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JTDIII is banned for raising mr. Ed from the dead, then demonifying and using him as a forum avatar.

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Kerrandrax is banned for doing the exact same with Daniel the Shy Tiger.

IHIYC is banned for doing the same to Norwegian Death Metal David Lee Roth.

GoatToucher is banned for doing the same thing to Danny Devito.

Vidmaster7 is banned for using fake tan.

In Mother Russia, thread bans you!

Courtfool is banned for being the very first and last poster in this thread (not anymore!).

JTDV is banned for staying unbanned for too long!

I am banned because I am banned.

The Sideromancer is banned for not banning me when he had the opportunity!

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Kileanna is banned for wanting to be banned.

Dalindra is banned for granting wishes on the wrong thread.
And also because banning her brings so much joy to me!

Sylvyana is banned for being a Kileanna alias.

Vid is banned for getting a ban for me as collateral damage.

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Red Reya is banned for posting while banned.

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Dalindra is banned for being an offensive racial caricature of an almond.

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IMHIYC is banned for being an offensive racial caricature of a palm tree.

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Kileanna is banned for setting a bad example - from the looks of it, she took Weird Al Yankovic's advice and got herself a tan by sticking her head in the microwave.

IHIYC is banned for acquiring super-powers by eating thirteen boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in one sitting.

His one weakness? He still can't see why kids love it.

GoatToucher is banned for crawling down the up-escalator all day long on Thursdays.

I ban myself for killin' threads!

JTDV is banned for taking my place as killer of threads

ADM is banned for reviving the thread

Fatmanspencer is banned for getting facts wrong.

ADM is banned for making me get deep in my feelings and crying all night. For he does not love me as he should.

What the fudge?

Fatmanspencer is banned for saying weird things.

You're both banned for not just getting a hotel and being done with it.

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JTDV is banned for destroying the hotel by way of reckless burrowing underneath it.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet is banned for trespassing after being served the papers.

Goblin and is banned for killing goblins I should kill them

Ancient Dragon Master is banned for purchasing low quality bondage gear for his dragons from an inexperienced leatherworker.

You get what you pay for, my friend. I'll get you contact information for my man. He does good work that he tries to forget with copious amounts of alcohol, but a quick Neutralize Poison will flush that out of his system.

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GoatToucher is banned for violating the dress code. C'mon, dude, "mod" has been out for generations!

I'll tell you what I tell everybody who ends up in my "workshop": "I decide what is in."

IHIYC is banned for crimes against fashion. Motley? In autumn? Come now...

The Concordance

GoatToucher is banished for not listening to the trees; clearly, Autumn is the best time of all for motley.

Angrboda is banned for being TO DAMN FINE. Sry I'm a potato don't judge

Potato Disciple is banned for being an awful disciple of mine.

Patate is Banned for not being a zombie.

Zombie Game Hamster is banned for his lack of table manners. Remember young one, we spit on our food to digest it. We don't just waste it!

JTD is banned for violating TOS (Terms outta space.) Seriously man, this is a low orbit zone, and your trying to speed by on a hoverbike

Fatmanspencer is banned for joining so many damn recruitments.

ADM is banned for not spending nearly as much time behind a computer as I do. Seriously, its what I do at work. I have the time

fatmanspencer is banned for being an anagram of "crafts mean pen".

JTD is banned for [J]ust [T]rying [D]rugs

Goblinbane is banned because we think darkness is your ally, but he thinks that we merely adopted the dark, while he was born in it, molded by it. He didn't see the light until he was already a grown goblin, by then it was nothing to him but blinding!

GoatToucher is banned for hitting the feels too hard...

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Goblinbane is banned for sounding bizarrely similar to Deckard Cain from Diablo II.

IHYIC is banned for making video game references

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Ancient Dragon Master is banned for not being able to distinguish between video games and computer games.

IHYIC is banned for not knowing that they run off the same system.

Scarab Sages

Ancient Dragon Master is banned for conflating apples and oranges; just because they run off the same system, doesn't make them the same fruit.

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