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Depends on your definition of powerful.

I tend to run campaigns that include a great deal of intrigue and deception. The one that had me fall in love with the (vanilla) rakshasa began in Bloodcove. The pc's uncovered a plot by the local Aspis Consortium boss, and over the campaign pursued him across the length of Garund, uncovering and exposing his machinations along the way.

But the Aspis boss had been dumped to the crocs back in Bloodcove; a rakshasa had stolen his identity and used the organisation, dozens of agents, the ruling powers of four different nations, the Pathfinders, and even the PC's in pursuit of resurrecting his former lover, a far more powerful rakshasa and devotee of the undead Osirion Pharaoh who's name I can't remember.

Between shapeshifting and mind-reading, the rakshasa turned the pc's friends, families, alllies, acquaintances and a vast array of innocent, irrelevant npc bystanders against them. Towards the end of the campaign, they tortured a (relatively innocent) pick-pocket for hours, just because of the layered paranoia induced by this big bad.

For the showdown, in a Petra style temple in Osirion, I set the big-bad (Marius, by the way) at max hp + fudge. He dropped in three rounds. As I described his death, I was so scared that it'd be an anticlimax. The players' whooping annoyed my neighbours into banging on the walls of my apartment.

IRL five years later, the pc's these guys play vary between habitually mistrustful and outright delusionarily paranoid.

CR 10.

Edit: avatar relevant.

VRMH wrote:
(Actually, I'd mostly say that to stop players from "inventing" atomic bombs.)

I'd agree; a cube composed of six permanency'd walls of force, filled with a bunch of decanters of endless water set to geyser.

As someone said previously, atoms exist given the fission and fusion reactors of the tech guide. So, eventually the density/pressure of water will pass some kind of critical threshold, resulting in fusion. Probably.

It critically depends on two factors. The first is the durability of the jugs; if you can make them magically invulnerable somehow, you just have to worry about the second, more complicated problem; the physical cosmology of pathfinder.

Is the pressure higher on the plane of water? Is there infinite water on the plane of water? If so, that'd imply something analogous to dark energy...

Assuming those problems are dealt with, then you'll end up with either a fusion bomb (I'd say nuclear fusion is a fair approximation for a disintegration effect) or a black hole.

To clarify, obviously there are a lot of assumptions involved here, and if you try pull this at a table not keen for this kind thing in their game, it's basically a textbook justification for Rocks Fall And Everybody Dies, And Please Don't Call Us Anymore.

JTDIII is banned for raising mr. Ed from the dead, then demonifying and using him as a forum avatar.

What happens if you crush someone with this?

As a standard action, you can push or pull a 5-foot cube of earth or unworked stone within 30 feet, moving the cube 5 feet in any direction. You can create raised platforms, stairs up a cliff, holes, or other useful features. This doesn’t cause the earth to float in the air, although in areas with plenty of earth, you can move a cube upward, creating a short pillar. If you move the earth beneath a creature’s feet, it can attempt a DC 20 Reflex save to leap elsewhere and avoid moving along with the earth.

First case: What happens if an npc is occupying a 5ft-square stone corridor, and I shift a wall onto them?

Second case: What happens if an npc is (somehow) enclosed in a 5ft stone cube, and I shift a block into it?

Depends how much you want the rules to do the heavy lifting. Describing a Gunslinger/Fighter as fighting in that style is obviously fine. Probably works mechanically best, too. TWF is feat intensive, firearms even more so. If you don't want to pull any extra-limb shenanigans, you're looking at:

TWF + Weapon Focus > Dazzling Display > Gun Twirling, + Quickdraw, Rapid Reload & some (lots of) alchemical cartridges, just to be able to full attack (with non-pepperbox, etc firearms), if you're using two of them. That's about level 5 just to fire them both every round. Gun twirling isn't great. But it's all there is.

As mentioned previously, there are pepperbox/revolvers. Using them will nerf you at high levels, as you can't speed up the reload. But if you're just thinking about a low-level character, they'd be fine.

Instead of fighter, you could use Master of Many Styles, with Overwatch style (and some defensive style, like Crane or Snake). Not super effective most of the time, but fun and a headache for enemy casters. If your DM is open to severely bending the rules, you could ask if they'd let you play Zen Archer, and just swap guns for bows. Any DM would be well advised to think that one over, though; it' could require quite a bit of collaboration to moderate the balance, depending on how optimised other characters in the campaign are likely to be. Also that list of feats for Dazzling will take a while to rack up...

As far as theorycrafting something both effective and reliable though, I'm stuck. I've been trying to make it work since UC, and really not been able to put together anything special. Keen to see if anyone else has got anything (not involving extra limbs).

How well is KoP balanced? I usually find 3rd party content excellent in the creative/thematic department, but it's generally disallowed in our group because the balance is such a hard thing to get right. I understand that playtesting content to a high standard requires resources most 3rd party publishers just don't have, but our group's been burned a couple times.

Zaister wrote:
The text of the feat in the Pathfinder RPG also states explicitly that it is not applicable to Unarmed Strike.

That's where the confusion came from.

Thanks, I hadn't realised the book was written under 3.5 rules.

I had always assumed this couldn't be applied to Monk unarmed damage, but I recently found it in the feats of a monk npc (Nata Tuata, pg 248, PFCS), specifically designated as applying to unarmed damage. I haven't been able to find any recent rules threads on the subject, and the different rules texts are conflicting to say the least.

Any ideas?