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Too Much $$$


I hate to be a bad mouth, and I am honestly not motivated here by vehemence. This figs just cost way too much for what you get ESPECIALLY because they are random and plastic.

I am not saying there is anything better out there - as far as I can tell there isn't. My local store is 1 of 2 significant stores, in a metro area of around half a million folks. The store I frequent has yet to sell out of the ORIGINAL , the 2nd line has barely sold at all, and he has refused to order anything else. It just doesn't sell. And its not placement - they are quite actually the first and last thing you see when you enter his store.

When I bought DND mini's the price for randoms eventually became to high for me and I was able to still get the minis I wanted by buying singles. So far, everything I have seen indicates the singles market is incredibly over-inflated.

So, quality wise they are top notch. The paint jobs and sculpts are in every way superior to what I have seen anywhere else here in America. There are foreign companies doing comparable work in similar markets, but that is irrelevant to this review.

For me though, the final thing comes down to money. They are too expensive.

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Praise for Prince of Wolves


A good solid read for fantasy fans. The author's choice of alternating first-person narrative, while initially distracting, proves to add a great element to the overall tale. At times the text strayed read more like a history lesson or needless exposition; these instances were brief, and later proved more essential to the overall plot.

Wonderfully avoiding so many of modern fantasy cliches I found the primary themes of the story fresh and inviting. Oddly enough, the main characters are the least original in a purely archetypal sense, but nonetheless they are entertaining and left me yearning for more.

I look forward to more, hopefully MANY more, stories featuring these characters. I can easily see myself enjoying the tales of their exploits for years to come.