holding seats in reserve to deal with that.

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So who do I need to message about putting up a scenario for the before/after Paizocon games? Girlfriend wants to retire a character and doesn't have the chance too during Paizocon.

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Hmm or Majuba can add games to the Warhorn if you like.

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I am also able to add it to Warhorn for you.


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Ohh, that would be cool. I have some options, and I am sorry if it seems conceded. She only has a handful left to play.

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To be clear, I am not offering to run it. I would just be adding it to the warhorn schedule for whomever is running it.

You can pm me here on this site when you have it figured out.

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Right, I might end up running it. And trying to find out what scenario.

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I have offered 6-07 Valley of veiled flame with one taker on the other thread I am currently in gm slot for Thursday evening

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