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5 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


BigNorseWolf wrote:

Mom: Why is your room the only one in the house that doesn't have mosquitos

Spider: Drops down from the ceiling, then climbs back up

This guy gets it!

Bounces on a quixotically handsome Kevin Spacey.

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Bounces on an effervescent Laura Dern.

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Thanks! We plan on staying safely inside with the car parked down the street, away from the trees.

Edit: hmm, gotta fix the default alias setting...

bounces on a young Kevin Bacon to pass the time.

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Popcorn Storm wrote:
Orville Redenbacher wrote:
Somebody say flair???

Do you know what happens to flair that gets hit by popcorn?

The same thing that happens to everything else.

Bouncing on a young Patrick Dempsey.

Ha! Puny popcorn!!