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Saker wrote:

Here's how I handled Xontani's grave with various changes.

* All the lava has the black tentacles. This discourages just flying to the end.

Hah, I did the early Black Tentacles too, but with pretty much the opposite intention.

I started the "heartbeat Fort Save" thing during their second fight, and had Black Tentacles come in and wreck the genies they were fighting. I also basically erased half of the encounters that the PCs would have seen in the area, so they ended up making a mad dash to the end with only 2 of the possessed Fire Giants standing in their way.

I was a little sad about throwing out a dungeon's worth of prep, but after spending a month pressing on the party about their time limit and ramping up the difficulty, danger, and power level of the campaign as a rise to the climax, I ended the session after the Carrion King almost dreading another dungeon. "This is a huge tense moment, don't bog it down with slow, square-by-square dungeon crawling against a pile of creatures barely relevant to the plot!" And when the scene is so badly paced for your game that even the GM doesn't want to run it, there's no way the players would want to play it.

Which may be a thing for my group and not for others. If you didn't press as hard on the time limit, or advised a more careful and calculated approach, then a dungeon crawl might be fine for your game's pacing. I just know that one of my players, after the game and after I mentioned that I cut the dungeon, said that he was really not looking forward to the dungeon. "Yeah I appreciated that you tossed the dungeon kinda. We're here to stop Jhavhul, just get to it already!" Your mileage may vary.

I also had the power of the 1000 Wishes break free from Xotani's heart without Jhavhul shaping them, and had Spooky claim their power, turning him into a proper demigod, statted out and usable as a deity in my future campaigns (governing Luck, Fertility, and Vengeance). One of my players already worshiped Spooky as his god, so he appreciated that. I don't think I'd recommend it to other groups though really... :p

What's the advice proper on an Improved Familiar/Mauler style build? I've heard tales it's awesome, I've heard tales it's illegal, I've heard tales that it's just anti-flavor.


Decorpsed wrote:
He probably missed them because those last 3 are from source material published in the last month or so, lol.

Oh, g$%~+*mit. Can't hardly tell the difference, it's all quite new to me.

My bad then.

Hit level 3 on my latest Shaman, so I've noticed a few level 2 spells you're missing. :x

Burdened Thoughts, Raven's Flight, Vine Strike, and Wild Instinct by my count.
Mostly useless stuff, although Raven's Flight could be exceptionally handy at times. Turning Tiny has its moments.

JBurz wrote:
I actually would really like this on a melee shaman since I could see spells going unused (especially if combat starts unexpectedly and there was no chance to pre-buff).

Aye, melee especially benefits from this.

It's a rather meh range, so being the one balls deep in the enemy lines lets you actually use it more, on top of what you said about casting less.

Which is why I'm a little unsure about the Chant/Misfortune/Evil Eye trinity. *shrug*

Rycaut wrote:
What is the Level 1 human problem people have?

Shaman don't get Hex as a class feature until level 2, so they can't take any hex related feats until then. What feats do you take at level 1 when you have two of them and you can't grab your favorite feats?

One thing I'm still not decided on is whether to bother with the whole Chant/Evil Eye/Misfortune thing. That's a price of 3 hexes, and in my mind they come as somewhat of a package. Obviously they're great, but in lieu of that you could just pick up 3 utility hexes.

I mean, I'm looking at Healing Hex, Slumber, Flight/Lure of the Heavens, Heaven's Leap, and Flame Curse as my 1-10 hexes. I would have to dump 3 of them to pick up the trinity, and then spend a large quantity of my turns to actually use them, while these alternatives are things I can pick up and throw around to great effect while keeping the focus on my spell list.

The biggest thing I see that you could get from not using many spells is gratuitous use of Divine Interference, since your turns are spent not using spell slots.

But since they get feats like Split Hex while we don't, I feel like the trinity is really meant for Witches more than Shaman.

Decorpsed wrote:
Being a human i had the same level 1 problems that folks discussed. Thankfully i was able to re-train out one of my feats for Amplified Hex. Debating re-training the other at some point as well. Spell Focus was an early option i completely forgot about for some reason. I'd really like some more discussion around this area.

Mother's Gift (Changeling) naturally.

But yeah, I'm not sure what I'd do as a human outside of retrain later.

Any good sources for flying in the Kitsune/fox build? My GM says if it's not on the d20pf site it doesn't exist, so the Ring of Seven Lovely Colors seems to be out of my reach.

Just reading through the full Shaman spell list (because what's a prepared caster if not prepared?) and it seems like you're missing Spiked Armor and Twisted Futures from your spell list. Blame my anal-retentive nature for feeling the need to mention it. >.>

Cerebrawl wrote:
Nyaa wrote:
Not sure if trolling.

Well, you can basically have a 3/4 bab, d8 hp, full caster progression witchclericwizard, so I do see the point.

The closest you can get to being as versatile otherwise, while keeping full caster progression requires being Samsaran.

The real strength of a shaman is that they have so many sources of spells that you can start making more up and the GM will just believe you to save time.

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Castilonium wrote:
Shamans don't have Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally spells on their spell list.

Pshh, spell lists are no limit for a Shaman.

JBurz wrote:
Spells, though they will likely need some tweaking, are done. Moving on to the spirit animal section.

You're a saint, you know that?

JBurz wrote:
In terms of Arcane Enlightenment, I need to see how annoyed with spell lists I am after finishing the Shaman list, but I'm currently thinking of selecting a number of spells that are useful options for each shaman role, as well as a few that are generally useful or have interesting interactions with other shaman spells/hexes.

Sounds like a good plan. I know I personally just read a few Wizard guides when trying to figure out what spells are worthwhile.

That said, there's always the big choice of how high to go/how much Int to take. I'm just a noobie with a penchant for research, so that judgement call was the hardest part for me.
(if the opinion of someone who would need to read your guide to know anything is worth a damn)

Bummer that you're only making this now, when I need to have my first spellcaster ever ready in a week and I've decided on Shammy. :p

What you've made all seems like sound advice, and there's plenty of helpful information. Keep up the good work!

I am curious how much more in-depth you'll go into Arcane Enlightenment though. Surely you're not doing another full spell list with comments, but I'd like to see some highlights, Wizard spells that are exceptionally good to grab.