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As recently as August 4th my purchases were receiving the 15% discount to all purchases from the store. Now it seems that the 15% discount ONLY applies to AP purchases. There was no notification of the change to the terms of the subscription. Looking back at the email sent out on June 27th detailing the changes coming to the subscription service it mentioned that the discount would remain in the transition to 2e (and on my July and August purchases it did)

What happened to the discount and why was there no notification of changes before charges were applied?

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Saleem,

you have been overcharged a few times due to your Legacy Paizo Advantage not applying correctly. I believe this is a known tech issue they are working on fixing. I have refunded to store credit anything you have been overcharged for since August. I see that the discount applied correctly in your current cart and your account is set up for the Legacy Paizo Advantage, which is promising. Please let us know if you notice this discount not applying to orders going forward. Thank you!

(Also, if you want to use the store credit I granted to discount your next subscription orders, make sure the "use store credit for subscriptions" is activated on your "my subscriptions" page.)

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