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Please Cancel my subscriptions.


Any word on when subscribers with Gencon pick up will get billed and get access to the PDF? It seems like it should be pretty easy thing to do, with no shipping of actual product required.

How do I upgrade my subscription to include this version of the core book, also can I pick my starfinder subscription (hopefully this version of the core book) up at gencon.

Not the quest pack, but each of the 5 quest can be played at any time,(first come first surve) there each a 1hr demo. The quest pack just lets you play them all together

Dont be discouraged, keep checking back people release tickets all the time. I have 2 starfinder events Im thinking of returning, As I dont think I can handle playing 24+ hrs strait.

Sorry this is so late, but im not going to make it, sorry. No brains for me.

I've heard good things about power grid and sushi go, but Im game four anything really.

Do you get items from each list or just one? Also the pregen character are set right, if its not on there sheet they dont have it. IE. You cant give them background traits.

Ok, Thanks.

I cant seem to rate the events, are they available to rate yet? Or am I missing something.

Im trying to do it from my phone if that makes a deference.

I would like one as well.
Joshua Johnson aka:JwJ
Im be there friday morning.