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Challenging Intro to PFS2


I liked the back story to this one and the way it sets up an interesting plot for the season. The full-page art was good and fun to show to my players. I also thought the use of existing flip-maps was well-done.

The two reasons I’m not rating more highly are length and difficulty.

Based on the numbering (1-00) and name (“Origin…”), this seemed like a good adventure to use as a kick-off to the new season and rule set. However, with the amount of activity (skill check sections, encounters) plus time for handling player questions on the new rule set, we went over our allotted time even without reaching the final encounter. Keeping this in a tight 4-5 hours with new players may be tough.

This also has an encounter that can be brutal to your players if they don’t learn some key info about their opponent or bring the right mix of pregens. Our gang enjoyed the story/new rules but were crushed by this encounter, ending the scenario prematurely.