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Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello LadyMustard,

I'm glad to hear you'll be going home soon!

I have lifted the suspension on your order. I noticed you have a replacement Satrfinder Limited Edition book on the order. We are still waiting for the replacements to get to us from our printer. Did you want me to move that to your sidecart so everything else can ship or did you prefer it stay in the order even if it holds the order up?

I'd prefer for it to all go out at once please. =)

Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello LadyMustard,

I have left the order suspended. When you're ready for the order just let us know by posting here on our forums, giving us a call at 425-250-0800 between 10am and 5pm pacific time, or sending us an email at

We just got the okay from the apartment manager and they said that we can move back in sometime mid-week.

Please send out the order when you get the chance. =)

Nevermind. Just talked to hubby and he said that it would be better if we just waited on it. Please leave it suspended.

Who will I contact when I'm ready for it to be sent out?

Would I just put up another post here or is there an e-mail that I should use?

Everyone is fine. Even the cats. =) We were lucky and our place was on the back of the building.

Would the package be sent UPS or USPS?

I've got a subscription for Starfinder (the main books) and I have the deliver location set for my home address.

Unfortunately, last Saturday there was a fire at our apartment complex and the entire building has been boarded up until they can get it fixed. All of the mailboxes are inside the building, so there isn't really a place to deliver the mail right now.

Would it be possible to either put a hold on the shipping or to change the address on the order to the place that I'm staying now so that my package doesn't wind up getting returned or stolen?

Mary Yamato wrote:

The lunatic resurrection squad is at it again; they aren't satisfied with the plan to resurrect the dropship (they haven't done it yet but have promised to, and probably will), but are now also planning to raise Casandalee.

In the AP as written she's been dead too long, but I didn't stick to that (I didn't like the idea that Unity has been stalled for millenia; it makes the Unity threat seem too remote). They might have to scale up to True Resurrection, but they are weirdly obsessed with resurrection for some reason, and they might!

My question is: what will that do? I can see several possibilities:

(1) Casandalee's soul is "long gone" says the AP, but True Resurrection will drag it back anyway, and they will end up with a living android Casandalee--and an AI Casandalee. Casandalees for everyone!

(2) The AI contains Casandalee's soul, so she can't be raised unless it is "killed". If they kill it, they can resurrect her as an android (or as an AI?)

(3) Resurrecting android Casandalee will kill AI Casandalee. She might object to that.

(4) Resurrecting android Casandalee will de-soul AI Casandalee, leaving something sinisterly inhuman.

Related to this, I am wondering if in the past there was a living android Casandalee (who ran off to Iadenveigh and died there) and a "living" AI Casandalee (who got left at the Scar). Alternatively, the neurocam is like a Clone spell and the copy isn't "live" until the original dies. That would imply (2), I think.

From what I understand, the AI is just a copy of the original person/intelligence. If her soul had been sucked into the AI facet, she would've dropped dead on the spot and the third book of the adventure path wouldn't exist. Instead of thinking of the AI as a clone, I prefer to think of it as a whole new person, born from the memories and experiences of Casandalee (who is now dead). Just treat them as two different people, and it simplifies things a lot.

As for bringing Casandalee back, I'd say that it's impossible as written. It says right in its description that True Resurrection functions like Raise Dead, so "If the subject’s soul is not willing to return, the spell does not work". If Casandalee's soul is already gone and off to another life, regardless of how long she's been dead, then it would be impossible.

Thank you! =)

I accidently pre-ordered the same product twice and I'm not sure how to cancel the above listed Order number.

Would it be possible for it to be canceled for me (or at least be directed to thread that tells me how to do so on my own?)


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My husband is planning on creating a Solarian Space Goblin named Yoba for when I do my homebrew version of We Be Goblins in space.

He suggested that for some of the NPCs to have a group of Goblin siblings named by their [lazy] Goblin mom using randomly strung together letters of the alphabet that also happen to be texting acronyms.

Examples: OMG, WTF, LMNOP, BRB and LOL would be pronounced Oemgee, Watafa, Elemenope, Berb and Lol respectively.

This is staying in theme with their ship AI (Gooble) essentially being Google Assistant.

Iphigenia von Saltz wrote:
The sun goddess being carried by their pregnant charge has been increasingly enraged; the goddess has started to posess her, causing violent magical outbursts and rapid deteriorations in her bodily health... and if they don't do something to address it before they reach their destination they might be doing more harm than good by returning the sun goddess to her full power.
Collin Young 84 wrote:
I second the idea of using the Dragon Turtle to cross the straits...but have them prove their worth to it by performing a quest of some sort.

Why not tie these two things together? Maybe the turtle refuses to carry them over because he can sense the Sun Goddess' unstable mood? In shintoism, there is a lot of focus on purity/impurity and the rituals needed to remove impurities in order to appease the Kami.

Perhaps he could direct them to a shrine where they can use a ritual to appease the Goddess. For the ritual itself, the wiki page on shintoism has a lot of fodder that you can use for inspiration.The article mentions something that sounds very close to your homebrew Goddess:

"Shinto teaches that certain deeds create a kind of ritual impurity that one should want cleansed for one's own peace of mind and good fortune rather than because impurity is wrong. Wrong deeds are called "impurity" (穢れ kegare?), which is opposed to "purity" (清め kiyome). Those who are killed without being shown gratitude for their sacrifice will hold a grudge (怨み urami?) (grudge) and become powerful and evil kami who seek revenge (aragami)."

The cleansing can be as short or as long (RP speaking) as you want. Perhaps they will need the party to collect materials for the ritual, perhaps due to the raging Storm God. Or you can just have them go through the ritual and have the Goddess warn them about the angry storm God and have them fight it on the way to the final area.

IonutRO wrote:
CorvusMask wrote:
Meanwhile, the Iron Gods of Numeria are bit miffed xD
Unless they're one and the same! Or they're long gone.

Regardless of whether or not they're included in cannon, I'm planning on including them for my homebrew campaign for the group that played Iron Gods.

Such a fun AP...

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Partizanski wrote:
Fardragon wrote:
I agree, I can see a medic specialisation for the Mechanic class.
Don't worry, I hacked way all of your bullet wounds

In Iron Gods, Pharmaceuticals were considered an item, so Mechanic could be feasible.

To me, it would make more sense for a Medic to be someone with lots of ranks in Heal, and that doesn't seem like something a Mechanic would take. I don't think that it would be unreasonable for there to be whole separate class for a Medic.

Also, I wanted to send a big thank you to ArchMage for putting all this work into the update list. I've been scouring the internet for a while for info on Starfinder and this thread is by far the most comprehensive.


XanaverForgedawn wrote:

I'm pretty sure Kasatha is core so.....

Kasatha Solerion
Dragon Rider

Heck yes.

I'm REALLY surprised that you were the very first one that mentioned Kasatha!!

I'm dying to make a Kasatha engineer/pilot. That's 4 arms and 20 fingers for hitting ALL the mother-trucking buttons, knobs and gears. Heck, he could pilot the ship and still have a hand free for flicking off whatever pathetic soul thinks that they could out fly his ship. XD

Also, I want to play a Vesk as a space marine. ALL THE BEEF BABY. xD

Flack Jack wrote:
My campaign is going to assume that Unity won in the Iron Gods adventure path and that is the cause of the Gap. My IG group never finished so it's a continuation of epic proportions. Anyone else doing something similar?

My husband and I are currently working through Iron Gods (we are currently plowing our way through the Scar of the Spider). We're hoping to finish by the time that Starfinder comes out.

For the New Adventure Path:
We wound up adding another (homebrew) Iron God to the pantheon along with Casandalee, a Neutral-Good Cyborg IronGod based off of Cyborg of the DC universe. I'd run the AP with those two gods available as options.

Also, Trett worked as a double-agent for the the PC's after they caught him and after the Technic League fell, he wound up starting his own business by taking over the Silverdisk hall. He eventually became a millionare tycoon and I'm thinking of having a couple name drops in his memory in the new AP: Trett Industries or something like that.

Separate from the adventure path:
I'm also thinking about throwing together a couple one-shot "Goblins in Space" adventures. The "Gooble" Goblin search engine AI that a previous poster mentioned is a fantastic idea and I'm planning on using it. XD