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As recently as August 4th my purchases were receiving the 15% discount to all purchases from the store. Now it seems that the 15% discount ONLY applies to AP purchases. There was no notification of the change to the terms of the subscription. Looking back at the email sent out on June 27th detailing the changes coming to the subscription service it mentioned that the discount would remain in the transition to 2e (and on my July and August purchases it did)

What happened to the discount and why was there no notification of changes before charges were applied?

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I'm running Return of the Rune Lords at the moment, and one of my players is playing a devout follower of Brigh. I'm looking to see if there is any information about her that I missed that I could use to fill in some story points. Is it published anywhere when/how she became a deity? She is currently only a demigod, so odds are it was relatively recent (on a cosmic scale). I'm mostly wondering because....

Massive Return of the Runelords Spoilers:
In book 6, where the players travel to the Dimension of Time they get a vision of their past selves. The player in question has the Intrigued by Thassilon trait, and I was thinking of having them see their past self as an ancient Thassilonian/Azlanti clockwork engineer working on the most advanced clockwork they have ever seen. Basically hinting that the PC's past life was the one that originally built her own Goddess in the past.

I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything thats already out there.

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So. I hate XP. I feel it adds a needlessly complicated level of abstraction and busy work that doesn't really add anything to the game. As I am running the AP at the moment I am using milestone advancement to level up my players. Unfortunately the section at the beginning of each adventure isn't the most clear on when level ups are expected to occur, and not all of them tie in to plot points. I like to have the milestones occur after the PCs have defeated a significant foe, or done some other plot critical task, while some of the advancement suggestions are things like "while the PCs explore this dungeon" or "before they get to boss X."

To that end, I have made my own milestone breakout and I just wanted to get some second opinions to see if I have overlooked anything and to share it with others who may want to do the same.

There are some pretty hefty plot spoilers in here so its hidden behind the tag.

Advancement Spoilers:

Note that I've taken the optional suggestion to give my players mythic ranks. They will only be guaranteed to get the one. After that they may or may not earn further ones depending on their actions. They are fairly heavy optimizer, but even still I only reasonably expect them to get no higher than Mythic Rank 2.


2nd: Clear Rodericks Wreck
3rd:Free the Dwarven Merchants
4th: Defeat Dolland / Get Runeward Gauntlets
5th: Defeat the Peacock Cult or Mozamer
6th: Defeat Viralane & Cora / Arrive in Magnimar
7th: Defeat Hira / Discover the Gauntlet
8th: Defeat Thybidos
9th: Defeat the Polymorph Plague (Magnamar)
10th: Defend the Manor House (Riddleport)
11th: Defeat the Peacock Phoenix (Korvosa)
12th: Learn the Viridian Transcendence ritual
13th: Reach the Temple Gate
14th: Reach the Refuge of Violent Vanity
15th: Defeat Lyraesia
16th: Discover the Time Anomalies/Defeat Solethex
17th: Defeat Belimarius
18th: Acquire Zinlun’s Skull
M1: Activate the Cyphergate
19th: Close 3 Temporal Wounds
20th:Enter Alaznist’s Demesne

Optional Mythic Bumps:
Defeat Tawil At’Umr in combat
Defeat the Oliphaunt of Jandelay in combat
Close all of the Temporal Wounds without a single failure


Scarab Sages

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I think most people agree that Intelligence, as it currently stands is one of the weakest stats in the playtest.

Another issue that seems to come up quite frequently is while I like to refer to as the Reaction Traffic Jam. Many classes have far too many actions that take a reaction, and not enough reactions to do them.


Paladins wanting to use a shield (defense is their thing!) and use their primary class feature.

Wizards that want to both identify a spell, and counter that spell.

Multiple races with reaction abilities wanting to take classes that rely on reactions (Dwarf, Half-orc etc wanting to be Paladins and Fighters)

Reach builds

Anyone wanting to ready an action etc.

So, the potential solution (either as a default rule, or as a general feat) Characters get a number of reactions equal to their intelligence mod (min 1). This gives the stat some real use, and helps alleviate some of the issues with too many reaction actions not enough reactions.

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Our PFS group recently acquired a number of spellslinger boons, and now we want to make an entire party of them. Does anyone have any ideas how this could be accomplished? I'm looking for any and all PFS legal ideas here.

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I am playing a psychic detective in a Strange Aeons game (not super important, just for context). We have just started book 3 (level 7) and I am beginning to feel very ineffective in combat, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for improving my combat contributions. A substantial portion of the foes we encounter are either mindless, or non-humanoid, and wouldn't you know it most of my spells are mind effecting, or for humanoids only. Although the flavor is great for the campaign, the psychic spell list seems to be a bad fit.

Current Feat/Spell list is as follows:

0- Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Read Magic, Detect Psychic Significance
1- Find Traps, Color Spray, Detect Thoughts, Vanish, Ill Omen
2- Mirror Image, Silence, Hold Person, Mind Thrust II,
3- Haste, Telekinetic Maneuver

Feats -
1 – Combat Reflexes
3 – Power Attack
5 – Extra Talent: Extra Amplification (Will of the Dead)
7 – Amazing Inspiration

In combat I mostly stab with my +1 Inspired Spear for underwhelming damage (d8+16), although I am beginning to run into more and more creatures whose DR/immunity are reducing it even further.

The rest of the party is a Crossbow Ace (big DPS), Phantom Blade Spiritualist (also big DPS and bad touch spells), and a Life Oracle.

I am willing to retrain pretty much anything that can be retrained.


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Does forced movement provoke attacks of opportunity? The rules seem to be unclear.

In the combat section it states that if you leave a threatened area you provoke. It says nothing about it having to be willing.

My primary concern is when using the Gravity Hold ability of a Solarion.

If it does provoke you can use it to grab your opponents and move them past friends for AoO's/

If it doesn't provoke you can use it to grab your friends (or yourself) and move them into and out of combat without triggering AoO's.

Either way it's a solid use of the ability, I just need to know which way I should be using it.

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So I'm working on a PFS Inquisitor that makes heavy use of smoke to give himself concealment. The only issue is that it could severely hamper my party as well. What (if any) options are our there to help my party overcome the concealment granted by the mist?

Limning doesnt work as it explicitly rules fog/smoke out.
I could get a Goz mask to hand out to a party member each game, but that is both expensive and only helps one person.

Anyone have any ideas?


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So, I was messing around and hit upon a concept I wanted to try. Someone who uses a tower shield and a mount for high mobility and high defensive potential. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for ways to make this work better.

My design goals for this one that can't really be changed (without a super compelling reason)

1. PFS Legal
2. Makes full use of Mobile Bulwark Style
3. Rides a mount

With that in mind this is what I have so far:

Class: First Mother’s Fang Knight of Arnisant Cavalier 2/Fighter 2/Cavalier 8
Race: Nagaji

Str – 18 (+4)
Dex – 14 (+2)
Con – 14 (+2)
Int – 10 (+0)
Wis – 12 (+1)
Cha – 9 (-1)

1C1- Shield Focus
1C1 - Combat Expertise
1 – Power Attack
2C2 – (Combat Exp): Improved Dirty Trick
3 – Boon Companion
3F1 - Mobile Bulwark Style
4F2 – Mobile Bulwark 2
5 – Mounted Combat
7 – Mobile Bulwark 3
8C6 – Mounted Shield
9 – Greater Dirty Trick
10C8 – (Combat Exp) Superior Dirty Trick
11 –???

Mount: Constrictor Snake:

Size Large
Speed 40 ft.
Climb 20 ft.
Swim 20 ft.
AC +2 natural armor
Attack bite (1d4)

Str 15
Dex 17
Con 13
Int 1
Wis 12
Cha 2

Special Attacks: grab
Special Qualities low-light vision, scent.

1F - Narrow Frame
2F - Power Attack
4 - +1 AC, Constrict (d4), Attribute Increase
5F - Dirty Fighting
8F - Improved Grapple

4th-Level Advancement: Size Large; AC +1 natural armor; Attack bite (1d4); Ability Scores Str +8, Dex -2, Con +4; Special Attacks constrict 1d4.

I am not super happy with the Dirty trick line of feats, and I kinda wonder if I should be incorporating vital strike in there since my attacks will mostly be standard actions. My current action economy is as follows:

Mount: Move
Mount: Standard Action Attack+Grab
Me: Standard Action Attack
Me: Move Action: Gain Total cover along one edge (Large edge due to space sharing with mount)
Me: Immediate: Mobile bulwark or Mounted combat to negate one attack vs me or mount.

Any thoughts?

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Is there any ETA on when PFS Chronicle sheets will be released for Strange Aeons? We're half way through book 2 and I have some characters I would like to apply the credit towards. =)

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My wife has decreed that her next character be a dwarven bard. I am trying to come up with a fun build for her to play, but am running into some difficulty coming up with something that is both fun to play and effective. I would appreciate any builds or ideas people could share. These are the restrictions I am working under.

1. Must be PFS legal
2. Must be a dwarf
3. Must play the bagpipe
4. Must be easy to play
5. Preferentially will use the Thundercaller archetype. (she likes the idea of hurting people with her bagpipe music)