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Jason Nelson wrote:
A free feat preview of Meditations of the Imperial Mystics, as well as talking about some of the design thoughts behind the kinds of tomes we created for the product. Check it out!

Hmm, the "makeyourgamelegendary" hotlink didn't work when I clicked on "Check it out." Maybe it's a glitch only for my machine, but thought you should know in case.

Bring it! I, too, want the hard copy.

Heck, I'd like to have a full set of all the Faces of the Tarnished Souks in hard copy, but I'm happy to wait until they're complete -- just downloaded the latest "Z.Z. Grimshanks, the Knave of Sharp Seconds."

Great! Loved Banach's "Chronicles of Storm" over on the Rite Publishing site.
I'm anxious to see this modular supplement, and it'll be easy to remember when I can order since it's coming out the same day Paizo announces the 2011 Superstar Round 1 winners.

And the reviews are coming in:

Here at the Paizo Store


Stargazer's World and


Amazing start!

Banach, in twelve paragraphs, you've made me love Ezekiel, fear the Kahn and his cabal of "benefactors," and damn the night hag for foul play.

Now I have to wait a week to find out why in the hell Ezekiel's risking entrance into the megalomanic Kahn's Coliseum Morpheuon. . .

With all the sociopathic Kahn's defenses, what chance does the humbled Ezekiel have. . . and yet you've made me hope, Banach.

Thank you, Rite Publishing. Come on, Thursday, bring the sequel.


DO post pictures of them, Patrick. You've made us very curious.

Books I've recently completed and highly recommend:

Niven & Pournelle The Mote in God's Eye

John Grisham's short stories Ford County (IMO, his best work)

Patrick Rothfuss The Name of the Wind

David Wong John Dies at the End

Eco The Name of the Rose

Paulo Coelho The Alchemist

P.D. James Children of Men

Kick Ass kicks ass! Great film!!

Another thread posted on the topic: good scenarios for new players:
Go to Paizo Publishing

Way to go. Just got mine!

Andrew Chang wrote:
Mosaic wrote:
Andrew Chang wrote:

I chose this particular scenario because I was looking for a mod to run which could showcase the new Dwarven Forge set Return of the Ancients - it went over very well!

(Pics here: http://www.dwarvenforge.com/dwarvenforums/viewtopic.php?id=3626

Freakin' awesome. I blew up the maps to 1"=5' scale and yours are still WAY better.

(fixed the link; I think the first address you listed was wrong, but I saw it posted in another forum so I switched the address too)

Thanks - I'm not sure why that other link didn't work...

Thanks for the pics! Really brings the setting to life.

You are amazing, Zuxius! We appreciate all your efforts. Thanks, especially, for looking after the gamers who serve our country in the military.

Zuxius wrote:

Speaking of...

Pathfinder Fiction Discussion Part 1


Qstor wrote:

. . .

To get new players interested without replays. I'd say make some modules that are Tier 1-2 ONLY. Maybe make one or two free so DMs can download them, along with a Rules lite version of the organized play rules. So DM's running a "home style game" can run the module for his or her players and make it "count" as an official Society module or just for home play.

To have the DM's or players coming back, maybe make a "part 2" to the module as a Tier 1-2 only module and have it available at the store.

I would love to use something like this in my eighth grade language arts classes.


Atrius wrote:
It would be nice if we could find out who was running the events at this con and see if they would tell us why they are "pending" and what event is at what time slot.

This is kinda' sad. Doesn't look like anyone involved in the organization checks the boards.


Qwilion wrote:

Clinton J. Boomer's Coliseum Morpheuon: The Damnation Epoch a Pathfinder Rpg Patronage Project from Rite Publishing

Sorry I failed to realize we had not done an update to the CM portion of the Website about the project still being open and that the patrons had chosen to do 16th-20th level . . .

Steve Russell
Rite Publishing

Hey, Steve, as a patron I'll have access to Coliseum Morpheuon; but some non-patrons in this thread are HUNGRY to play at high levels without writing the adventure. So

What's the projected date for when the adventure will be open to the public?

And how can people get it?

Qwilion wrote:
Clarification its going to be a 16-20th level adventure/minisetting, This choice was made by the majority of the patrons.

Boy, the Coliseum patrons made a popular choice.

There's a lot of interest in the higher levels.

See Here

The rules are the fork for getting the setting into the mouth. I want both, but if I have to choose one, I'll eat with my fingers!

"Campaign Setting

Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 04:15 PM Pacific

Hmm. Looks like this post from the ENnie awards got jammed in the intertubes.

Jason and Erik go Gold for Best Campaign Setting for Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting!

Vic Wertz
Technical Director"

It's about time I said: CONGRATULATIONS!




Gray wrote:
September is so close . . .

Bring it on!

A great adventure concept.

Pett, Logue, Drader, Eitelbach, Reynolds, Schneider, and the cover is my absolute favorite.

It's a tie!

Way to go and well deserved awards!
To see the Ennie winners, go to ENWorld.

Thank you, Yoda and Herald.
This is exactly the kind of information what we want.
Keep it comin'.

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:

Is there no love for today's blog illustration? I was excited by the return of the big pic, and the mite just cracks me up.

Totally agree about the mite! Awesome and a must-have. I've ordered one for each of my family members' Christmas stockings.

Erik Mona wrote:

That's SIX nominations, for those of you playing the home game.

A well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS!

Timitius wrote:

Wow. I see a whole new team for next year's trivia contest:

Clerical Errors



Qwilion wrote:


Your quite welcome.


I am looking forward to your patronage (and I know boomer is)

I will be do updates on the % toward goal on twitter HERE

Oh and boomer wrote about this a bit on his wordpress blog OVER HERE

Hey, Qwilion, I want to give a gift UPGRADE to someone who's at bronze now—a gamer who can give Boomer ideas that will blow us away. Does the "What is Patronage" link on the RitePublishing site explain how to do that?

Great video AND a great site for reading more amazing writing about Paizo's Pathfinder Setting®.

Thanks for both!

Krome wrote:
lol I am sooooooo there! I was just waiting for them to get the kinks out at this one... yeah that's it! ahem!


Hugo Solis wrote:
Qwilion wrote:
Very sad could not attend.
You missed A LOT. Big time :P

What's this I hear? You left PaizoCon (waiting hours for your flight) and went home, only to be sick with the flu.

Life is not fair.

Silkygreenbelly wrote:

The whole banquet was fun, but the trivia questions were great. Even though I only knew the answer to one. And I only knew it because I had just spent like three hours sitting at panels/seminars listening to the person in question.

Any chance of posting the questions (maybe even in an online quiz format) so non-banquet attendees can test their knowledge?


Louis Agresta wrote:

For anyone interested, I'm blogging the con over here:

RPG Aggression

Surpressing a pity-party sob, went there and enjoyed it much more than a stupid old


Food! Prizes! Fun! Preview the Pathfinder RPG with the Paizo staff and guests as we enjoy good food, good company, and games galore. There will be prizes! To attend the banquet, you must purchase a ticket.

Prizes will be awarded at this event.

Materials will be provided."

which is where you are now, I suppose.

Hugo Solis wrote:
Yay! there's a thread already :D

HUGO, was it as much fun as it sounded like it was going to be?

I think you said on another thread that you haven't DMed much, so were you nervous. I'm guessing that it was a fun group who signed up, so I bet they had a blast.

We want to hear more about it.

Fighting Pathfinders need humor!

kikai13 wrote:
I just left Zuxius' room, where there was some great conversationalizing, and I just drank the best dark lager I have ever tasted. This is the kind of experience that everyone on these boards deserves to have at some time in their lives. Thanks to Zuxius--I owe you one, buddy.

This is as close as I'm likely to get to the experience; so thank you, kikai13, for keeping us updated.

Was Zuxius wearing the awesome pathfinderchronicler shirt he designed, or is he saving it for the week-end?

Since official events aren't scheduled until noon, how will you early attendees spend the morning?

For now, sleep.

Shadowborn wrote:
13 hours and counting...I still need to pack, and maybe take a nap.

You can do it!


kikai13 wrote:
For all of you at home, I just ate at the Crab Pot for the meet & eat. I sat across the table from Boomer and next to Timitius. Hugo Solis and N'wah were also at the same table. The creative talent of these people is astounding. Looking forward to meeting more cool folks.

Thanks for the updates for us poor homebodies.

Did you get your hard copy for #25?

Keep the updates comin', kikai13!

Hugo Solis wrote:

I just hope that Customs doesn't come to be the proud possessors of them :P


What a horrible thought.

Go to Rite Publishing



Dave Young 992 wrote:

I've got about 60 pages of one set in Varisia. Two characters, 10th level, who meet by happenstance. They don't get along that well, but there's some mutual respect. I hope to serialize it someday, if the story is good enough.

They need to go to Ustalav, but there are some loose ends to tie up in a mining town. I'll send a PDF of what I got to anybody who wants to check it out. Be brutal!

Not sure if sharing contact info is kosher, so I'll check back in a while to see how or if I can do that here.

Check out

The Pathfinder Chronicler.

I've been enjoying the Pathfinder Chronicler for some time now. All three serial novels and novella - Decisions of Faith, From the Crown, and The Road to Varno - reflect what I'm looking for in Pathfinder literature. They are great "reads," yet amazingly different from one another.

The whole concept is fascinating, and as an English teacher, I especially enjoy watching the editing process. As I understand it, the authors submit their own Pathfinder work for triple editing and publication on the site. In return, the author agrees to edit other submissions. Bottom line: authors receive triple editing, get their work "out there," and gain first-hand editing knowledge .

It's surprising that more Pathfinders haven't submitted. Maybe they've been writing for Lillith's Fanzine. But now it's time to go to Pathfinder Chronicler. Keep writing so I can keep reading! Only YOU can share those awesome thoughts that are now in only your head or played out in only your game. SHARE!

Marc Radle 81 wrote:

I also like that when you mouse over the alias, it tells you who the alias belons to ... very slick.

Thanks! I hadn't noticed that.

Charles Evans 25 wrote:

In the UK if you're playing a violin and happen to have an empty case in front of you for any donations, that's not begging but being a street-entertainer or a busker; and as master of one of the Paizo Wikipedias, Yoda seems to fit more into that category to me than that of a beggar. He provides a service valued by some members of the Paizo community, and is requesting a little recognition/support at this point.

What CE25 said.


You deserve to be at Paizocon2009.

Now SLEEP. . . You've earned it.

Vic Wertz wrote:

We have just released the Paizo Publishing, LLC Community Use Policy, which will allow non-commercial users to create content that uses material from many Paizo products, and allows them to share that content with others.

Read the full press release here.

Hey, I'm curious. . . how is our community using the policy.

I enjoy the Pathfinder Chronicler site big time. Some great stuff in the works!

What else are people doing?

Brent wrote:
Absolutely pathetic.

Brent, levity in tough times! Bring it on.

Yoda8MyHead said
"You and me both! I made the initial post more to get other poor people to commiserate with me, but the same generosity that has been shown in this community reared its head again. I didn't expect anyone to actually do it. . ."

It's OK. No, it's good. Actually, it's great fun!

Back to the original topic: Send Yoda8MyHead to Paizocon!!

Dragnmoon wrote:

I have only one problem with Birmingham... I have an Ex-girlfriend living there.. and if my wife knew that... even if I know noting would happen, she would not let me go..:-(

What the heck! Take the wife . . .

Gamer Girrl wrote:
I love the new feat! That's one I plan to steal and show to my gaming group, see if my SD gm will allow it as an option for our party's bard donw the road :)
Ezekiel Shanoax, the Stormchild wrote:

Thanks! This is the highest compliment I could be paid for my efforts here, and I would so humbly and innocently urge you to translate that compliment into... a... VOTE! votevotevote!

Count me in the Peterson, Baur, Mueller, Kisko camp. You've got one of my four votes.

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